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Gisele to Bridget: First Your Man, Now Your Baby!

4/16/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Listen carefully -- you can almost hear Bridget Moynahan's head exploding.
The folks over at Flynet snapped this pic of Gisele, Tom Brady and his son John in the Pacific Palisades yesterday.

How can she hold the kid in one hand and Brady's balls in the other?

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BFD..They have been dating for more than a year. Bridgette is probbaly pretty happy to get some time off. Gisele looks like she really cares for John.

2345 days ago


Tom and Bridget broke up.

Tom was not even planning to have a kid? Bridget made that choice for him.

What do u expect if a man is not ready to have a child? n the woman 'sandbags' him with him?

2345 days ago


Who's Tom Brandley?

2345 days ago


Oh,c'mon, she isn't holding his balls! Everybody knows Tom is gay!

2345 days ago


About fricking time he saw his kid. Too bad he can't do it on his own gotta have someone there to hold his hand. I feel bad for his ex. As for his balls... he doesn't have any. If he did he would man up and be a dad!

2345 days ago


The last time there was a post of TB wasn't there somebody "claiming" to be BM's cousin stating that she knows for a "fact" that TB doesn't see his son.....I'm sure that this isn't the 1st time TB has seen his son and is off with him alone (yeah right) Just love the BM defenders that know he never sees his son and bashes him.

I think TB probably is the best dad that he can be and litte JETM is a lucky little boy!

2345 days ago

Obama girl    

Giselle is a MAN !!! Man Face

2345 days ago


She doesn't even know how to hold a baby correctly.
Good for him at least visiting w/his baby though.

2345 days ago

Puter Boi    

Another 3 years and Harvey Levin will be chasing that little boy.

2345 days ago


There's alot of bitter attitude towards these people because he's letting his girl hold the baby. Seems like most of the negative comments are coming from bitter baby mommas. You bash when you don't see any pics of him with his kid, now you bash him because he's spending time with his son and his girl is holding the baby while he opens the door for them. Damn! This guy can't win for losing!

2345 days ago


Here we go again...people jumping to conclusions over something they know nothing about. It's no wonder Americans are hated throughout the world, we cleary are not evolved.

2345 days ago


Thank you Team. I don't understand why all of these dumbasses on here are so concerned that a beautiful, talented woman in love with a person that has an ex (gasp) with a son (gasp gasp!!) has something to do with the child. Get over it people. At least they are with him and taking care of him. Why don't you blowhards bag on someone that really sucks, like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton. Get a life.

2345 days ago


ya'll sound like a bunch of haters. baby mama was mad from day one that she got traded in on a newer version and then tries to shame the man into coming back. Ya'll at tmz are on the good stuff if you can call the sexiness that is tom horrible and the sperm donor k fed a good dad.

who is sucking who's short and curly for that comment.

2345 days ago


If anyone recalls,s Tom & Bridget were ending their relationship over the holidays. She couldn't handle it and wanted him back. They agreed to spend the holiday together....Bridget gets pregnant, they end their relationship. Wonder why she gave her baby her last name and not his...he didn't want the kid, she did.

What's all the hype about Giselle, she's not drop dead beauty either.

2345 days ago


I love the photos of Bridget in Redbook. She is beautiful & looks so happy. The first photo in the long dress is gorgeous.
As for Tom visiting John. Its about time. But a few days seeing John is not bonding & parenting. Its visiting.
Bridget & John are happy with their new life in California. Whats a few days visitation out of 365 days of the year.

2345 days ago
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