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Donald and Rosie:

Shut Up and Do It Already!

4/12/2008 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump needs to do one of two things: either stop bashing Rosie O'Donnell for five minutes, or just go ahead and send her an open invitation for a romp in his four-poster. Obsess much?

The Comb-Back King has yet again projected his anger away his heinous hairdo and towards Rosie -- this time attacking her about an article put out by a gossip rag that says Rosie allegedly "manhandles" her 12-year-old son.

"Well, I think Rosie is a very abusive person," the Donald told Access Hollywood last night, "She's a slob and I'm not surprised to see it."

The foreplay has gone on long enough.


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Money can't buy you class.

2292 days ago


Rosie finally ran in to someone that doesn't put up with her abusive way. It doesn't matter if you like Donald or not she is very abusive and insults people on a daily basis. Her only step to fame is her battle with Donald.

2292 days ago


Donald Trump tries to associate with people of class and he fails. Money can't buy everything. Try raising a teenager. Not all are easy. Maybe Rosie needed to let her son know something in a strong way. We were strict, now both kids have Masters Degrees nice marriages, make excellent $$, and have great marriages. We are lucky, but we were very strict when they were growing up re: grades, drugs, companions, church, etc. We have good friends who did the same things we did, but the kids fought them all the way. Luck is also involved. Parents try their hardest, but sometimes things don't work. Donald seems to leave a lot of the child raising to the wives, then takes over when they are adults. He has no class. He is a swollen old Buffoon, and the rest of Long Island and Florida laughs at him behind his back, because he has NO CLASS. The Europeans think he is an IDIOT> Fails in Social Situations.

2292 days ago


jds67 - you're an idiot....

Everyone in America (probably the world) has gotten grabbed by the arm when they challenged their parents authority... If Donald were to deny doing that himself - he's either lying or truly didn't have a hand in raising his kids.

2292 days ago


Rosie is a wonderful, open, kind, and intelligent person and a great parent. All you have to do is read her blog to find the real Rosie -- not the tabloid version.

2292 days ago


Trump needs to shut up and take the high road insofar as the Trump/Rosie feud goes. He keeps adding feul to the fire and won't let it die down. ENOUGH ALREADY!! As crude and tackless as Rosie can be sometimes, HIS behavior seems to be TEN TIMES (or more) worse.

2292 days ago

Funny Answers    

Okay, what is The Donald trying to promote now!!!! When he wants attentions for a new show, program, venture, he starts something to get free attention. Stop it, grow up Donald, your a bigger pain in the a&* than Rosie and that is saying something. Paid an advertising agency to talk for you, stop your childish behavior. Strange he is a big mouth self promoter and his kids are normal good business people, Ivana you do a good job telling your kids to do as I do, not your father. Get a clue Donald

2292 days ago


Personally I think they both need to grow up and stop acting like immature brats in a school yard.

2292 days ago


Rosie only likes people who are gay or on her side politically. The fat biatch is so annoying!

2292 days ago


Donald Trump is a loser and a no-class hood. I thank God for his feud with Rosie. The more he says, the more the whole world finally gets to see what New Yorkers have known all along - this guy is a ridiculous blowhard with a tiny... well, ask Ivana. She'll tell you how tiny it is. If he were 1/5 as important, rich, and influential as he thinks he is, he'd actualy be important. But, instead, he's just impotent.

2292 days ago


Dtrump wouldn't know what it's like to have a tussle with your teen, which by the way, happens more often than a parent would like. It's called, "i'm the parent, you're the child" grab. The reason he doens't know, is because he lets his trophy wives raise them, while he goes on and on bashing everyone he can. (Ivanka, Marla Maples, and now that other one...) He's the one who's wrong here, plain and simple. Its no secret it's hard raising kids~and he wouldn't have a clue.

2292 days ago


The Donald isn't a big deal any more. He needs this silly feud with Rosie to keep his face in the media.

2292 days ago


Rosie is the one that is ridiculous like her appearing on Sesame Street to talk about 2 mommies is just WRONG!!!

2292 days ago


Can't stand that PIG Rosie.... Nobody wants to see her ass on tv ever again!!!! we are so done with her crap!

2292 days ago


"The Comb-Back King has yet again projected his anger away his heinous hairdo and towards Rosie..."

Did the writer mean "has yet again projected his anger away FROM his heinous hairdo"???

Hope no tuition dollars were wasted to edumacate the TMZ staff.

2292 days ago
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