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Kelly Ripa to Priscilla - Oh No You Di'nt!

4/17/2008 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A war as big as the one between LC and Heidi nearly broke out on the set of "Live with Regis and Kelly" this morning when the dancing, motor-oiled, Scientolo-grandmama stepped up to the perky one for interrupting Regis.

Kelly looked like she was about to rippa that frozen face off.


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I personally thought Priscilla was only playing with Kelly and not attempting to be rude. In any case, Kelly handled it like a pro and now, let's all move on to more important news. It must be a slow news day. I guess Britney remembered to put on underwear and Paris didn't use a camcorder the last time she had sex. Otherwise, we'd be reading about them instead of reading this lame story.

2341 days ago

Ben From Baltimore    

My Grandmother has noticed that Kelly interupts people alot but nobody has the guts to speak up about it, probably due to the fact that Kelly is one of the hosts. Now all these people who are downing Mrs. Presley were probably not around when Elvis was popular and probably don't give a damn because of it. Elvis is one of the greats and nobody should disrespect the King and his baby girl's mama,

2341 days ago


I have to say that I found it very rude and almost nasty for Pricilla who always wanted to be known as having the goody reputation to embarrass herself on national television. Pricilla was the woman that society thought had proper morals and was supposedly a role model due to the fact that she was married to one of the most well known people in our time is not at all the person many believe she is. It was all in front of us, the rude manner, the childish laugh that was absolutely annoying, the flipping of the hair like she is a teenager (even though in her mind she believes she still is). If you really pay attention to the interview Kelly started talking BEFORE Regis and Pricilla did not recognize this, so in fact made a complete fool out of herself on air! As you can see Kelly handled it very well and made no comments back towards Pricilla even though it was highly desreved!!! I'ms sorry but after all the years she has been who she is, she should have known by now the proper etiquette when in the public eye. She needed to display a little more class such as Kelly had through the ordeal! (And by the way Kelly is very buff now, maybe she should have shown Pricilla what butting in really menas when the taping was over!!) ~~ Pricilla time to start showing a little class and acknowledge yourself for who you are and what your age tells you that you hve become and take it for what it is. Stop trying to be 21 again and stand up for the right to be ?? whichis the appropriate age.

2341 days ago


Good for you, Ben... It's nice to hear from a real gentleman for a change. I think all the Priscilla haters are either too young to remember Elvis or else they are huge, RABID Elvis fans who are really JEALOUS of Cilla because she got what they wanted.

2341 days ago


TMZ, you should put in the "thumbs UP" and "thumbs DOWN" buttons (like they have on YouTube) so we can just rate all the idiot comments we WANT to (along with the good ones) and get it all off our chests. Just think of all the extra HITS this site would receive, as well! That one above me (#245 karen) DESPERATELY deserves a "thumbs DOWN' for idiocy. What about it, TMZ???

...and can I get a little $omething for the idea???

2341 days ago


It's typical of older people to pull of a "holier than thou" attitude cause they think they've learned more and deserve more respect. It may be true most of the time, but what Priscilla forgot was that it was a privilege to even be on the show. That is Kelly's show now and being interrupted is all part of the talk show game. It should have been laughed off like it is when girls get together. Lighten up Mrs. Elvis, marrying the King will only get you so much respect.

2340 days ago

Allred Tree    

It is not "Kelly's show now" even though it is so obvious she wants it to be. Go ahead and let her take over and it'll tank just like all the other shows she's been on. Keep the faith and keep on hoping!

The show is called "LIVE WITH REGIS and kelly."

2340 days ago


I was on Regis & Kelly 5 years ago when she had the book club. I was on the panel and even spoke on camera. Kelly Ripa gave me a "who do you think you are look"...she is an insecure bitch. Regis, by the way, was awesome: cool and funny and friendly.

2338 days ago


check out this vid.

2338 days ago


RichL, Do you mind telling us what it was? The video is no longer available.

2337 days ago


Presley was upset because with her frozen face Kelly looks 10 times better. Why are they calling her sexy grandma with her motor oiled face? She is now a freak at her own doing.

2337 days ago


Rich L go to video's of Pricella Presley and Kelly Ripa

2335 days ago


Rich do as I say,ha go to video Pricella Presley and Kelly Ripa it's on several of those sites I just checked.justype in video of Pricella Presley and Kelyy Ripa you will find it.

2334 days ago
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