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Good Luck Chuck -- With Your Baby Bump!

4/17/2008 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite his box office bombs, Dane Cook is a bigger star than he thinks he is.

The un-airbrushed 36-year-old pregnant man "comedian" hit the surf in Hawaii on Wednesday.

This performance was a belly flop.


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His not overweight..He just needs to switch to a lite beer and lay off the buffalo wings

2345 days ago


Why shouldn't Sandi defend Dane? She has the right.

Why does she automatically have to be labeled a stalker and what not? Dane has a lot of fans that will always come to his defense.

2345 days ago


then everyone else has a right to their say too. just like sandi. just like you. free country; who cares. you guys need a life.

2345 days ago


k.p. I never said they didn't yet here you are telling people to get a life on the same board this so called "free speech" is taking place

2345 days ago


Massive Tool.

2345 days ago


Sorry people but Dane is not funny and he has gotten somewhat over weight.

I would not waste my $$ on a show of his or that fat unfunny hog Robert Kelly
They are all most likely sitting around the table eating rather than on stage anyways ;-)
or myspace interacting with some ugly ass ho's.

2345 days ago


does anyone really care? he's hilarious and look at that face. i'd hit it.

2345 days ago


Yeah my space sluts ? lmfao!!! .. fans / my space sluts / its all the same
some desperate Ho's tryin to hook up with my man DC ,, just keepin it real

2345 days ago


I ll settle this once and for all . I M THE F A T T E S T OF THEM ALL//////RALPHIE MAY

2345 days ago


Dane Cook is friggin' hot! What I wouldn't give to be romping on the beaches of Hawaii with him! YUMMY!

2345 days ago

Pittsburgh Storm    

You call THAT fat? POLEASE! He looks terrific! TMZ jealous again.

2345 days ago


Fat shmat! I'll would still hit that! Thanks TMZ

2345 days ago


i lmao at sandi pants from my space. ugly overweight opinionated goth chickie to the rescue!!! LMFAO dane cook doesn't know her . she's some my space stalker trying to get close to comedians and famous people through the site then trying to call them 'friends' of hers. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Reality Check -Please!

2345 days ago


wow. I knew TMZ was a really shallow entertainment show, but this is by far the lowest they've ever sunk. Dane is 36. what do you expect? do you want him to be a washborn ab male model? he is obviously happy with his appearence and i am fine with it. i for one think he looks fantastic. TMZ needs to stop making fun of dane and take a look in the mirror. I mean really, TMZ actually thought dane was pregnant. NEWSFLASH, MEN CANNOT GET PREGNANT NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! i'm sorry if i am going a bit over the edge but you know something, i dont realy care because i'm sticking up for him.

2345 days ago


Rod you're an idiot she never said they were friends of hers. Why single her out? 3/4 of the posts on here are Pro-Dane.
Why because she had the inclination to come on here and defend TMZ's dissing of Dane?

I love how you just pick any one thing to try and get a rise out of people. She;s just a fan of Danes.

don't be a douche bag

2345 days ago
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