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Brit May Club for a Living

4/17/2008 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Britney Spears is in negotiations with Bally Total Fitness to be a frontwoman for the company -- and backwoman, too!

Here's what we know. Brit's parents have both been talking to Bally about making a deal. Daddy Jamie has the power as co-conservator to make it happen. It all happened because Larry Rudolph, who is coming back to manage the Britster, has a close friendship with John Wildman, the Chief Marketing Officer of Bally.

During the negotiations, Brit has been going to the club at least once a day and up to as many as three times a day. She's training with two of the company's top personal trainers -- we're guessing one for the front and one for the back. She's also working with the company's nutritionist, who has put Britney on five to six quality meals a day. No Taco Bell, no Fanta ... life can really suck.

As of now, there is no deal -- just negotiations. We're told she isn't getting any money yet, but she's working out for free. As a company insider put it to us, "We're more interested in Britney Spears' health than her $19."


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The woman on the treadmill next to Britney has a really hot body!

Someone here mentioned something about her being some sort of Britney hanger-on. Does anyone know for sure?

... although she needs to lose the shades.

Britney is irrelevant. That other babe is much more interesting to me.

2381 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

can tmz show an extended slow-mo of britney on the tred-mill? i'm just sayin'...

2380 days ago


I'd rather be staring at a slo-mo of that hot girl on the treadmill next to Britney.

2380 days ago


With a slow-mo, it will make it look like Brit's treadmill "workout" lasted more than a few seconds.

If Britney continues to spend this much time exercising, it will be the year 2437 before she loses her first 5 pounds.

2380 days ago


Just sayin'

2380 days ago


She's not sitting on her NOT fat butt writing on stupid blogs, what are all of you haters and idiots doing?
Good for you Brit
SIgning off to go do my exercises, try it you might like it

2379 days ago


Well, I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm sure I work out at least as much as you do, #96.

It looks to me that this particular "workout" that was shot by TMZ was probably nothing more than Britney trying out some of the moves she'd have to make on the Ballys exercise machines if they film her doing some sort of promotion for them. Let's hope that she does real workouts for more time than we're seeing here.

If not, then I stand by my 2437 estimate.

2379 days ago

smells like Britney Spears    

I'm happy the girl is getting herself together, but no workout in the world is gonna turn back the clock THAT far. Britney is starting to look like she's going on 46 instead of 26. I know she'll never be the 17 year old cutesy girl again...but she is looking kinda rough.

2379 days ago


Must really be a slow news week.

2377 days ago


I luv Britney she can do no wrong in my eyes, she's making all the same mistakes everyone else makes only you people don't have a camera up your a** all day, as far all the comments about her moving away ,,,,,,don't ya get it??? she wasn't about to move away from her kids....which were nearby,,,,,.by the way we now live in a nation full of laws when I was a kid there was no seat belt laws or babyseats required ...and parents were still allowed to smack ya in public when you misbehaved now big Brother is calling the shots, and I ain't talking about that stupid show.....keep voting those liberals in office and watch how big our Gov gets.....and all your God given rights be gone/....

2377 days ago


Aha! So now I finally understand the cause of all of Britney's problems: it's the damn Liberals! Of course! [slapping forehead] How could I have missed that?

Yeah, if Brit's parents hadn't knuckled under to Big Brother, and if they just undid her seatbelts, threw away the baby seats, and smacked her regularly in public when she was a kid, she never would have turned out the way she did.

As long as there are other people in the world, we can always find someone (or some group, such as the Liberals) that we can blame for everything that goes wrong in Britney's life. God forbid that Britney should be responsible for the consequences of any of her own choices and actions. She needs to always be a totally spoiled princess and completely immune from having to fix any of the messes she creates.

Then again, it's the Conservatives who say that people should be self-reliant and mustn't depend on the rest of us to bail them out when they make bad decisions. Therefore, you're taking a Liberal position if you say that Britney shouldn't have to be responsible for her own choices.

2376 days ago


I don't understand why everybody on here thinks she goes to work out at Bally's for attention. If she were shopping you guys would say she's shopping for attention. She can't do things like a normal person??? She may have a wonderful gym, but nobody wants to be alone all the time. She doesn't really work, she doesn't have the kids to take care of so she must be terribly bored. Socialization is a wonderful thing, at least she's at the gym and not the mall.

2372 days ago


She needs DEFINITION in her arms and all over really and lots of workouts B4 she can represent any Health club..Her body has hope but she has lots of work ahead of her and a weight loss of 20 pounds maybe 24 pounds...Another has been trying 4 A pitiful comeback..what is the big deal with this average looking fruit cake woman???? I do not understand the hype

2371 days ago
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