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Izzard to Cross-Dress Over into Politics?

4/20/2008 5:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

eddie izzardEddie Izzard's looking to become the next big transvestite on the political scene. Take that, J. Edgar Hoover!

"The Riches" actor, 46, told Newsweek he wants to get into European politics, and said, "I think the stakes are if we don't make the European Union work, then the world is screwed. End of story."

Izzard to save the world? In heels as well! Kinda looks like Angela Merkel, doesn't he?

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Eddie Izzard is well educated and a genius. IfI were in a position to vote for him I would. He holds no sacred cows and demonstrates a broad and balanced understanding of the golbal context.

2354 days ago


Fantasy and entertainment is one thing.. but politics, big money, spending, human welfare and safety in the world is entirely serious! He's not! Take a hike weirdo!

2354 days ago


Just what TMZ needs .....more stories about sexual deviants that no one cares about!

2354 days ago


Janet Reno looks like she can pass for his dad.

2354 days ago


Let's see a man who like to wear makeup and dress up. Sounds like John Wayne to me, but Izzard isn't likely to stay drunk all the time, or betray his friends to Mccarthy.

2354 days ago


HA HA "Take that, J. Edgar Hoover!" What a great line!

2354 days ago


Eddie freaking rocks... he is not only one of the most funniest talented actor/comedians out there, he is also highly intelligent and knows his stuff. The EU would profit from having someone like him in their mix. Go Izzard!!!!!!!!!!!

2354 days ago


Firstly, Eddie Izzard is a transvestite, not a transsexual. Transvestites like to dress up in women's clothing, but are typically heterosexual men. Eddie Izzard is smart and funny, he just happens to prefer to dress in women's clothing. His views on history and politics are spot on. Watch Dress to Kill and you won't just be entertained, you might actually learn something. I love Eddie Izzard and think The Riches is just good TV. I would rather vote for an executive transvestite like Eddie Izzard than one of the dirtbags we having running for President in this country.

2354 days ago


Eddie Izzard as Doug Rich is SMOKING HOT.

2354 days ago


Thought it was Tony Curtis' better looking younger sister...

2354 days ago

USA Gal    

Personally I think Eddie Izzard is a hoot! I love him as a stand-up comedian. Woven through his routine are some very intuitive comments, historical references and a lot of common sense and logic. I can think of many politicians on both sides of the Atlantic who could benefit from some of Eddie's insight as well as some politicos who could actually benefit by getting themselves a sense of humor and stop taking themselves so seriously.

As a US citizen it is not my place to comment on what the Brits do with their politics other than to say I'm sure they could do plenty worse than Izzard. It's much more important to focus on what's inside his head than what's on it.

Best of luck, Eddie, whatever you decide to do!

2354 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Oh shut up, most of you anyway. Izzard is actually straight and the whole "T-V" thing is a put-on, part of his comedy schtick, his act, to set him apart from others and to draw attention for P.R. reasons, just like the musicians who wear horror make up in concert. After all, drag is funny in his native U.K. even if not funny here. He's a brilliant comedian and a producer on his own comedic - drama on Fox. Recently he said the fact he did stand up comedy supposedly as an "Executive" T-V or as a "Male Lesbian" (what great satire!) does not mandate he do so in all things. If he wants to go into politics, fine with me. In fact, I'll even order the Penne All' Arabiata, on a tray, thanks.

2354 days ago


that guy is awsome, and not looking for a sex change you dummy! also, the guy that wanted to see more of his specials should know that there were four of them on bbc america today--you missed out!!!

2354 days ago


Although I don't get the "executive transvestite" bit, Eddie seems like a really intelligent guy and a very funny comedian. For anybody that has heard his interviews or standup, you know he is very well versed in history and politics.

2353 days ago


Eddie Izzard is rather well versed as well as highly intelligent in political affairs. I would hate to see Him go into politics though...His intelligence would be lost. You have to have an IQ smaller than Your penis in order to be in charge....

2353 days ago
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