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Lauren Hutton Gets Shady with Oprah

4/14/2008 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jurassic supermodel Lauren Hutton's makeup line comes in four shades: pink, yellow, olive and "Oprah dark"!

While hawking her jank cosmetics at some South Carolina makeup event this weekend, the 64-year-old black-eyed beauty made a Don Imusian slip and corrected a woman who had picked up the wrong shade of her foundation by saying,"This is Oprah dark. You are not Oprah dark." Paging Hermès! For the record, Hutton's makeup comes in brown -- not "Oprah dark."

Don't expect to see Lauren's face paint on Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode anytime soon!


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Lauren Hutton...oh yeah...I remember her. I remember watching her as a kid on The Good Day show with Janet Langhart and when asked how she got to "the top" she said "I f***** my way to the top!!" Those were the days of live shows and the station cut the transmission after that. What a pig.

2350 days ago



2384 days ago


You're being too "thin-skinned" about it.

2384 days ago


Yeah so what is the big deal---she was just trying to bring into perspective so the woman would understand the exact color. It is like saying ghostly white. I am sure everyone will make a big deal about it, including the Oprah herself.

2384 days ago

Lola La Pistola    

There is nothing "racist" about that comment at all.

2384 days ago

He's Boring now    

No wonder the Rev. Wrights of the world continue with their nonsense. Black people are so super sensitive no one wants to even mention the color or shade black out loud. Its just become pathetic. No wonder the Black culture is suffering, this time from their own doing. Gangsta, N word, women hating, no snitch, prison culture, have all been endorsed by them and their so called "leaders" remained silent. The way out of the mess is on them, not anyone else.

Oh and anyone Black on this gossip site reading this isnt part of that "culture"---you all have computers, internet access, went to school and are probably middle class or supported by one who is. YOu all got yours, and you all dont like that part of your culture either, so get over it and start speaking honestly instead of keeping everyone PC.

And Obama wants a dialouge on Race?...ok, go ahead when you stop calling white people gun loving religion clinging trade haters.

Want it to change, dont you?

2384 days ago


I don't see how this comment is "racist" I think TMZ is having a slow news day.

2384 days ago


For the record, I'm a black person and that was hilarious..... please believe it... What Oily Davis said was racist, not this..

2384 days ago


Ok its not racist but what does any off this got to do with anything "than what shade is it" said. You were just looking for a reason to vent about black people. Not all of us complain about racism all the time. Get a life and get over it.

2384 days ago

jimmy d    


2384 days ago

Allred Tree    

Blacks discriminate often among themselves based on their color. Lighter is better in their view! Perhaps Lauren has a shade she calls "Gayle King Dark" and her darkest is called "Oprah Winfrey Dark." Gayle is lighter than Oprah.

What Lauren said is not discriminatory and she was just trying to prevent someone from purchasing the wrong color for their complexion.

2384 days ago


That gap toothed sore c*nt needs to go the Alzheimer's unit...

2384 days ago


This is much ado about nothing. Nothing funny about the comment and nothing racist. Color comes in different shades and hues or did you not know it?

2384 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

That's not a 'Don Imusian' slip, TMZ. By saying that, you are the one slipping, by assuming that saying 'Oprah dark' is somehow a negative thing. She was simply factually referring to varying degrees of cosmetic shades. OOOPS on your part, TMZ. Mind you, any site that compares photos of 'A cup' women might likely not see this point.

2384 days ago


Lauren's eyes are blue. So much for the accuracy of the whole thing.

2384 days ago
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