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Joey Fatone Had a Better Weekend Than You

4/13/2008 8:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's officially thong season in Las Vegas, and when you're famous and have nothing else to do -- might as well enjoy the festivities.
Joey Fatone: Click to view pics!
Our pals at caught Joey Fatone suited up in his best pink ensemble, hanging out with a bunch of things that were hanging out at the grand opening of Tao Beach. Also kickin' it with a lot of exposed skin: Wilmer Valderrama, Shawne Merriman, Chace Crawford and Christian Siriano ... and a bunch of wannabe hot bodies. It's the most wonderful time of the year...


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joey behaves hes always been sorta the playa in nsync if you can call it that last week he was out drunk with the wifey they still must be on good terms. its not like hes touching girls butts tmz give the guy a break looking isnt a crime

2259 days ago



2323 days ago


I don't think Mrs.Fatone will appreciate his picture next to the other ones. Wow!

2322 days ago

derek jaro    

what ' you expect. That'a why you sign up to be in a boy band, the a$$. But i don't know what motivated Lance Bass. . ?

2322 days ago


I doubt very seriously if he had a better weekend than I did!

2322 days ago

Lenn K.    

Good work if you can get it.

2322 days ago


i thought he was married,can somebody help me w/this question....

2322 days ago

Glenn Beckerhead    

I'll bet Joey has a Fat One

2322 days ago


Joey is very married with a daughter. TMZ is just starting rumors.

2322 days ago


#9 is Fatone.

2322 days ago


Isnt Joey Fat One maried with a daughter? Way to behave, I'm sure it makes the wifey feel so warm n fuzzy inside to see these pics, not to mention the lovely example to his daughter (a playboy wannabe in the making with a Dad like this).

Btw, those pics made me feel dirty like I need a Hepatitus test for looking at them . Nasty .Hey Fez, when you're dying of AIDS in a few years with nasty leesions and coughing up blood etc are the young skanks going to be fluffing your pillows and beinging you your meds and running you back and forth to doctor appointments? Dude grow up. Theres more to life ya slime-puppies.

2322 days ago


I bet you these girls or should i say whores are going to think they are famous because there asses are on TMZ. It's really ashame what todays youth has become. These girls all think they are supermodels but the sad part is not one of them is pretty. They all look the same. Just because they are skinny with plastic boobs dosent make them pretty. All you notice on them is there Dr.90210 body. Too bad they don't get their ugly typical looking face fixed. It's so pathedic how desperate they are for attention. They will demote themselves just to get their picture taken and put on the internet.
And they wonder why they are called skanks.....

2322 days ago


And as for Joey it's wrong for him to enter into an atmosphere like this. Common hasnt he had enough already! He was in Nsync and probably had groupies around him 24/7 a day. He is a married man and should not go into the "college seen." These girls are all skanks and would seduce him in a second just to sell their story to TMZ and say "i slept with Joey from NSYNC." I'm sure his wife trusts him but he should have more respect and just stay out of the "whore club" i mean singles party life.

2322 days ago


For once I'd like to hear an actual 18-45 year old straight male go off on young attractive girls who like to show their goods.

Isn't jealousy a sin? ;)

2322 days ago


I will admit it is kind of sad that some have to get attention by showing off their bits..

But as a guy, I can't say I hate the fact that there are women who show some skin and don't look like Shamu..

2322 days ago
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