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Von A-Hole -- Money and Bulls**t Fall from the Sky!

4/12/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mr. Zsa Zsa Gabor can afford to eat the Ivy every day and drive around in a Rolls Royce (of which he claims to have seven). So how does he do it?

Remember, this is the guy who testified this week that he makes no money and has no assets to his name. Objection, your honor!


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If he has no assessts and makes no money then what does he do? Sponge off his 90 something year old wife Zsa Zsa? That really makes him look great. I wish someone would kick this guy's ass for good measure, he is rude, crude, and has an overrly inflated opinion of himself that would make most other egomaniacs look humble.

2352 days ago


If he has no money then i doubt Zsa Zsa Gabor would stay with hjim, No one could convince me that kind of a woman, once married to Conrad Hilton, would put up with a begger, Come on.

2352 days ago


Well, it's the week-end, so time for even more dumbazz stories. He gets his money and stuff from Zsa Zsa. Who doesn't know that? It doesn't bother me. They both get what they wanted from the deal. He gets what he wants, and she gets companionship. He's not my cup of tea, but apparently he's Zsa Zsa's. She's never been shy about divorcing husbands before.

2352 days ago


he's just way too gross for words...............

2352 days ago


whatever! He is such an egotistical pig who needs to just shut the hell up with that stupid accent of his. He just flaunts money and nice things for the attention. He is an ATTENTION WHORE!! His picture should be in the attention whore category!

2352 days ago


Does someone at TMZ have a personal vendetta against this guy? That's the only reason I can think of why you run so many articles on him. Just in case no one there knows this, WE DON'T GIVE A FLYING F**K ABOUT THIS GUY. You're making him so happy by covering his every move, because certainly no one else is. If you can't find anyone more interesting to cover, you may as well close up shop.

2352 days ago


Thank you for running even the most mondane stories on OUR prince. I now only come to this site, to look for him. If others don't like him, there are plenty of other stories to look at.

Shakspeare said, "Be true to thine own self"... The Prince seems to fully understand that statement. We might not agree with him, but, most of us love him, never the less.

Long live the PRINCE. He is KING in my book.

2352 days ago


I ahm a zhiggalo, unt proud uff itt !

2352 days ago


He's a helpful friend and ...Porn, gambling, dope and laundry for others.. I'm just saying..

2352 days ago


uhhh....the white one? LOL

2352 days ago


If you guys and Perez would stop giving this nobody. poor excuse for a human, attention, he might disappear. At least he would for us fortune enough not to live in LA. Please stop shoving this wrinkled old moron down our throats. Would you be devoting this much space to a do nothing wrinkled up woman? No! You'd print something once telling her to get her old ass back into hiding. Believe me no one wants to look at old wrinkled men either, in spite of what the monied goats in Hellywood would like to dilude themselves into thinking.

2352 days ago

just me    

I think most people, the common run-of-the-mill citizen, if approached on the street by an aggressive douchebag parasite photographing them with a camera or video camcorder and asking probing insulting questions about personal matters would not react with passive acceptance and just give them the air with a stupid reply such as Zsa Zsa's husband did here. A stupid question deserves a stupid answer, but insulting questions about personal matters, I think, would provoke a more appropriate reaction from the common run-of-the-mill citizen. I think the more appropriate reaction would have been to bust that photog's head. There is a line of ethics crossed here by TMZ and blatant disregard for the privacy of a nonpublic figure. Understand it and respect it or not, Zsa Zsa is the celebrity, Zsa Zsa is the public figure, not her husband, and her husband being sued by a trashy aggressive parasite photog does not make him a celebrity. The families of public figures are due all the privacy of a common run-of-the-mill citizen. But TMZ oft has a blatant disregard for that. Gigolo or not, a person who receives financial support from a spouse is a common way of life among common run-of-the-mill citizens and I dare say it is a common way of life among celebrities as well. TMZ's disregard for that, in making Zsa Zsa's husband game for ridicule, makes TMZ more a parasite on the butt of humanity than it does Zsa Zsa's husband.

2352 days ago


Just me---true words!

There are a ton of women in Holly wood sponging off of rich, powerful men. Why doesn't TMZ chase them down and ask how they make a living. It's a business deal between the sponger and the spongee....they both get somehting they want, so who cares?

Hey TMZ---why don't you dog Clooney's hooker girlfriend and ask her how she makes a living?

2352 days ago


Why is it entertaining for tmz to belittle the old man? I'm not understanding what thrill tmz would be getting from it. This man is old enough to be our grandfather and you want to embarras him daily. Why?

He's old. Let him live his zany life in peace. Hollywood is full other these characters, male and female. This one is old and shame on you for trying to make him the hollywood jackass. Britney has left the spotlight and you are desperately trying to find a new victim. But an old guy is the best you can do?

By the way, Zsa Zsa has quite the lil temper, so I think this guy had to have put up with a lot of ZSA ZSA zannieness. He deserves whatever money she has. Besides, their both old as dirt, who cares.

How low and desperate can you go picking in the seniors,does not say much about TMZ.......

What's comical is TMZ reputation, not the old man.....................

2351 days ago

mary m.    

PLEASE PLEASE STOP feeding this idiots need for publicity...are u really that desperate for news? Who cares get with it TMZ your stuff is getting really sleazy (or sleazier)

2351 days ago

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