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Kelly Ripa to Priscilla - Oh No You Di'nt!

4/17/2008 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A war as big as the one between LC and Heidi nearly broke out on the set of "Live with Regis and Kelly" this morning when the dancing, motor-oiled, Scientolo-grandmama stepped up to the perky one for interrupting Regis.

Kelly looked like she was about to rippa that frozen face off.


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She looks great    

Time for Regis to go.

He's 100 years old. He needs another face and neck lift. He dyes his hair. He's too old.

Men do NOT age better.

Kelly Ripa saved that show from obscurity.

2194 days ago

All American Girl    

Kelly should rip that frozen face a new one! Team Kelly for me.

2194 days ago


Yeah, maybe this time it was an honest mistake on Ripa's part, but she thinks she is a Princess. Some humility Kelly, you're not royalty!

2194 days ago


I think Regis handled it with such class-
I really believe Priscilla was really just trying to be funny-
she knows sometimes on live tv two interviewers may speak at once-
but it turned very ackward and Rege, being the experienced professional he is, kept it going in a positive direction-

2194 days ago

just wondering    

Men do Not age better.....hahahahaha...ur style postings crack me up, with that said...Regis looks grt and most men do age better, be nice to Regeeeee!

2194 days ago


#32, you are right kelly was speaking first. But honestly, how rude of pricilla,she treated kelly as if she were a child. Send pricilla to the View, she would have a field day, ALL they do there is interupt each other, and the questions fly faster than anything I have ever seen or want to see again!

2194 days ago

Allred Tree    

It IS NOT KELLY'S SHOW! But it is obvious she wants it to be and can't wait for Regis to die or retire.

I detest Kelly Ripa along with billions of others. I refuse to buy anything she is associated with. Her most recent commercial is for Electrolux! LOL I thought they went the way of the Kirby door-to-door vacuum salesman and would never buy anything they make since they have her in a commercial.

She really needs to stay home to care for her obnoxious brats and cheating husband who is rumored to be gay. Does Kelly have AIDS? Maybe that is why she is so thin.

2194 days ago


Priscilla was extremely rude to Kelly for NO reason -- maybe she's jealous because Ripa looks waaaay better. Priscilla should have learned little southern charm as Mrs Elvis but I guess The King's manners didn't rub off on her. She shouldn't have agreed to do the show.

2194 days ago


It IS NOT KELLY'S SHOW! But it is obvious she wants it to be and can't wait for Regis to die or retire.

Ummm, really? What part of "LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY" don't you understand???? Let me break it down for you...LIVE (cause the show is live on the east coast)....WITH (implying the show is with people)....REGIS (the original and current host)...AND (meaning there is someone else...wait for it, wait for it...KELLY (the other freaking host!!!!)

2194 days ago


Priscilla is gracious and respectful of her host. Kelly needs to put a sock in her piehole.

2194 days ago


Priscilla made a comment on DWTS that she was starting up a psychic (sp) line, then on the TODAY show she said it was an April Fools joke! I believe she was promoting that and found out no one was interested, so had to say something to cover up her idiosy. She was also totally shocked when someone asked her about Lisa Marie's twins she is supposedly having. She knew nothing about that.

2194 days ago


I like how Kelly jumps in and talks. I'm sure it was a mistake, and she was just excited to be talking to Priscilla.
Big Deal! I think Pricilla was just being cute and it was in fun I hope. Hopefully, she apoligized to Kelly.
That what we know Kelly for. I wouldn't want her to just sit and act like a frog on a log.

2194 days ago

Allred Tree    

Un-real you are as stuuuuupid as Kelly and you probably are her or her dumb mother. It is not her show. The correct term would be "their show" or "our show." Kelly is a PIG and should be FIRED FROM THAT SHOW!!!!

2194 days ago

Bob G    

Just beacause both Hosts started talking at the same time, I don't think Priscilla should of said what she did. She came off as being more rude then she was accusing Kelly of being. How rude is it to point out Kelly interups alot on national TV? (her words) Priscilla really thinks she's all that and I would say most of us would feel the opposite. Sorry.......

2194 days ago


I used to like Kelly Ripa, but over the years she seems to have become so self important, kind of like what's her name, kathy gifford was. A snotty, snooty brat. or an Audlut Brat, if you know what I mean.

2194 days ago
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