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Heidi and Spencer -- More Whoring To Come

4/18/2008 7:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prepare to throw up a little in your mouth: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's wedding may be televised.

Speidi will follow in the idiot blonde footsteps of Jess Simpson and Nick Lachey for MTV, reports the New York Post, and may do their own "Newlyweds"-type show. They want cameras to follow them through the whole pre-nup process, and "all the drama that would be part of their wedding plans." And definitely no L.C.

That taste in your mouth? Not going away.

Posh Pissed on by Kitson Owner?

When we spotted Posh at Kitson the other day, causing a minor riot, it turns out she might've been getting read the riot act by Kitson's owner.

Fraser Ross tells FOX News that the visit was an emergency trip to set her straight about why her jeans line DVB Style isn't selling. "I told her that she needed to grow up and realize that you can't just have a line and not support it," says Ross. "She ... seems to think she's too good to support the people who support her." Reee-owwww.

Dr. Jan Pulls a Fast One

TMZ told you about Dr. Jan Adams reputedly nailing a Palm Beach socialite, and now he's gotten nailed himself – for some fast moves of his own.

The Palm Beach Post reports that the West family's favorite plastic surgeon got a "big, fat ticket" for speeding, driving a "brand-spanking-new Lexus" 50 in a 35 mph zone, according to court records. He's apparently taken cover in Palm Beach, staying far away from the sniping crowds in L.A.


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Corey Smith    


2348 days ago


congrats corey. you're the first retard of the day. and you weren't even first. how did you manage that?

2348 days ago

Lenn K.    

Who is this Heidi and Spencer and why would this garbage be on television?

2348 days ago


It is a known FACT that Heidi and Spencer (Hollywood wannabes) stage ALL there photo ops with an "in house" photographer who puts them on sale for all the media outlets! TMZ, why do you waste your money on buying pics of these two?

If Posh did in fact get her ass chewed on while at Kitson, she derserved it. Why doesn't Kitson send ALL her overpriced jeans to an online overstock company? They probably couldn't move them either! She needs to go back to London and take her family with her!

2348 days ago


I don't think the show will do very good, Only the lonely will be watching.

2348 days ago


Who the crap would want to watch heidi and spencer and who would pay them for that? Its the same for dina lohan,paris hilton,denise richards and so on,talk about idiots!!!!!!!!!

2348 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Heidi and Spencer are caricatures of celebrity. Right?

2348 days ago


TMZ, Is it possible to 86 internet bullies like; irene gracey size 0, Mrs. Christie 1st grade teacher, Kitty Miller? I have a feeling these names are probably one in the same and the comments are coming from the same IP address but, you are the only one that knows that. That being said, as a TMZ junkie it enrages me to come to your site and read (some) comments that consist of nothing but verbal attacks towards another person who is simply trying to leave a comment! I enjoy reading others comments (opinions) but, I don't enjoy the bantering of verbal attacks!

Please do something about this!

2348 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Why would Fraser Ross disclose the content of a private business conversation to Fox News? Is this even true? You simply set up a series of promotions and have her actually come and support her line; you don't tattle like a school boy with a scoop to news outlets. If you want sales, uou work with her, you don't embarrass her. She's fairly green to the fashion business; and she's looking after three kids, for gawd's sake.

2348 days ago


hah hah. You know what, they should film their wedding and then watch them get a divorce a year later. The trend for reality show marriages tend to shortly end after filming: a phenomenon known as "the MTV curse." Alongside the Barkers, those affected include Rock Star co-host Dave Navarro and his wife Carmen Electra, and Newlyweds stars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

2348 days ago


.From the article above.....They want cameras to follow them through the whole pre-nup process, and "all the drama that would be part of their wedding plans."

These two need a prenup???? Why?

2348 days ago


lls Thanks I think you are the only person who went back to the start of all this and saw I did nothing to those people. I think they need help in a bad way. I was just defending myself.

2348 days ago


Too bad Kitson sucks anyway.

2348 days ago


sandykay ~ I know, and no one should have to come to this website and start defending themselves for making a comment! You weren't the only person that got attacked by them (or that person) yesterday. They (she) was attacking somone on the "Martha Stewart " post! This is an entertainment site!

2348 days ago



2348 days ago
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