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Cops Called For Technical in Melo Assist?

4/15/2008 10:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denver PD has launched an investigation into whether several officers acted inappropriately by giving recently-arrested Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony a ride to a hotel after his fianceé refused to come pick his ass up!

When you're popped for DUI in Denver, the law says cops take you to detox or release you to a "sober, responsible party." After the bust, cops took Melo to a local hospital for a blood test. The CW2 reports that's when they called his baby mama La La to come get him -- she said no way, Jose!

Instead of taking him to their other option -- detox -- a sergeant personally took Anthony in his police cruiser to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Denver, where he was staying.

A police spokesperson says the officer went "above and beyond through a personal relationship" and there wasn't "anything wrong" with what he did. But it doesn't end there ...

Another cop drove Melo's $130,000 sick silver Mercedes to a safe place -- a police parking lot -- so he could come back later and pick it up. What's supposed to happen is the car is towed to an impound yard, but apparently the cops didn't want Melo's ride to get vandalized.

A rep for Anthony could not be reached for comment.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke to a spokesperson for Denver PD who explained Carmelo's Mercedes was moved for safety, because it was on a highway and not a street. And as for La La not picking him up from the pokey? She claimed she had child care issues. For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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Hillary, Willie has punched a hole in your theory...provided that is a true story.
However, I venture to guess that the society these officers from is GREEN. He makes millions and is the catalyst for hundredds of millions of dollars to funnel through Denver via porfessional basketball. Your opinion of black officers, taking care of your own race or even sucking up for the possibility of free tickets or autographed jerseys means very little to a society that places more value on wealth than it does on life itself.

Get over the race issue and start seeing red (blood), green (money) or black (deep, dark empty pockets).

2319 days ago


Good 4 You LaLa! I wouldn't have picked his ass up neither. It was 4 in the morning, she was at home with their son like he should have been. Tough Love works!

2319 days ago


The Denver Police Dept. and the city need to investigate this incident.If the police gave preference to a criminal, then the officers should be terminated immediately. Giving these thug,punk athletes breaks that ordinary citizens would never get is not acceptable.Fire the cops and throw punks out of the NBA and NFL.

2319 days ago


Goolsbinin, They are still not married. They have been 'engaged' since 2003 and still have not gotten married. And if I was at home with me and my 'fiance's' 1 year old baby, and got a call in the wee hours of the morning telling me he had been out partying I don't know how hasty I would be to get the family together to go get him. Also, why was he staying in a hotel to begin with? They probably are having relationship problems.

2319 days ago


#15 you are right it is not a matter of favoritism or race it's a matter of mutual respect. My husband had a few drinks after work and was driving home I called him and told him to pull over and would go pick him up so he would not get pulled over. Well, right after we hung up the phone, he was pulled over by a white cop. My husband was honest with him and told him I was on my way to pick him up. The officer did not arrest my husband, I showed up shortly and the officer even waited for AAA to arrive so I could have the car towed home. The officer said he appreciated our honestly.

2319 days ago

Area 51    

This idiot is just another example of why the quality of U.S. basketball players has fallen in recent years. Too many of these pampered morons care more about booze and bongs than giving their heart and soul to the game. As a result, foreign players are flooding the NBA with each passing year. The outcome of the last Olympics serves as a stark reminder to the swooning level of U.S. play. Our supposedly superior NBA talent got its butt beaten 3 times (including a blowout loss to Puerto Rico, for God's sake). Carmelo, Lebron, and Kobe may be regarded as great players by today's diluted standards, but these guys are towel boys compared to the giants of not so long ago, like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Julius Erving, to name a few.

2319 days ago


The cops were not out of line by doing showing a little courtesy. He's going to wear the dui, that's the least they could do. Once I was pulled over by a redneck police officer for a dui stop here in NC. He wanted to tow my car but another officer, who was also white, insisted that he not tow it & parked it in a church parking lot. Not all cops are bad & I bet you wouldn't complain or report a police officer who gave you a break, so lighten up & find something else to complain about. Oh yeah, I hope La La was out of town on business & the story was reported wrong.

2319 days ago


Was the guy so hammered that he couldn't take a CAB once released? And let his car go to impound like the rest of us! At imound everything of value is stolen from it...just like happens to the rest of us! Special treatment for a drunken loser because he's famous? Gross.

2319 days ago


Since when do cops ever follow rules,they lie,cheat,and steal more then the criminals they're supposed to catch.

2319 days ago


#18 He was staying at a hotel cause thats where his team is staying,even though he's in his own city,he has to stay with the team.

2319 days ago

Area 51    

mike45, are you serious? Why would the Denver Nuggets be staying at a hotel in Denver? Surely all of these millionaires have regular homes in the Denver area.

2319 days ago


Denver cops! lol!

I was busted for a DUI in Denver about 12 years ago. I was coming back from a picnic, and got pulled over for a windshield crack.
Of course I did have some beers on board.
Guess what!
My car was towed to the impound and I had to call my mom to pick me up. No options!
I have learned my lesson and have never done it again.
Melo is one lucky, rich millionaire! Specially at 4 in the morning. I was pulled over about about 6 at night.
Denver cops have two sets of rules and contiually to make their own rules.
They are probably looking for some free Nuggets tickets!

2319 days ago


I think this whole story is total crap, seems like TMZ fantasy world. Don't you think if this story had any truth, the media in denver would be all over this like stink on s**t. But theres nothing in the Denver media about this fantasy of TMZ's. State your sources if your going to print crap!!! Nothing like embellishing the truth, total losers u r!!

2319 days ago


Stop judging PEOPLE! Obviously, their relationship is going through some difficult times seeing as though Melo was already staying at the Ritz. Only those 2 know whats up so don't judge LaLa on not picking him up. You are not in her shoes and she is not in your shoes. It's so easy to be on the outside looking in on someone elses life thinking you have the answers to what someone esle is going through. We all make mistakes and we all fall short. Unfortunately one of the down sides of being famous is that the whole world knows your mistakes. We have all done things that we are ashamed of so try and remember that. Think about some of the dumb ass things you've done and then try and imagine how you would have felt if the whole world knew.

2319 days ago


So basically some of the men on here feel that she should have gotten out of bed at 4am, picked up her baby and put him in the car seat (I am guessing she would be at home alone with the baby and would not leave him home by himself), drive to the police station to pick up Carmelo to drop him off at a hotel that he should have had his butt at in the first place, rather than be out getting DUIs, when he is perfectly capable of taking a cab back to his hotel? And if he was staying in a hotel with his teammates, did he go out drinking alone? Or with those teammates? In that case, why didn't one of them have his back???

2319 days ago
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