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If They Could Turn Back Time

4/16/2008 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They say hindsight is 20/20 -- clearly these stars weren't wearing their glasses when they inked their bodies with some of the most ridiculous tattoos known to man. Check out the scars that time cannot erase.


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Tats are always a good idea at the time,,bad idea later.

2346 days ago



2346 days ago


nvm 2nd....which is only 1st loser>_> lol

2346 days ago

O Plz    

Man UP, TMZ. That is a GREAT Tattoo! Clean lines, nice design. Try getting one - you'll appreciate the art. As they say w/ Harleys "If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand."

2346 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Tats are like grafetti, they always lower the property value. Why do people polute thier skin in this manner? It was one thing when tats were rare, therfore a novelty but now days they are a dime a dozen. For the vast majority of observers, seeing a tattoo on a stranger instantly lowers that person's credibility.

2346 days ago


Not only does it lower the property value, it lowers the IQ.

2346 days ago


Tramp stamps. Wait until they are 50+ and see what they look like!

2346 days ago


My skin is all I want on my body. Everything else is just distraction.

2346 days ago


So who's the celebrity with the leg piece? There's no caption for some of those photos.

2346 days ago


Are you kidding i happen to get a beautiful tatoo when i was 45 years old on my lower back, & i love it. Now this leg has gone much too far cause i can cover mine up or wear low risers & see it so i have the best of both worlds, she does not. When she goes to a wedding that looks so trashy. She messed her nice legs up oh well.

2346 days ago

Never inked up!    

Yes, people I'm going to say it yet AGAIN:

A tatoo on a woman is about as bad putting a bumper sticker on a BMW!!!!!!!!!

Gross, icky, nasty, and NEVER a good idea. Ladies wake up, these sickening things are awful on us. The proof is in the pictures.
These ladies are all trying to for glamour and its not working because you have that nasty thing hangin' off of ya!

2346 days ago


Just because some people think it's polluting their skin doesn't mean everyone does. Just because you think of a person differently once you see a tattoo doesn't mean everyone does. I think tattoos are extremely SEXY and the more you have the more hot it is. Some of the sexiest things about a person is their ink and the story it tells. And I agree with Tat Cool, man up TMZ, that really is a nice peace of work. Someone took their time to give that artwork some love behind it. If I had nice legs, I'd do something like that.

2346 days ago


Tattoos do not, as it was put it, lower the property value. In case you have forgotten, people are not possessions. And a tattoo does not automatically or instantly lowers their credibility. If their credibility is lowered, then it is because of what they have done or said in connection to the tattoo. How does a tattoo lower one's IQ. Well, ok, I understand now. Person gets a tattoo on the head and the needle pierces the skull and causes brain damage. That's the only way I can figure how your IQ could be lowered by getting a tattoo. And, if a tattoo lowers your IQ, does that mean that Mentally Handicapped persons were born with tattoos?

Tattoos are a personal choice. And what one decides to get for a tattoo should be something that is meaningful. If done right, tattoos are a work of art. Too many tattoos for the sake of getting a tattoo and with no connection to each other can look bad, and in some cases out right trashy. But, to call tattoos a tramp stamp is just wrong.

Nit, you said "Tats are always a good idea at the time,,bad idea later." This is only rue in some cases. That is why any reputable tattoo artist won't give a person a tattoo if they suspect that the person is intoxicated or has taken any sort of drugs. Like any body modification, there is the risk of rejection, infection and the end result of it looking like crap. I have seen shows on the television about plastic surgery, and some of those results are much worse than getting a tattoo.

Bottom line is: It is a personal decision and getting a tattoo does not in anyway affect who or what a person is. Know and understand what you are about to do. Tattoos for most people are a permanent alteration. It takes a brave, self-confident person to get a tattoo.

2346 days ago

guess who    


Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.

2346 days ago

Insert comical name here    

They are ideed a personal decision. So is herion use. Both are in fact stupid and short sighted. Call it art all you want to, to most people it is in no way 'artful' to desicrate one's body. As far as them being 'meaningful', if an idea or object is holds meaning for an individual, how does having that tought or idea forever imprinted one's body elevate that meaning? Its just a silly notion all the way around.

2346 days ago
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