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Dr. Phil -- Screwed from the Bottom

4/13/2008 9:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Phil's legal document wielding, cash-carrying, tough guy was not a supervising producer on the show. He was not an assistant producer. He was not a producer. He was not even close to being a producer. He was a production assistant. Think intern with a paycheck.
Here's the way it all went down: The good Doc's executive staff sent a seasoned producer down to Florida, along with a P.A. to chase the story of 8 teens who allegedly beat a classmate on tape. We're told the folks back home were horrified when they saw Mr. Large-and-In-Charge putting the smackdown on local reporters after springing 17-year-old Mercades Nichols from the pokey. We're told execs on the show were pissed that the experienced producer allowed the P.A. to be in a position to embarrass the show in front of the cameras.

The bigger question -- who hatched the plan to pay the bail for the woman accused of kidnapping and videotaping the brutal beating? The show issued a statement saying certain staff members "went beyond their guidelines," but the buzz on the Paramount lot is that it would be impossible for the producer to pay the $3,300 for the bail and put up $33,000 in collateral without the full knowledge and approval of higher-ups on the show.

The plan could have been pulled off, but after the P.A. mouthed off publicly, Phil's battleship was sunk somewhere off the Florida coast.

We contacted Phil's people an hour ago, who responded by saying they "have no additional comment."


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Dr. Phil will do anything for ratings, it seems. Think having his show has went to his head, and he has to swoop in on the latest dramas going on-good or bad. Afterall, he has to be able to keep the cash flowing to continue in the lifestyle he's become accustomed to since riding Oprah's coattails! Look what he tried doing in the Brittany Spear's drama!
I use to like watching his show, but as things keep unfolding, I have lost interest and respect for the man. He fits right in the "hollywood scene". Shameful and sad!

2392 days ago


Dr. Phil is hopping on the quick cash and ratings bandwagon at the expense of the future of our country's youth, How much publicity would have been given this story or would this act even have been committed if there was not a youtube or myspace to post these things to.

Please boycott youtube and myspace for one day and shut these websites down. They promote child pornograhy, gang violence, and all other sorts of criminal activitiy. These girls got their 15 minutes of fame at the price of a life spent in
prison. Is this worth it, I ask the youth of this country to respond.

2392 days ago

John Q    

Once again TMZ breaks the story.

My local news affiliates are just starting to carry this.

I still can't believe Phil, I refuse to call him a doctor since he hasn't been licensed for years, chose to bail out the so called ringleader of this conspiracy when the victim is still at home recovering from her injuries.

How the hell does Phil's response "In this case, certain staff members went beyond our guidelines" even begin to explain this sham of a shows sleazy behavior!

2392 days ago


That's that stupid "Mercades" and her mother and grandmother. They've been on Greta van Susteren's show. The mom does nothing but make excuses for her daughter and blame the victim. She was claiming the victim wanted to be there and wanted to go for a ride in the car.

What can you expect from a family that not only names their daughter after a car, but spells it wrong??

2391 days ago


please tell us the name of the fat flunky from the DP show on the video. He probably thinks he's a folk hero. You know he didn't pull the money out of his own pocket.

2391 days ago


"The Dr. Phil Show" has hired Andy Epstein as managing editor for news. Epstein joins from TMZ, where he had been supervising producer.

2391 days ago


If you've ever watched the show Dr. Phil is famous for letting his guests know he approves and reads everything and he's hands on with everything that goes on with the show cause the name OF THE SHOW is "Dr. Phil" so he approved and he knew, if not I want a job there as a flunky INTERN cause I got some serious shopping I want to do if they're that loose with the checkbook!!!!!



2391 days ago


I wonder what Oprah will have to say about all this. She sure knows how to pick 'em huh? I think Obama should just shake her hand and say "thanks, but no thanks". I'm still waiting for the world to find out what a joke Dr. Robin Smith is too. I went to college with her and she was (gee, how can I say this delicately?) um.. not very bright. I was shocked and laughed out loud when I saw her on Oprah spouting off her "expert" relationship advice.

Oprah really needs to stop picking her "pets" based on her own raw emotional attachment to people she just happens to like. She needs an objective committee to do it for her. At the very least, some background checks are needed. Dr. Phil isn't even a "doctor"---his license was revolked in Texas after he hired a patient to do some work for him and then had sex with her.....Niiiiiiiiiiiiice!

Can't wait til the victim's family sues Dr. Phil.

2391 days ago


Of course the big shots including Dr. Phil knew about sending their porker butt boy down to Florida to bale the felon out of jail.

2391 days ago


Nice try but no low levelite can fork out that much money without big wig approval beforehand. - Just another attempt at ratings at any cost.

2391 days ago

cat b    

All things go around come around...Dr Phil is getting exposed to the light and so is his staff for the irresponsible ratings driven idots that they are....I know first hand how they operate from producers and insiders like Heather Hunter and Steve Doran...they do check facts but bypass any and all moral ethics to get the bottom line acomplished...even Dr Phil the big fat massaginistic antisemite omnipitent person he thinks he is...all for ratings...A bigger disclaimer should be run or his show be taken off the air...his producers are trained in the physchological ambush...sending many a guest to the point of suicide....Anyone done a study of how many former guest end up in a hospital shortly after being on his show.for attempted suicide?..I saw him muttering to a guest on the show a few years ago raising a index card so know one could see what he was saying...not many a person expect the dear doctor to say when his mic is cut off...

2391 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Oprah Curse

And now her latest "endorsement" wants to be president...

2391 days ago

cat b    

Dr Phil isnt interested in these GIRLillas only ratings and getting the scoop on Oprah and Stacy Satrazis over at Harpo..he is a massaginistic antisemite driven by ratings not by ethics ..Ask any health care professional what they think of him and they will tell you he is dangerous and should be taken off the air..He is well aware of how his producers and interns operate as he is so controling guest must adhere to a Dr. Phil clone dress in three peice suits and leather shoes women in a Robin McGraw three piece pants suits...what stay at home soccer mom wears a suit to pick up kids at school or go pick up a pound of hamburger at the store? He is a antisemite and some of his staff refusing a guest to wear a paperclip on his show as it be too distracting..a slap in the face to any person who is aware of jewish history..Keep Digging TMZ and expose this so called doctor and his staff for the low lifes they are!!!

2391 days ago


How dare Dr. Phil let a girl out of jail for what she did? All this does is fuel the fire for other teens to do the same thing and know they will be rewarded with being on national TV? What is that girl did that to one of his children? The attacker now knows she is famous and will of course do it again and again.What was he thinking?

2391 days ago


How low will Dr. Phil go just to get some higher ratings? How dare he bailed that worthless piece of garbage teen-ager who almost beat someone to death out of jail? Did you learn anything after that fiasco with Britney Spears?

2391 days ago
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