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Fantasia: The Apple of Our Eye

4/18/2008 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia BarrinoFantasia Barrino can now join the long list of "Idol" celebs who have appeared at prestigious events.

She has been chosen to serve as the Grand Marshal of the 81st Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival. That's great and all, but It's no balloon festival, outlet mall or housing development opening!

The event takes place May 3 in Winchester, Va. She'll have until then to read up on the history of it.


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Any of you haters have any records out? Anybody been in a Tony award winning play? Anybody got a book deal? Anyone had a TV movie of the week about your life? I didn't think so. It doesn't matter how ugle she is or what her hair looks like. The girl is living her life. Go live yours. The End.

2343 days ago



2343 days ago

Va Buckeye    

#13 before you criticize someone else's grammar abilities, you might want to quadruple check your own and also consider using the correct punctuation. God, you write like a 12 year old.

By the way, it should be: Her mom should HAVE bought her a Dr. Seuss ABC book, not "her Mom should OF bought." Sheesh. Idiot. You also spelled "Seuss" wrong.

I'm not a Fantasia fan (I hate anything having to do with American Idol) but you people are getting a little too worked up.

2343 days ago


hey hey!

I was raised in winchester virginia, and my mother still lives there!! I'll definately be hitting it up this year! I always do!!!

I'm excited about apple blossom every year, no matter who's gonna be there!
:) :)

2343 days ago


Winchester girl, who is getting worked up? From your post, I believe that would be you. Why do you have to attack another person simply because they didn't write a sentence properly? We are not here to turn in our college thesis so, I suggest you learn to overlook mistakes and stop attacking people!

2343 days ago

just me    

Winchester girl... speak of what you know about and not what you pull out of your ass where your head is. I for one live very close to Winchester and I guess since I am more towards the country you might want to label me as a "mountain folk".. However, I will not go see her because I can't who she is and not just because it's "the only thing we have to cling to". I leave our "boring little town" as you say every single day for work and I travel just about an hour away in to the "city".. Every day I am glad to get away from the city and back in to my "po dunk" town because there are idiots every where, but at least in the country I don't have to be around them. I can actually sit back and be a "mountain girl" and enjoy the scenery instead of having to listen to neighbor hood drama, babies crying all through out the day and night, bad drivers and endless traffic. You can keep your city life.. I am just fine in the country.

Proud Mountain Girl

2343 days ago

It's Me    

How in the world she ever won I have no idea! She is horrible and an embarrasment to the folks who actually have talent and have either participated or won the contest.

2343 days ago


I can't believe the haters on this thread. Fantasia is the most talented of all the Idol winners. Multi grammy nominated and critically acclaimed performances don't lie.

Fantasia is the best live performer out there today- its too bad you are going to miss it.

2343 days ago

Just me    

I for one DO NOT like Fugtasia and will opt out of seeing her in Winchester because I honestly believe she is not the appropriate person to be a Grand Marshal. Come on about someone that is a little more country? Whatever! I will keep myself in Romney!

2343 days ago


#13, Winchester Girl, LMAO!!

2343 days ago


Fantasia just wrapped up starring on BROADWAY (That's NYC - NEW YORK CITY for you hicks) in an Award Winning Musical that Oprah Winfrey produced. THE COLOR PURPLE!! Ever heard of it?? She was the starring as the LEAD character, Ceily. Obviously, she must have some talent! Keep on Hatin' Haters! Jealousy Keeps 'Em Talking!

2343 days ago

Just me    

OMG..........Patsy Cline must be flipping in her grave over this one.

2343 days ago


Gosh golly gee whiz, when Dan Akroyd did it, no one made fun of him,,,,,,,,,,,,Are we saying that Kelley Washington from the Patriots is a has been too? Just sayin"

2343 days ago


I'm another one who grew up in northern VA. This is better than opening an outlet mall (which is actually across the river in Maryland). I remember going to the festival as a kid and seeing the princesses. It's one of those festivals that used to be the big thing to do when times were more simple and innocent. Fantasia already hit the downtown DC Barnes and Noble last year or whenever her book came out so she's done that circuit too.

2343 days ago

sit down    

#12 Your post was not needed at all. if you don't like fantasia that is your right and your business. For you to bring her daughter into this is childish and uncalled for. If you know so much about her LITERACY problem then you should know that she has been taking care of that for years now. Her daughter is a beautiful little girl who is blessed to have a loving caring mother like Fantasia. Your comment is so off base that really the only thing I could do is laugh at you. It's apparent that you have issues twithin yourself hat you need to resolve instead of worrying about Fantasia.

@15 I think you meant to direct that to

2343 days ago
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