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KRS Keeps the Boogie Down after Smackdown

4/20/2008 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

KRS Nothing like a little flying glass to help preach non-violence!

Old-school rap legend KRS-One was hospitalized in New Haven, CT with a fractured hand last night when a "fan" threw a bottle on stage, striking the rapper in the head and hand. And get this: KRS was performing in New Haven on his Stop the Violence tour. Jesus take the wheel!

The concert-goer was upset because club security had removed him from the stage, according to The rapper had to cancel several upcoming appearances due to the severity his injuries. The best thing, though? He kept rappin' even after getting hit!

Instead of going all Lil' Wayne on the fan, KRS-One practiced what he preached and asked that the offender not be prosecuted, telling fans after he was hit, "Let it go. Let it go. When negativity comes your way, let it go." Of course he was probably delusional from all the blood he lost.

As of today, New Haven police have no file reported of the incident.

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The Icon    

Incredibly stupid.

2346 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

The genre is, of course, imploding.

2346 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Why, y'all, that fan was ENTITLED!! Bear Witness! Yea-ah.

KRS needs to come over to the white side.

2346 days ago


To the poster who commented "the natives became restless?," this just goes to show that it doesn't matter to some people whether KRS -- and by extension young black people in the hip hop movement -- react negatively or positively. People like FlBiker will attribute animalistic stereotypes to us "natives" no matter what. Sad. Nonetheless, I take comfort in the fact that a generation ago, Dr. King, Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, Jazz Music, et al. were similarly vilified, yet today, they've all become respected cultural icons. When we (rightly) criticize young people of color for doing the wrong things, why not praise them for doing right too? Shame on you FlBiker.

2346 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

These advertising bloggers can't even speak proper 'Engrish.' 'How do yo even think of such a thing'. Bahahahahahaha.

2346 days ago

stop violence    

First of all, Kris is an amazing guy. I have had him over to my house many a times and he is so polite and fun to talk to.
His wife Simone, is a lovely lady and i love her to death. this happening to Kris is an outrage, especially beacuse he is such a wonderful person.

2346 days ago


File charges! I mean, I'm all for non-violence, but ya got to stand up for yourself!!

2346 days ago

He's Boring now    

When will the entire Black Culture band together to stop the violence? Not just the bottle throwing event, but the real violence that is killing their youth off. Black on Black Crime, particularly of the physical assault, rape and murder kind are at levels never seen before. Quit blaming the White Man, waiting on the Government, or Programs, subsidies, or whatever and get the entire Black culture to rally and change this...Sports stars, Movie stars, the Rev Wrights/sharptons/jacksons all must make this a priority...otherwise say goodbye to black all are dying and getting imprisoned at rates that only you are responsible for---not the white man, not the govt, not your teachers.

Most White folk have given up on believing this will change---we've seen it go on too long and your "heroes" not doing anything about it except getting richer for themselves.

It starts at home and most of you all dont have fathers in your lives. my god is this what MLK had in mind for "eyes on the prize"?

Shame on all of you who remained stoic and silent as the Black culture morphed into one that honors Prison culture, hates women and detests education. NO wonder you want to hurt each other and others who are stupid enough to venture into your black neighborhoods.

2346 days ago

He's Boring now    

Yeah to #9, when was the last time any of you, black or white, rolled up your windows and locked your doors as you approached a supposed "bad" white neighborhood? Thats right----never. Because there isnt a bad white hood in the whole US.

The stop the violence needs to be addressed to who and where it is. Black People, Black Hoods. Period.

Let Them fix their own problems. they've blamed everybody else around them for decades, now let them fix it.

2346 days ago



2346 days ago


# 10 has never been to a all white trailer park. That place is the same as any project or hood in any inner city. Drugs and drinking are rapid. I will agree they usually don't kill one another.

2346 days ago

DA's leak    

"Had Enough" you make some interesting points that I feel compelled to agree with on many levels. As a black man in America i've often been called a sellout and much worse for my views and opinions on race. However; as compelled as I am to agree with you I can only hope that you are not one of the white people that perpetuates the problem on the opposite side of the spectrum by assuming that a book can be judged by its cover. Racism is still very alive and well in America, and I fear that there is no immediate end in sight. Blacks do little to improve the situation. Whites tend to do even less.

2346 days ago

james earl ray    

well it goes to show you it's better to have a

bottle in front of you than a frontal lobotomy !

2346 days ago

Area 51    


2346 days ago


I find that people who speak in absolutes are either (a.) trying to be provocative and don’t really mean what they are saying, or (b.) mean what they are saying, and don’t really know any better. I’ll operate under the assumption that #’s 13 and 14 fall into the b. category, and try to them you become informed. (For the extended version, try to get your hands on Obama’s soaring speech on race from last month in Pennsylvania.)
All African American males aren’t morally bankrupt, just as all white males aren’t upstanding citizens of society. What your posts seem to be getting at is that as a percentage of the overall general population, black men seem to be on the underside of moral depravity (i.e., higher rates of incarceration than the general population, higher unemployment, less education, bad words and themes in urban music and film, etc.). And you make it seem that by our very nature, we’re prone to do these bad things (see #13’s “Why do blacks fill our prisons but are absent at school” and #14’s “Blacks by nature are a violent and desperate race. Its in the gene pool. Overly sexed, and with a tendency to want to maim and kill”).
I disagree. It’s nurture, not nature, that influences the bad behavior of many young, inner city African Americans and, by extension, is largely responsible for the majority of these troubling statistics that I cite above. I’m black, and have “made it” because I was insulated from many of the negative influences that many other blacks were subject to. To be sure, I come from a morally responsible middle class home, with parents who love me, care for me and who worked to keep me safe. Consistent with their expectations and that of the larger community (black) in which I was raised, I went on to a four year college, graduating in the top 25 percent of my class. I then attended a top law school, where I was elected to law review and graduated in the top 10 percent of my class. After graduation, I worked for a federal judge. I now am an attorney at one of America’s premier law firms. I’m 29 years old. I have never been in prison or in trouble. Neither I nor my wife (who got her master’s degree from an ivy league university and works as a school psychologist) are statistics. While I don’t condone or excuse many behaviors often associated with young African Americans, I think my background, when compared to their’s, does begin to explain how they have ended up where they have and how I have ended up where I have.
Something tells me though #’s 13 and 14 that my background and profession will do nothing to change your mind. You have it in your head and heart that I’m, as you said, prone to go to “prison” and “by nature … violent[,] desperate[, o]verly sexed, and with a tendency to want to maim and kill[.]” I hope and pray for all our sake that I’m wrong.

2346 days ago
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