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Lauren Hutton Gets Shady with Oprah

4/14/2008 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jurassic supermodel Lauren Hutton's makeup line comes in four shades: pink, yellow, olive and "Oprah dark"!

While hawking her jank cosmetics at some South Carolina makeup event this weekend, the 64-year-old black-eyed beauty made a Don Imusian slip and corrected a woman who had picked up the wrong shade of her foundation by saying,"This is Oprah dark. You are not Oprah dark." Paging Hermès! For the record, Hutton's makeup comes in brown -- not "Oprah dark."

Don't expect to see Lauren's face paint on Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode anytime soon!


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lauren is pimping her crap make up cuz her X Boyfriend spent ALL HER Millions..He s dead now and He took her for a ride$$ 3 million I recall...She is supposed to be a smart Model and business woman..She Buggs me and I wish she would shut up about her so called natural make up..Retire Already

2290 days ago


It is a basis of comparison, referring to one of
the worlds biggest celebs, who is also one of
the worlds most beautiful women. What about....
"That bra is Pamela Lee big, you are more of
a Kate Hudson. That hair extension is more of
a Paris blonde, you're more of a Beyonce'. That
shade is Dita Von Teese white, you are more of
a Halle Berry cafe au lait. Get a GD story, TMZ,
this is pot stirring BS. By the way, I am white, but
what the hell is wrong with being Oprah dark?
Do something with your ignorant staff---that is
the problem.

2290 days ago


this is not at all racist.oh please! lauren Hutton was trying to help the lady by using someone we all know to show her and help her with the right shade to purchase.This was helpful-- just like number 3 said -paris Hilton blonde or we use to say black hair like Donde in the comic strips.Oh please!! stop this ! by the way Lauren Huttons make up is probably the best make up I have ever used in my life and I have wasted alot of money on not so great make up and i think her line is excellent! I am also impressed that she stopped and helped that lady with the right color and just didn't sell her a bag of goods like this nonsense article!!!!!

2290 days ago


What Lauren Hutton said wasn't racist....she was trying to be creative and cutesy with that remark, in order to explain cosmetic shades. Lauren Hutton sure looks bad, though, doesn't she? All wrinkled up, black eyes, broken body, all that surgery from her motorcycle accident...she's a mess. Why would anyone buy cosmetics from her anyway? She doesn't wear cosmetics! She's washed up and desperate, and this is the only means of support her "handlers" and her could come up with to generate some sort of income to pay her mountain of medical and legal bills. She's rude to people because she's a recluse hippy who doesn't care about anyone but herself. She's not endorsing any products anymore because she doesn't appeal to anyone, so this is her last gasp effort for some income. Anyway, don't buy anything she is selling. She's defective and not being forthright with her customers.

2290 days ago


There is nothing racist about her comment. She could have been selling hair dye and said the color is Heidi Klum blonde. Or, selling clothes and said the size is Paris Hilton small or Jennifer Hudson large. The point is, she was probably simply telling the person the shade she chose was too dark and would be better suited for someone Oprah's complexion.

2290 days ago


ummm Victria are you for real? you sound so jealous. you also sound like you have your own make up line out and see her as a competitive threat. Victoria what you write is so nasty. I am purchasing Lauren Huttons make up cause it works and it is fantastic! lauren has been in the business for years and knows her stuff. Also I think for a woman in her 60"s ,she looks great! Lauren keep up the great work with your great products!!!

2290 days ago


That wasn't racist. Black and dark are not bad words. And they don't have a negative connotation. Everyone is so hypercritically phobic nowadays.

2290 days ago


#41...all cosmetic products have the same ingredients, more or less. The only real difference is packaging. If you want to waste money on image, packaging and marketing campaigns then you go right ahead. lol.

2290 days ago


Somehow i think Oprah will get over this.

2290 days ago


Oprah is dark! What's the problem

2289 days ago


There was an episode of House where Hugh Laurie was trying to pin point a type of ant. He asks one of the doctors "was it Halle Berry brown or Beyonce brown?" I dont recall TMZ running a story calling Hugh Laurie or the network a racist. This story is so weak even black people arent offended by it. It's simply stupid.

2289 days ago


I don't see how this is racist. Oprah does have somewhat dark skin.

2289 days ago


Lauren Hutton is not a racist. Okay, well I don't know if she's a racist, but she has not made a racist remark.

"Dark" is not a slur, it is a state of being -- there is no positive or negative to it!! Jesus Christ.

You know, some people who don't have access to the wonderful world of department stores have been looking for appropriate shades of makeup for decades and would be perfectly pleased to find something "Oprah dark." If I go into a drugstore in the wrong neighborhood I'm lucky if my choices are "cream" "pale" and "Mediterranean."

This is quite stupid, and dangerously so. This is exactly why our legitimate complaints get ignored. Seriously, TMZ -- don't "help." You're doing it wrong.

2289 days ago


That comment was not racist at all... get a life TMZ

2289 days ago


Ms. Hutton's comments were not racist........but....

@ #10.
"Black people are so super sensitive no one wants to even mention the color or shade black out loud. Its just become pathetic. No wonder the Black culture is suffering, this time from their own doing. Gangsta, N word, women hating, no snitch, prison culture, have all been endorsed by them and their so called "leaders" remained silent. The way out of the mess is on them, not anyone else.
" No wonder the Black culture is suffering....":
"Oh and anyone Black on this gossip site reading this isnt part of that "culture"---you all have computers, internet access, went to school and are probably middle class or supported by one who is. YOu all got yours, and you all dont like that part of your culture either, so get over it and start speaking honestly instead of keeping everyone PC." YOUR SOO OBVIOUSLY A CLOSET RACIST, TRYING TO DISGUISE IT BY SOUNDING LIKE YOUR APPEALING TO SO CALLED MIDDLE CLASS BLACKS WHO YOU FEEL , FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY YOU DO ABOUT WHAT BLACK CULTURE IS OR WHAT IT'S ABOUT. WHITE PEOPLE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU GO TRYING GENERALIZE ALL BLACK PEOPLE OR BETTER YET GET SOME COMMON SENSE BEFORE YOU POST THESE IGNORANT, SELF RIGHTEOUS, COMMENTS ABOUT AN ENTIRE ETHNIC GROUP!!!

Ok see it's comments like this that make my ass itch! First off DO NOT GENERALIZE ALL BLACK PEOPLE, whatever your hang up or issue or whatever bad or not so great experience you may have had with a BLACK person do not put us all in that negative example,. It's not that BLACK people are "super sensitive" it's just that is this day and time we (meaning BLACK people) would think that White people and any other non-BLACK racial group would know better; in regards to what is acceptable to say about a BLACK people or BLACK culture, in other words if your not sure if you should say it then you probably shouldn't say it!!!! comments like the one Don Imus made about the Rutgers women's basketball team, and Michael Richards aka "Cramer" from Seinfeld comments at his comedy show or Paris and Niki Hilton's comments about being n***as, or Dawg "The Bounty Hunter's" comments and the list goes on and on and on,

And any idiot that thinks that BLACK culture is in any way about "Gangsta, N word, women hating, no snitch, prison culture" as #10.stated is a got damn idiot!!!! There are negative and not so great things that young people celebrate and embrace in any ethnic group that does not mean that, that kind of behavior or thinking is acceptable or tolerated by the majority in that ethnic group, you want to tell me about BLACK culture #10.? Let this non-middle class BLACK women that is still trying to as you put it, get hers, explain a little of what BLACK culture is, it's Civil RIghts, it's BLACK Power Movement, it 's a culture of struggle, and overcoming the worst that has been thrown at you, it 's family, it's taking care of each other BLACK culture is both part of, and distinct from American culture. Africans and African Americans have contributed literature, art, agricultural skills, foods, clothing styles, music, it's an environment, a belief and behavior, a way of life shared by people in a place or time, part of BLACK culture can just be an unspoken bond that's hard to explain, something us BLACK folks just know with just one glance to another BLACK person that familiar look of " I know you know or you feel me", it's communication in silent gesture, it's our treasured Art work, it's our way of Dance it's our Soul Food, it's our Music; JAZZ, R & B, Soul, HIp Hop, it's Humanities,

"African American culture often developed separately from mainstream American culture because of the persistence of racial discrimination in America, as well as African Americans' desire to maintain their own traditions. Consequently, African American culture has become a significant part of American culture and yet, at the same time, remains a distinct cultural body."

2289 days ago
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