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Evan Rachel Wood: Dita 2.0

4/16/2008 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oh my goth! There is actually a woman who wears more white pancake makeup than Marilyn Manson's ex-wife Dita Von Teese (right) -- Marilyn Manson's 20-year-old girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood (left). The, er, beautiful people!

Evan revealed her Von Teesian Rigor mortis chic at a NYC film screening on Tuesday.

How long before Evan's girl-on-girl-on-shoe porn surfaces?!


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I think they both look absolutely beautiful! Why is pale porcelain skin considered unattractive and fake bake tan in a can solar irradiated "tan" skin considered attractive? I'd go with the exotic uncommon fair gal anyday before I'd go for the leather skinned gal. Natural is always better.

2380 days ago


Even is just another Dita Wannabe! What is it with these wannabe's?

2380 days ago

bored at work    

That's just sad!

2380 days ago

She looks great    

TMZ, if roles were reversed, and a woman were dating a 20-year-old, you'd be all over this creepy age difference and relationship. Alas, the frat boys run this site. Old guys need to date age appropriately or they get what's coming to them.

2380 days ago


Keep trying honey, but you could NEVER be anything that could compare to Dita Von Teese!

2380 days ago

how dumb    

How dumb... Perez Hilton has this same picture on his site, and she doesn't look WHITE at all. This pic is obviously either photoshopped... or there was really bright lightning.

2380 days ago

agent smith    

Marylin Manson reminds me of J.P. from the movie 'Grandma's Boy' lol

2380 days ago


That is one beautiful girl who looks HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that man...could you inagine him on top of you nikkid? EWWW just the thought makes my skin crawl...she needs to lose him and find her beautiful self again

2380 days ago

Soul Cry    

I adore Dita Von Teese...

2380 days ago


Dita always had that look, she didn't become that way after being married to Marilyn Manson. Evan is trying so hard to be Dita and she never will be.

Agent Smith, fricken hilarious!! J.P... I hate your face!! Too funny and I totally agree.

2380 days ago


Dita is classy and beautiful. Evan looks as is she has a date with Nosterafu. (did i spell that right?)

2380 days ago


Marilyn Manson sure knows how to ugly em up. I mean, she was SUPER sexy as a cute little lolita girl. Why would she want to lose that? It's weird n creepy watching her morph into a freaky antique lace wearin goth. She never looked like that before. Now she looks too old for her age. It's another Rose McGowen case. Remember the completely see through dress? Yea, that's gonna be little Evan Rachel Wood in no time.

2380 days ago

what the huh?    

She's got a makeup line at her armpit. What a clown.

2380 days ago


To the idiot up there, Perez has a SIMILAR photo up, this one is clearly outside.
Outside = dark = more flashbulbs.

Perez's is inside, so she's naturally going to look a little darker.

2380 days ago


I'm gonna give the girl a break on this one because she is just an extremely young girl caught up in a weird and most likely relationship. Hopefully its just a phase before it ruins her career. Dita was dumb enough to get caught up in it and she is old enough to know better, so cut the girl some slack.

2380 days ago
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