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Allred Reps All Red Beating Victim

4/14/2008 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Holy media mouthpiece! A Florida teen who got her butt kicked on YouTube has tapped Gloria Allred to be her attorney.

Victoria Lindsay's dad tells Tampa Bay's 10 News that the fam will no longer be speaking to the media, because Gloria has told them all to zip it. Gloria telling someone to shut their mouths? Shocker.

The video shows Lindsay brutally beaten by several teen girls, while others allegedly stood outside the house as lookouts. As we reported earlier, the alleged ringleader, Mercades Nichols, was bailed out by the "Dr. Phil" Show.

Allred had no comment.


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Glisten Garbor    

I hate bullies..Throw the bitches in jail!!!!

2381 days ago

just curious    

These girls need to be locked up. They are useless as human beings!

2381 days ago


what the hell?? let the pieces of crap spend time in jail!! go get them gloria

2381 days ago



I was being kind and polite by the way.

2381 days ago

Lenn K.    

There something about Gloria Allred that makes you feel like you need a shower after she talks. Gloria can smell a dollar inside a safe buried 500 ft under a sewer waste plant. But If I needed a lawyer she be on speed dial.

2381 days ago


good at least those other little whores will get charged, and not be let off w/ probation.

2381 days ago


This is the FIRST time I have ever been happy to see Gloria Allred repping anyone. Hopefully she will get back to basics and give this teen the "lawyering" she needs!

2381 days ago


Gloria Allred is an idiot... she told the family to keep their mouth shut because the judge issued a gag order. Nobody involved is supposed to talk about it. She was trying to look smart and authoritative and she was really just following orders... this bitch takes on so many cases I can't see how she is of any help to anyone...

2381 days ago


Gloria can only take the easy cases now that she wears a diaper.

2381 days ago


Gloria is cool. I hope all of these girls go to jail. If I were any of their parents, I would be so ashamed I raised such useless trash. I hope these kids get their own azzes beat while in jail. And Dr. Phil bailing them out? That guys needs to go away. He is unprofessional and lame.

2381 days ago

ken j    

Harvey Levin, how come the girl chose GLORIA ALLRED, a top of the food chain lawyer, and not a bottom dweller attorney like you. I realize most attorneys feed on the bottom, but you and JOE FRANCIS are housed together. kb

2381 days ago


Hmmm.. do you think she called them? I don't smell much money there but I do smell "publicity".

regardless....those girls were savages and I hope they get more than probation.. lock em up and let them giggle about that for a while.

I would be sueing a lot of parents for all the damage they have done, if that was my daughter.

and if I was the mother of one of the brutal brats that did this...i would be looking in the mirror .

2381 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Gloria Allred is to the legal profession, what used car salespeople, are to the automotive industry, she has political, ethical, and legal positions of convenience, only to furhter her celebrity and bank account. But, this time, hopefully, with the aid of her staff, which thanklessly does most of the work, research, and writing, for Gloria,- so she can pretend to be a great legal mind - this time - hopefully without running up a mulit-million dollar bill for her services - she can actually get some redress civilly as well as criminally for the victim - and in so doing - also set a possible precedent that will make anyone who posts, records, and distrubutes such offensive material on YouTube or anywhere else liable to the victim(s). Good work, for once, Gloria, just don't let your ego screw up a great case.

2381 days ago


What do you want to bet she woke up yesterday and heard Dr.Phil had got involved. Her toungue started salivating at the media attention she could get.

2381 days ago


Gloria Allred's getting to be quite the ambulance chaser!

2381 days ago
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