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Cops to Brit: You Crashed, But Are You Smashed?

4/13/2008 1:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brit Brit was the driving force in a minor three-car ax Saturday night -- but cops say she was dead sober when it happened.
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According to the CHP collision report, the popwreck drove her 2008 Mercedes into the back of a 2006 Nissan as she drove on the 101 freeway in L.A. around 8:18 PM PT. The other driver was a 21-year-old man from the valley -- his friends are gonna love this.

The report claims Brit was caught in stop-and-go-traffic when she "attempted to brake but failed to stop her vehicle." The Nissan was then, "pushed forward into another older model vehicle."

TMZ confirmed that officers on the scene DID perform one field sobriety test on Spears, which turned out negative.

So far, no injuries have been reported.


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To Harald: you use the terms "creative and sensitive" . To attribute that expression to Britney, it must be some new, hip form of slang that I've overlooked until now which actually means something like "dumb as a rock."

As far as I can tell, the only thing that Britney has in common with Friedrich Nietzsche, Virginia Woolf, Friedrich Hölderlin, and Antonin Artaud is the fact that they are all dead (them physically, her in terms of mental capacity).

2321 days ago


Poor thing, she finally gets away by herself and gets into an accident, I am happy she was not drinking, or, drugged up, good for her, she needs a break from all the blood suckers around her.

2321 days ago

Harald Wenk (Dr. rer. Nat.)    

to the sergeant of comment#105
Probably our valuable Mrs. Britney Spears has reminded, that a foreer little accident at a supermarket
give raise to the menace of a million $ summon before a court.
That are about 18 new Mercedes Benz.
In this current case it is then a wise strategy to keep things at a low level of conversation with a police sergeant.
The higher consideration, that struggle about car accidents decreases happiness may also apply.

2321 days ago


Whatever you say, Harald.

2321 days ago


Harald, your post are making me dizzy. Slow down. :)

2321 days ago

Harald Wenk (Dr. rer. Nat.)    

In my eyes it would be of interest to consult a Mercedes licensed garage because of the failure of the brakes.
The Mercedes of Princess Diana collapsed at a speed of 200 km/h in town.
A repetition of that tragical case should be avoided.

2321 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Sergeant Sphincter of the Dirt Patrol, I won't hold our religious differences against you until we're separated by 1/2 a game at the end of the season. After all, my mother was a Yankees fan.

I think Harald is wrapped a little loosely.

2321 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Harald, While it is true that many bipolars are creative and many creative people are bipolar, many bipolars are not and many creative people are psychologically normal.

2321 days ago


Not that I want to defend Britney but I was on the same highway, 101 getting on 405 south heading to LAX Saturday afternoon. It was stop/go traffic and when someone suddenly stopped in front of me, I had to slam on my brakes and go out of line as did about 5 cars in back of me. That is a treacherous road and getting off and on 405 at the 101 intersection can be INSANE. This isn't about being a good driver, it's about horrendously bad traffic that can stop very quickly.

2321 days ago

captain obvious    

Nobody was hurt THIS TIME. But what if there are kids in the one of the cars the next time?? This is a disater story just waiting to happen. She should be taken off the road and locked away in an asylum like some were saying when she was getting checked into the hospital before.
It's gone way beyond her not being a decent role model or mother... She's a public menace that should be locked away!!!!

2320 days ago

captain obvious    

I think the sad part is, if she were to hurt someone in an accident, she would get off by making claims that her "condition" caused it.

2320 days ago

Harald Wenk (Dr. rer. Nat.)    

to coment#110 bipolarsufferer and the police serrgant.
I like to add that our valuable Mrs. Britney Spears was threatened with a 3 years jail punishment for the little car accident at the super rmarket.
Your feelings for social relations has to be narcotized to a very high to degree to not feel this as a even higher degree of hostility and attack from the side of the court for our valuable Mrs. Britney Spears.
It is apiece in the efforts from a whole lot of official and not official sides to make Mrs Britnex Spears
to a "mental ill" disorder, neruoleptics taking patient, not allowed to manage her
juridical and fiinancial affairs herself.
This state of affairs is so bluntly against any realistic expectation of order of human affairs for human beings,
that it raises to much insecurity and mistrust for almost all people.

Therefore it is a tremendous greatness of soul of our valuable Mrs. Briitney Spears to speak with a police Sergeant in an accident situation a very light way.

To creativty and "bipolar".
Let us for short remark, that our valuable Mrs. Britney Spears is creative.

2320 days ago


To Baseball Junkie: I believe in religious tolerance, as well. It looks like we'll happily get along fine until possibly this September.

As for what you say about Harald, I agree.

To Harald: what has Britney actually created on her own? She has been able to _perform_, but to actually come up with something original without any help seems to be far beyond her capabilities.

2320 days ago




2320 days ago

Oh well    

Britney looks great! Keep healing, superstar, and write more great music as soon as you can.

2320 days ago
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