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Wesley Snipes -- 1040, Over & Out!

4/16/2008 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How ironic, running into Wesley Snipes on Tax Day, as he sits on the chopping block, facing three years in prison for failing to file a tax return.
Wesley Snipes
So Wesley was parading around NYC with his cute lil' kids -- maybe a sympathy ploy for the ol' judge. How could anyone lock up a father of five, right?

Will the judge fall for the bait? Wes goes to court for sentencing on April 24. Stay tuned.


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2380 days ago


Why should he pay his taxes, he's black! Due to slavery ect. ect. We white tax payers owe him a living. And a good one at that!

2380 days ago


Lucky his kids look like there mom!

2380 days ago


Who is the mother of these children?

2380 days ago


Shame on Snipes! He should go to jail for the maximum amount of time for not paying of filing his taxes. It makes me sick when a Hollywood celebrity thinks he is above the law and doesn't have to contribute to the better good of society. If he doesn't like the American system of taxation, then get out of America. And don't let him off with a slap on the wrist, like most celebrities in trouble with the law.


2380 days ago


P.s. If Snipes thinks he shouldn't pay taxes because he is black and white America owes him retribution from slavery, give me a break. As a black American he should be ashamed of himself.

2380 days ago


WOW! JKJ, theres always an idiot like you who have to bring up race.

2380 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    


2380 days ago


I like what he's doing. Americans are over-taxed. We pay income tax, property tax, sales tax, tax on gasoline, tax on interest. Hell, we will even pay taxes on the tax "rebates" we receive this year. He has enough money and power to pave the way for the rest of us. I say more power to him and hope that it benefits me in the long run.

2380 days ago


He looks like he "rented" these children from Central Casting!

2380 days ago


we cant use any excuses to the irs, but they should take into consideration that celebrities have their agents and representatives and lawyers and a lot of the times these individuals simply forgett to make sure their clients have filed their taxes as stated by law. just like we read all the time about many celebrities and vip's driving without a valid drivers license. i believe that if you work for a celebrity then you should make sure they are up to date with all their important matters. not just their passport.... i could say that there are no celebrities that have an expired passport.. just my personal thoughts

2380 days ago

Jay D    

I find it actually deplorable that you people at TMSLEAZE would even post these pictures with the captions you used. I am sure him being out with his children had nothing to do with a "sympathy ploy for the ol' judge." That sounds ignorant. I guess since Snipes has a legal issue, it means he should stay within the confines of his residence and not enjoy a day out with his children. I think it is ridiculous to publish photos of his children and then have nothing nice to say. The man is with his children. How about a caption that read "Snipes on an outing with his children" or maybe "Snipes has a family day in NYC" or even "Snipes' Daddy Day Care!" You people have no respect at all. It's actually very sad.

2380 days ago

My words    

Those kids just look Asians. Wow, I would imagine he'd have stronger genes.

2379 days ago


those kiddies have some good genes. i bet they'll grow up gorgeous, especially that little girl.

2379 days ago


Does anyone have anything better to do then bad mouth this man and his children? Instead of focusing on his life, why don't you start on your own. If you people are so smart then become a judge! The IRS is full of it! If you have not realized that in this lifetime then maybe you should start examining what you really believe in! And sympathy ploy? C'mon now! He is with his kids! If you have the right of freedom then so the hell does he! Grow up fools!

2378 days ago
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