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Alba to Pap -- Suck on This!

4/15/2008 5:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone actually asked Jessica Alba if she thought "animal cruelty is a good thing." Who'd they think she was, an Olsen Twin?

The always chatty Alba was too busy sucking to answer.


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If I was Jessica I would do the same! Paperazzi now a days go way to far!!! Look at Princess Diana! Maybe if the "paps" weren't so agressive she'd give a responce. But they need to let her live her life and quit harassing her! Thats concidered STALKING!!! There should be laws against paperazzi and how far they've been going to just get a "good pic"

2354 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I despise Jessica Alba. What an American traitor.

2384 days ago


Why on earth would she talk to the Neanderthal losers TMZ employs as photographers? The questions asked celebrities are too moronic to answer. She has every reason not to smile when they are hassling her every move on the sidewalk. I suppose when she has her baby, you'll be scaring the poor little thing with your flashbulbs and stupid shouted questions.

2384 days ago


LOL, I thought that was Britney!

2384 days ago


hey babe... thanks

2384 days ago


What a stupid question. Maybe Jessica wouldn't despise you all so much if you didn't act like babbling idiots.

2384 days ago


Jessica Alba is the sourest most cranky depressed woman I have ever seen of all these celebs you cover. I'm sure its a pain to deal with the psps but seriously Jessican, when you decided to spend your career working all these slimy losers up into a frenzy with your sexiness what did you expect?

Your career is based only on your physical attractiveness and sex appeal. That is what you have to sell, your acting sucks, it was all about the body. When you put yourself out there like that, you are gonna get pap stalked like it or not right or wrong. I dont see them stalking down good actresses, no one is following Meryl Streep to the dry cleaners, its the young stupid no talent hot ones that get this.

You asked for it, stop being a cranky brat and deal with it or stay home. God help you when your bastard child is born, they will scare the snot out of it. Sad but true. Get a bodyguard and stop wandering around where u know they'll be if u hate it so much. I'm sure they have gyms and nail salons outside of hollywood. Der.

2384 days ago


"3. LOL, I thought that was Britney!

Posted at 7:57PM on Apr 15th 2008 by Whoops"

LOL you must be an idiot then, that doesn't look like her at all.

2383 days ago


jess displaying excellent oral technique.


2383 days ago


I never understood the fascination with paps taking pictures of celebrities doing regular stuff like shopping. Are they not allowed to have ANY privacy?..

2383 days ago


TMZ, if she isn't giving you what you want, why do you keep following her around? And while I'm at it, why do you follow celebrities around when they're doing normal things like shopping or eating lunch? I can't imagine you get a lot of money for watching someone shove a steak down their gullet.

#5, Who says she hates being followed around? Just because she doesn't say anything to the paps doesn't mean she hates it. She isn't obligated to talk to anybody.
But, assuming she does hate being followed around 24/7 (I know I would), should she have to stay home forever just to avoid the paps? There's nothing wrong with her going out and shopping like everyone else does. They're the ones following her around. She's not obligated to talk them or be their puppet. She signed up to be an actress (regardless of what you think of her acting ability). She signed up to act in movies, promote her movies, and when she is invited, attend awards ceremonies, etc. She DID NOT signed up to have her privacy invaded by losers with nothing better to do.

2382 days ago

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