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Gisele to Bridget: First Your Man, Now Your Baby!

4/16/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Listen carefully -- you can almost hear Bridget Moynahan's head exploding.
The folks over at Flynet snapped this pic of Gisele, Tom Brady and his son John in the Pacific Palisades yesterday.

How can she hold the kid in one hand and Brady's balls in the other?

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No way any girlfriend of my baby-daddy would hold my little baby. They have either paid the mamma handsomly, or she has the self esteem the size of a pea.

2358 days ago


I love how everyone here seems to think that they "know" Tom, Giselle and Bridget personally. None of us know the whole situation so everyone needs to shut up. Until you know them personally and hear everyone's side of this story, not just TMZ's version, then keep your mouth shut!

2358 days ago


I hope Bridget has stock in Purell so she can disinfect the baby after being held by that skank!

2358 days ago


If I was Bridget, I'd be pimp slapping both of their asses. Him for letting that skank touch my son and her for having the nerve to. But that's just how I get down :)

2358 days ago


Oh gee, you bitch when he's not with his son and you bitch cause she wants to hold his cute baby. You people are the biggest losers-PATHETIC!

2358 days ago

hoochie mama    

Doesn't Tom have a kid by Giselle and the other girl (forget her name)

jets fan

2358 days ago


She is obviously holding the kid while Tom either gets him in or out of the car. What the hell is the big deal?

2358 days ago


GROW UP !!!! She is holding the baby just fine!!! Bridget is a big girl (who can get herself pregnant JUST before her BF leaves her!). I'm sure she should be able to (finally) take the high road and be gracious about this situation which is going to happen whether she wants it to or not! Moral of the story- DON'T (ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET) PREGNANT WITH SOMEONE WITH WHOM YOU ARE WITH WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT AND KNOWLEDGE!!!DUH!

2358 days ago

Tired of it!!!!    

How can people call Gisele all of these horrible names? She has been involved with 2 men, Leo and Tom. Tom and Bridget broke up before he and Gisele got together. It is so funny how everyone has 2 cents when nobody knows any of the people involved. Also, I take care of my husbands daughter and I took care of them before we married just like my ex-husband's girlfriend takes care of my son, when he's with them. Get over it and stop trying to hate!

2358 days ago

hoochie mama    


2358 days ago


How pathetic that some person is so obsessed with them till they call themselves "TEAM GISELE & TOM".

2358 days ago


Do you honestly think Bridget doesn't know Giselle is helping to care for the baby? Tom and Bridget have both moved on, you should too and quit trying to find ways to bash these people just living their lives.

2358 days ago


Why would all you insecure baby's mommas wouldn't want the father of you child's girlfriend to hold your baby? If your not with him anymore than why would that make you jealous. What if he gets married to her, what she still won't be able to hold the kid? Get over yourselves bitter baby mommas, and stop being jealous cause you couldn't hold on to your man!

2358 days ago


Why is everyone always hating on us? Tom had a life before me, the child is part of his life before me, he and his son are a package deal. Tom believes in dating for long periods of time without commitment or obligation to the woman he's seeing at the time, so I'm just having fun, coasting along until it ends. It will end even faster if he's injured during a game and we can't walk around like a Trophy BF & GF. But I have a life, an international modeling career that takes me around the world, I'm the most well-known and recognized model in the world. I made $60 million dollars last year. I'll be fine with Tom or without Tom...Thanks for everyone's concern, though!....PEACE~GISELE

2358 days ago


Are all TMZ readers as immature as the majority of this group of posters? I'm fairly certain
Bridget Moynihan doesn't "pimp slap" anyone (whatever that exactly means). Grow up! What
is represented in the picture are adults behaving as adults should behave especially when there
is a child involved. I'm frightened of the adult behavior most of you model for children.

2358 days ago
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