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Dr. Phil's Peeps to Bondsman: We Work for Him!

4/14/2008 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Phil's peeps who posted bail for the Florida girl charged in the videotaped beating were not hiding their affiliation with the show when they posted bail.
Dr Phil
Our sources say the production assistant (Mikey) who flaunted his "exclusive" with Mercades Nichols outside court, along with a female producer, went to the bail bondsman and made it clear they were representing the show. They posted $3,300 bail -- 10% of the total amount.

The show claims the producers exceeded their authority. We're guessing Mikey -- who makes around $800 a week -- didn't personally pay that kind of jack.

We've also learned the show did not post collateral for the entire $33,000 -- someone not connected with the show did that.


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Schep and Curly.

2348 days ago

Sarah T.    

Over it!

2348 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

dr. phil is so pathetic...what an attention whore!

2348 days ago

Crabby says:

WHILE MANY AMERICANS WHO SNACK ON REALITY TV have only come to know the offering since being added to the prime time menu, savvy couch potatoes recognize that the form has long been a daytime staple.
Crabby had her own foray in talk TV, and toward the end of my stint, I worried that we'd soon be videotaping murders. That's because every "next show" had to evoke more shock, awe, sorrow, shame, joy or delight than the last one. The environment was 24/7 of fever-pitch for more, better, faster. And if you didn't deliver, well then, you failed. Because the viewers -- and the staff -- had already heard the one about the dog who saved his master from the fire, or about the grandfather who took snapshots of his grandkid naked, or the couples' swapping partners, or mothers who trashed their newborns. And so you better have something even more incredulous today than you did yesterday.
So it seems a little disingenuous that Dr. Phil's has suddenly been fingered as sleazeball? Have you people been snoozing?
Check out

2348 days ago


Dr. Phil you have LOST another Texan!

2348 days ago


Dr. Phil is nothing short of a whore! You just wait, this guy will be eventually connected to his own personal scandal.

2348 days ago


Isnt it about time that Oprah fires his ass? I get her magazine and when I see the WANNA BE A DR Phil's photo I feel sick- doesnt she know that the "value" of her magazine goes down when a slimy snake oil- like salesman is attached to it?

2348 days ago

just wondering    

Mickey sure looks alot like u know who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...can somebody say, closet son???

2348 days ago


Can I pay Florida $6,600 to put her back in?

2348 days ago


That is disgusting and appaling that they would spring that girl from jail where she BELONGS. There's no way that one lowly assistant got that cash on his own & paid for it. I'm sure Dr. Phil arranged it himself. I'll never watch that show again. Might even boycott Oprah too!!

2348 days ago


Wow . Anything for ratings. Now I just personally think he is a sick son of a bitch...Perfect example of why this country is in such disrepair.....
I have only one thing to say to "Dr" Phil.... Karma - I know it's only a little word - but it usually packs a BIG punch.... let's see how great he feels when these littel bitches run roughshod all over him! Ridiculous

2348 days ago


Say sound like one egotistical, publicity seeking whore defending another! Two pees (oops..peas) in a pod.

2348 days ago


The worst thing about this case is that those "girls" are not facing the death penalty for their animal-like attacks --- in a perfect world they wd be facing just that. Dr. Phil shd have his show cancelled immediately. They ought to put each of those girls, who think they are so tough, in various prisons throughout the state, away from their other pig cohorts, in gen pop --- let's see how tough they are then when the regular genpop women get a hold to them. Shame on Dr, Phil and his whole show for aiding a CRIMINAL.

2348 days ago


Dr. Phil solved the Natalee Holloway case I believe. on Jay Leno. He does good work

2348 days ago


kaleman, that case has never been solved. I guess school is out now.

2348 days ago
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