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Kelly Ripa to Priscilla - Oh No You Di'nt!

4/17/2008 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A war as big as the one between LC and Heidi nearly broke out on the set of "Live with Regis and Kelly" this morning when the dancing, motor-oiled, Scientolo-grandmama stepped up to the perky one for interrupting Regis.

Kelly looked like she was about to rippa that frozen face off.


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Allred Tree    

Look how rude THAT HORRID SHOW was to the wonderful BARRY MANILOW!

The Live with Regis and Kelly show has been RUINED BY KELLY and she needs to be replaced.

She should get down on her hands and knees and beg for forgiveness. The only place the filthy slut belongs is in porn as that is what she has the brains for.

2324 days ago


Folks know that poster called: Shut Your Big Trap Ripa actually a TMZ employee

2324 days ago

Allred Tree    

It looks like Kelly has had some of the motor oil treatments herself. They may be what is turning her orange or else she is becoming jaundiced due to liver disease, ie. Hepatitis C or another yet to be disclosed health problem.

Regis really needs to wear protection around her since he is so concerned about his health. He could catch whatever Kelly has and she IS ALWAYS PUTTING HER HANDS ON HIM.

2324 days ago


Wow. The entire Kelly Ripa fan club must be posting here. All 6 of them.

2324 days ago


Ok,,,That was just plain rude on Pricillas part ! I always thought she was a little weird, but now she has proved it. I think she felt ugly,old and inferior to Kelly who is everything she would like to be so she felt the need to criticize her publicly but only managed to make herself look even more ugly than she is. Kelly handled it with class ,something Pricilla is lacking !
Pricillas Presley is a rude bitter OLD lady That is just P'd off that she cant buy youth! Go Kelly !!!!

2324 days ago


Some have missed the point ENTIRELY. Priscilla was trying to insert some humor into the conversation. YES, some of us got it. Also she was being deferent to Regis who is an elder statesman in the entertainment industry. Kelly is a loud annoying cute former Soap Opera actress. She needs to let Regis conduct an interview without butting in (loudly) all the time.

There is a place for Kelly, she adds a lot if that's what one wants although I admit personally she grates on my nerves.
Priscilla was pointing out Kelly's obvious foibles in a light humorous way. Good for her!

2324 days ago

Allred Tree    

Victoria, I am not a TMZ employee but thanks for the compliment!

2324 days ago


Good Lord ...Big Trap...don't you recognize sarcasm when you read it?

2324 days ago


As usual your post headings are so misleading.....but on a side note that Kelly Rippa is the hottest thing on the planet!

2324 days ago


I see there are alot of Kelly haters out there . Come on dont hate her because she is beautiful, sexy , rich ,great mother,married to a hottie,witty,in terriffic shape,nice arms,has good self esteem, I could go on and on....She really has it all .I think the show is so popular because of her witty banter and for all of you that say she should be fired,and that she is ruining the show,take a look at their ratings. She is an asset and Regis knows it too ! Kelly Rocks !

2324 days ago


I think that Kelly's enthusiam toward Prissy's dwts endeavors should have been a compliment to Prissy. Kelly's job is to act interested in the guest (whether they be interesting or not) and to ask questions - unrehearsed & live - of the guest. Her question was one of interest in Prissy and she did start before Regis. Priscilla took the opportunity to put Kelly down in front of her own audience. Also, Priscilla had the opportunity, with the pause given by Regis, to make light of the incident and did nothing, even when Regis acted startled by the comment. In addition, Kelly did say to her something like, "I think we were going to ask the same question." I have to say that Priscilla was rude and unprofessional, rather than being funny and cute which is what I believe she thought she was. Kelly handled the situation very well, keeping her mouth shut and a "smile" on her face. Just what I would have done - Except, I probably would have later raised my hand for "permission to speak" to lighten up and again give Priscilla a chance to deem herself not such a bitch. Then if she still acted rude, I would have to ask her "Can you believe you got booted off the Dancing before Marissa?"

2324 days ago


"A war...........nearly broke out" ??????

Was it after this video was over, off camera? I didnt see anything that indicated this on the video.

And Priscilla just looks horrible. She used to be a pretty lady but whoever did her plastic surgery botched it badly.

2323 days ago


No I really think that the botox junky was way out of line. They both went to talk so Regis stopped not that big of a deal. If i was Kelly I be like we know why you did dancin w/ the star cause you are a has been who needs some extra work and can't find any with a face like that.

2323 days ago


Hello People, They know the questions they are supposed to ask the guests! That's why Kelly said she knew they were asking the same question. Even Regis said it was probably the same question. Kelly has to take over sometimes because Regis is getting old and a little slow mentally. Sad but True. Priscilla P is a stupid b*itch! She looks so scary and she CHOOSES to look like that!!

2323 days ago


"If i was Kelly I be like we know why you did dancin w/ the star cause you are a has been who needs some extra work and can't find any with a face like that. "

Um. I be like.........yeah.

2323 days ago
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