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Lowe's Accuser Just Couldn't Get Enough Rob

4/15/2008 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Gibson, Rob LoweThe former nanny who has just sued Rob Lowe for copping feels has "issues."

Jessica Gibson went on the "Today" show with her new lawyer, Gloria Allred, but Jess was mum when asked about Rob's allegation that she demanded $1.5 million in hush money. Allred jumped in, but never said if the demand was made, just that there were no inappropriate demands. But sources tell TMZ Gibson's first lawyer did indeed demand a cool $1.5 mil.

And it gets more interesting. Gibson, who claims in a new lawsuit that Lowe repeatedly groped her, left and came back to work for the Lowe's at least twice. During one hiatus, she was working at a doctor's office in Santa Barbara but we're told she preferred the nanny gig with Rob and went back. Yet she claimed on the show she was afraid to leave and she needed the money. But she left twice and was making $18 an hour in the Dr.'s office.

She also never filed a report with the cop shop.


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Common' this girl is no victim...Doesn't look like someone who is suffering emotionally or psychologically either. I deal with victims everyday and this girl was not one. There could have been things that took place and who knows the Lowes may be a little kinky at times but I feel certain that she probably included herself in them, but most importantly could have chosen to disinclude herself from this atmoshpere LONG before now. Nobody that endures these things stays with a family 7 years, leaving twice and returning if they are so unhappy about it. What a crock. Has Gloria not established enough fame or money yet? I mean seriously, can she not afford to be a little more selective about her clients. This one will make her look like a fool I guarantee you. I dont care how fast her talking is, these things cannot be explained away..Stop wasting our time Gloria and fight for the real unfair violations out there.

Do you guys know that Gloria once sued Kmart for having a boys and a girls toy section? Guess she felt that there was discrimination there. I mean, don't we have bigger fish to fry than then this caddy BS??.I know she thinks the Lowes are loaded and will just settle to make it go away which she will take her huge part of the money and chalk it up to a win. I hope the Lowes fight her to the death on this one because this just wreaks of corrupt attorney greed..I guess some people can not get enough fame or money regardless of whos expense it is at...SAD...

We support you Lowes...

2350 days ago

Ann Jones    

This sounds like someone who wants money without working. If this happened, she should have quit. Not difficult to fine a job as a Nanny or work in a doctor's office. The Lowe's should stick to their guns on this one.

2350 days ago


Scones: You should run for President! You have the best idea I have heard in a long time. I know alot of lawyers, am related to 2 and I joke with them constantly about the overabundance of "Ambulance chasers" and insane cases that they take on. Pompous rather than ESQ should be after their names, Although I do like Denny Crane

2350 days ago


LIAR!!! Hollywood nannys make way more than $18/hour. Seriously delusional.

2350 days ago


the whole time of the interview she had that smirk on her face..i do believe she is trying to get her 15 minutes of fame,and some money.really has she seen herself in the mirror,somebody like rob can get much better without having to give a penny.then you hate the job,you are scared but go back...please hope she gets her lesson and be punished for is time to go to trial for real victims and stop with the crazyness of some lying bimbo....

2350 days ago


And Where is Mary Poppins and her Carpet Bag when you need her?? I think this is exactly why I chose to quit work and raise my kids. Didn't trust anyone to do it, cause you never really know anyone really.

2350 days ago


Well the nanny has that tv witch, camera hound Gloria Allred working for her, so who do you beleive.

2350 days ago

good judge of character    

Jessica just doesn't sound credible. And, of course, having that media hound Gloria Alred as her lawyer doesn't help. If the previous lawyer wouldn't take the case on contingency, he must have thought her case was thin at best. Gloria deson't care so much about the money as long as she gets her face in the news.

2350 days ago


OK, Gloria will NOT win this stupid lawsuit. I think Gloria is a great advocate, and is interesting to watch on Greta and other shows. How come the "Nanny" stayed ? How come she did not immediately LEAVE ? If I was abused like that: Get me OUTA THERE ! Puhleez !! Can you spell G-O-L-D-D-I-G-G-E-R ?? Hellllooooooooo ! Poor Rob ! Poor Wifey! Poor Kiddies ! Not nice, Nanny !

2350 days ago


Maybe she had a crush on Robbie, and he chose his wife !! Yeah !!! The WIFE wins, for ONCE !!!

2350 days ago


What a lying ass bitch..... It's all about the money. She should of been happy working for a nice family. Oh yea, the 1.5 million she was extorting ummm I didn't hear anything about that on tv this morning with Gloria. She ain't pulling a fast one with that family. She is in dreamland. Wishs she did get a flash from Rob. Maybe she tried to seduce him and he turned her down? This is her way of getting even. Eww lQQk how fugley she is. She ain't no cat's meow..............

2350 days ago


Judging from the Jury Of TMZ Bloggers: NOT GUILTY for Rob and his wife. Go away, Gloria and Gold-Digger.

2350 days ago


It is interesting how everyone blames the victim here, if only because Rob Lowe is famous and rich. If it were a woman being accused, everyone on this site would be up in arms. Yes, interesting.

2350 days ago


Come on you don't go back to work for them ,you go straight to the police and file a report!!! She justs wants money.Glad to see that the Lowe's didn't give into her demands.Gloria should find another client lol

2350 days ago


Well Gloria Allred is at it again...
Every time I see a sleeze type of situation that has a lot of press there she is.... In most cases I would not even comment on the matter, but I wish Allred would quite Ambulance chaaing and try to represent a nomal cliant in a normal situation....
Forget that it would not have the press and turmoil that she feeds on...
As far as Rob and his wife are concerned if you work for them and you don't like what you see...turn the channel just like most normal people would

2350 days ago
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