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Jessica & BF -- In Search of a Million Bucks

4/19/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Lowe's accuser was secretly on the hunt for $1.5 million from the actor. Guess what, her boyfriend was also on the hunt for a cool mil to jump start his business.

Jessica Gibson, Lowe's former nanny who claims Robbie boy was playin' with himself and gropin' her (among other things), has a boyfriend named Jason Lesh, a surfer dude in Carpenteria, outside Santa Barbara. TMZ has obtained documents posted on the Internet last Summer by Jason, asking for someone to invest $1 million in his company, which was trying to manufacturer some kind of pest control product -- we're told it was to off ants in an eco-friendly way.

Jessica, who had been bitching to friends and colleagues that Rob owed her between $30,000 and $50,000 in back pay (but, we're told, never complained of sexual harassment), had lawyered up earlier this year and demanded $1.5 million.

BTdubs, in the Internet posting, Jason says his company that is manufacturing the pest control product is Oek Industries. But in other posts, Oek is described as a fine skin care line. Don't mix them up!

Our calls to Lesh have not been returned.

So why did Jessica suddenly turn a back wages case into a million-dollar plus sexual harassment demand? We're just sayin'...


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Oh Fer Sure    

First bitches!

2287 days ago


An. now.....the rest of the story.... Good Day !

2287 days ago

Al Baby    


2287 days ago


The girl is fame seeking and in my opinion her lawsuit is filled with LIES. Rob Lowe may not be a saint but hes not some stalker of poor defenseless females. I hope his lawyers crush Gloria the Glory Seeker Lawyer in court and get a judgment against this nanny. Everyone is so quick to judge Rob because he had video sex with a girl and didnt ask the girl for ID first to make sure she was of age (like how many guys pick up random girls and ask for ID LoL).. Celebrities should not be above the law and their Celebrity status shouldnt give Liars a free reign to sue them on unfounded allegations. Thanks TMZ for this info by the way.

2287 days ago

Al Baby    

Damit to hell

2287 days ago

Jack Butters    

she has a sex tape out too.. has it..

2287 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Hey Rob hire yourself an old fashioned British nanny..

2287 days ago


What a stupid girl! Gloria AllGreed should be fined and pay Lowe's lawyer fees. This dumb chick should do some humiliating community service for her lying too!

2287 days ago


So how much is Rob Lowe paying you, TMZ?

2287 days ago


Rob: Git yourself a Big Fraulein (6ft or more) to run the house. Age: Over 55. Weight:200. That's the Nanny we had as kids. She was a good cook, and my Dad never even LOOKED at her ! She was strict and sweet, and taught us German, which I use in my job. My. Mama was Smart, No ? (12 kids-you know how those Catholics are)

2287 days ago


He did it. He is perv big time.

2287 days ago


Well...I didn't believe this one for one second when I first heard it...common. And that girl was on the today show and I just wanted to smack her smug smile off her face. She is NOT a good liar. This one is rediculous and it is just sad that people can do these things to others...accuse them and the damage whatever it done instantly.

2287 days ago

He's Boring now    

gosh I hate to see Lowe get off as not guilty here, but I will glow in knowing he has not gone unscathed in all this. It does beg the question of why these "au pair" types or nanny types have to always be 18-24 and looking not too bad---I'm with the suggestions of a female linebacker for that role. Lowe was up to something, but will get off now that his million dollar attorneys did some research (that Gloria never did) and found something to plant doubt.

Oh well, maybe the Lowenstein boy will finally learn a lesson from all of dont even tickle it dumb ass. And why is his wife so nasty looking? Probably because she does no housework. No wonder Lowenstein needed to have young company around him.

Oy Vey

2287 days ago


# 9----you are a dork.

On-topic...I think she needs the 1.5 mil for eyebrow waxing.

2287 days ago


She may be telling the truth, stranger things have happened. It is however a little hard to believe that Rob Lowe was hitting on her, she didn't like it, but she stayed anyway because she loves the kids.Just a little hard to believe (The advice to hire older nannies is not a bad idea, you got that celebrities?

2287 days ago
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