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Nanny Says Rob Lowe Held His Own

4/15/2008 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained former nanny Jessica Gibson's countersuit she filed against Rob Lowe and his wife Sheryl. Man-- this is some dirt!

In her suit, Gibson claims Lowe not only groped her, he repeatedly exposed his "flaccid penis" and his "erect penis" to her, repeatedly asked her "to touch his penis," repeatedly masturbated in front of her, showed her pornographic images on his computer, asked her to give him a massage and tell him dirty stories ... and that's just Rob!

She then says Rob's wife Sheryl walked around naked --"completely exposing herself" -- made "numerous sexually vulgar comments about male genitalia," "would talk about her sex life" with Rob and said that "she would never have a boyfriend because only a married man would want to f*** her."

Gibson says the Lowes paid her $18.00 an hour for her services. She's suing them for sexual assault and battery, sexual harassment, retaliation, unpaid off-the-clock work, overtime wages and unpaid meal periods. She's asking for damages in excess of $50,000. She also said on this morning's "Today" show that she never tried to extort money from the Lowes, as Rob has alleged.

Lowe's lawyer says Gibson's allegations are "simply untrue."


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Once a perv always a perv.

2345 days ago


Jessica Gibson can you please let us know who big was his "wang". If you can please describe in depth what you have saw, and I guess you were able to tell if it was hand or soft. If this happen you were paid very good $18.00 hour and a good tip that you were able to look at this stars "wang".

If this really happened and you did not leave you were looking for it and wanted it. When he would not give you the whole thing you left. You must have fallen in LOVE with him and you were fantasizing about it, but it really did not happen. This is like a move on Life Time......Hope this get thown out of court.

2345 days ago


Oh come on you can't tell me she worked there for 7yrs and now has decided to say she was sexually assaulted! Please give me a break....I bet she wanted to have something with Rob Lowe and he said no so this is her sleazy way of getting back at him....It's women like her that give respectable woman the bad name. How STUPID are you to stay working there for 7yrs on and off if this is being done....Any moron would know to go to the police the first time, not 7yrs later!

2345 days ago


yea .. .sure lady ... and you worked for them for 7 years and was subjected to all of this, at $18/hour? But you never tried to get $1.5 million out them .... Sorry GF but your lying .... so where is the camera or tap recording at? .... anyone with half a brain would get it on tape .....

2345 days ago


She left and came back. She is LYING! Money grubbing whore.

2345 days ago


Wow, it must be a really horrifying ordeal -- because she looks extremely upset. How can someone watch her interview and believe that she's telling the truth? The whole time she was being interviewed, she was sitting there smirking and trying not to smile. If her allegations are true and they're bad enough to sue over, then why on earth is she smiling about the whole situation? She completely gave herself away. She's definitely dumber than she looks...

I give total compliments to Rob Lowe and his wife for not sitting back and letting this gold digger get what she wants. There are so many negative things that I would *love* to call her, but I'm better than that -- and unlike her, I have class!

2345 days ago


The wife can run around naked in her house and say whatever the hell she wants to!!

2345 days ago


I don't doubt it happened, I'm sure there was at some point mild flirtation that escalated, and either she got weirded out or saw dollar signs.

2345 days ago


Rob Lowe touching someone inappropriately? where do I sign up????

2345 days ago

Teen Violence!!!!!!!!!!    

Don't you remember the sex tapes???

n 1988, Lowe was involved in a sex scandal over a videotape of him having sex with two females, one of whom was sixteen, in Atlanta while attending the 1988 Democratic National Convention. Lowe has asserted that he did not know that the second girl was underage and it was confirmed that the two had met at a bar, which the girl entered by lying about her age.

Lowe's career was damaged by the scandal, and he later entered a rehabilitation clinic for alcohol and sex addiction. Eventually, his career rebounded, ( not that there really was one ) and Lowe mocked his own behavior during two post-scandal appearances as host of Saturday Night Live.

2345 days ago

He's Boring now    

uh #13

50,000 dollars is simply the mininum level to sue for, the sky is the limit for the max. So Gloria can get filthy red rich off of this and the other hi flying bimbo suits she has at this time...hows that nipple ring suit going Gloria?

Lowe is lucky he isnt facing criminal charges on this---but the outcome will be about as bad, with the publicity, no matter the truth it will kill his career off once and for all...

2345 days ago


She's going to have to do what the last broad did and cough up a video tape!

2345 days ago


Why do I feel like bursting into the Rocky Horror song .."toucha toucha touchhhhhhhhh me .... I wanna be diiiiiiiiiirrrrrty"

2345 days ago


who is this bitch and why should we care. gee what a surprise another nanny filing a lawsuit-how chic!! she looks like emily rose but only when emily was possessed by the demon!!! yet another person trying to get rich off a star.. why cant they be like the rest of us smucks who work for their money!!

2345 days ago


HEy TMZ!!!! You need a "BOTH" button in your poll!!!

2345 days ago
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