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Nanny -- Rob Touched Me in Lowe Places

4/15/2008 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here comes the "she said": Jessica Gibson says that Rob Lowe exposed himself, touched himself and groped her several times.

In a cross complaint to the original lawsuit, filed yesterday in Santa Barbara County Superior Court, Gibson claims between September 2005 and January 2008 Lowe "placed his hand inside Gibson's pants in order to touch her crotch" and "grabbed Gibson's buttocks without consent." Gibson also claims she feared Lowe would "attempt to further sexually assault her."

Gibson's lawyer Gloria Allred says the Lowes tried to "hide behind" the confidentiality agreements that Gibson signed, and used that as an excuse to not "properly pay" their former nanny.

Gibson did say on the "Today" show -- with lawyer Allred by her side -- that she never blackmailed Rob to the tune of $1.5 mil, and claimed that she didn't call the cops despite the alleged sexual battery during her seven-year stint with the Lowes because she "loved the children, and I needed the job."

In a statement read on "Today," Lowe's lawyer Larry Stein said, "An investigation of dozens of present and former employees has failed to find one single person to verify her allegations. The allegations in the complaint are simply untrue."

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If she was so worried about it why would she wait till this time to bring it up. 3 years is a long time to claim sexual harassment like this. Especially if they are a full grown woman. She is gonna milk this for all it is worth. PATHETIC

2351 days ago


rob touched me in lowe places too

2351 days ago


Gloria Allred will perform her magic and get her off, naw, I mean free. How many cases has Gloria won is her 100 years of defending poor, rich girls, taking all their money for her help? Gloria is such a fake, always on TV saying the same words over and over in everyone she defends. Wish she would take her riches, and buy some new clothes. Rowe will win over Gloria.

2351 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

Another one hoping to pose for Playboy and have that 15 minutes of fame. Rob Lowe could have his pick of women, if he wanted. Gross, pleeeez keep your clothes on!

2351 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Stupid people, that is quite a tirade against TMZ for being low brow and bigoted, and yet, here you are not on PBS or Mother Jones or any of the other myriad of sites and media outlets that provide the type of intellectual and ethical standards that you espouse to adhere to in your life. Well, we are mere simpletons here at the TMZ family, yes we have bred with our siblings, and have a few offensive opinions, but atleast we are honest enough (when we put down our bottles of JD and copies of "Juggs") to accept the reality that TMZ is not an aboration but a reflection of what American culture and society wants and utilizes to interact and communicate.

So, as Cletus from the Simpsons says, "I y'all don't like us...then gets off our land!".

And, by the way, I think I speak for the whole TMZ posters family when I say, choosing a name like "stupid people" and then decrying the boorish and bigoted commentary of others is about as ironic a statement as needed to be made to allow us to dismiss you as just another Heather Mills whore in waiting for her own lottery.

Best of luck dear, remember push them up till it hurts, it is the only way people like you can steal someone else's money.

Oh, and one more thing, welcome to the TMZ family. MORON!

2351 days ago


Well said, 46!

I've always failed to articulate the very same notion.........on several occasions.
Some people have a way with words. ....I don't, therefore I shall close by simply stating......

2351 days ago


#36 Stupid People = Heather Mills

2351 days ago

thats right    

touched in lowe places! good one tmz!

2351 days ago


She's just another whore trying to get attention. She wants money and fame and she will do whatever it takes to get there. But remember one word you gold digging whore, Karma, what comes around goes around and when you lie and try to ruin someones life. It comes back to bite you in the ass big time!

2351 days ago


After watching this girl on the Today Show this morning, I couldn't believe what a joke she appears to be. Inarticulate. Unable to answer a question on her own. Smirky. Her own emails will do her in. I hope her claims get thrown completely out of court! She was "afraid"?? Kept running back there, time after time, and she was "afraid"????!!! Give me a break. She knows that after this stunt, her "nanny" days are over and she's looking for cash! Hope she doesn't get a dime and has to pay his court costs!

2351 days ago


What a crock! If you were being manhandled and sexually abused would you stay in said abusers employ for seven years???
C'mon. They aren't HER children, and staying there for them is a crock of crap. Sounds suspiciously like street prostitutes who say they did it because the money was good.

2351 days ago


why is everyone downing the girl? isn't that exactly what rob lowe wanted by creating his preemptive story. you all look like the fools for blindly and dumbly following, once again, the person with the power no matter what the story may be. the only thing that can be said for sure is that rob lowe comes across as a nasty old man who thinks he still owns young girls, his wife is the ugliest and craziest sounding person i have ever seen and this nanny, who knows. i think she is the smarter one for staying quiet for so long and then getting a high profile attorney. who is crapping their pants now, not her. mr. lowe, "can you say guilty?"

2351 days ago


Celebrities have the power to get anyone they want so why mess with this ordinary gal. I find it hard to believe that this girl stayed around for this amount of time without coming forward. Yes, it's all about the money. Gloria always represents these young skanks and after you've seen the act several times it becomes old.

2351 days ago


Gold digger!

2351 days ago


I think she's lying. There's a wild look in her eyes that makes me think she's missing a few sandwiches from her picnic basket. SHE probably put the moves on Rob and he declined, and now all hell has broken loose. Hell hath no fury....

2351 days ago
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