Shanna Moakler: I'm No Deadbeat Mom!

4/14/2008 3:35 PM PDT
The coverage of Travis Barker's face time with their kids is really starting to piss off Shanna Moakler.

Though Travis is always seen with the rugrats -- TMZ got 'em in Malibu this weekend -- Shanna rarely is, and she's steamed other blogs are calling her a bad mother because of it.

On her MySpace, the Playmate/mother of three writes: "The sheer fact I have to write a f***ing blog like this, is not only gross but is by far the saddest moment I have ever had the displeasure to be a part of ... I know and believe in my heart that my ex husband is an amazing father ... I don't run around Malibu with them [the kids] in a paparazzi infested colony. just cause I don't call TMZ and have them take pictures of me with my kids, does not mean i am not a good mother."