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Sand Sinking Beneath Turks & Caicos' PM

4/20/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several sources in Turks & Caicos tell TMZ that the clock is ticking on Premier Michael Misick's tenure as leader of the island -- and that he is seriously considering resigning because of the sexual assault investigation, as well as a slew of other probes, political in nature. No more T&A in T&C!

We've learned that the victim in question is of Puerto Rican descent, that she was over 18 at the time of the supposed assault, and that she may well have known Misick before the incident. Reports that the victim was an American celebrity aren't true.

The FBI were on the T&C to investigate, and they've been in contact with the local po-po as the probe has progressed. Meanwhile, the police tell TMZ that Misick has been "cooperative."

Looks like there will be no "Girls Gone Wild" Turks & Caicos edition this Spring!


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Yeah, they come in all colors those rapists and criminals. Try a new comment FIBiker.

2324 days ago

MVII this a celebrity tabloid? Or TMZ is just putting ANYTHING on its website to get more visitors? Honestly, TMZ you shouldn't call yourself a tabloid, you don't report news from CELEBRITIES anymore and when you talk about " celebrities" it's some D-lister that no one cares your stupid Prince von ahole..who gives a damn about him? and now this?! Is this CNN? Pathetic..just pathetic

2324 days ago


Do you not know what PM stands for? He's the Premier, not the Prime Minister. Stupid, TMZ hacks! Harvey, hire people with at least half a brain !! It's getting tiresome reading this site - I've cut my daily visits to down to weekly ones! Only so much stupidity and bitterness a person can take!

2324 days ago

He's Boring now    

is that his wedding photo in the background in that photo? Probably.

2324 days ago

Tired of Lies    


"Po Po"?????

What the hell is a po po? Is it related to that other mystery term btdubs?


2324 days ago


another thug no way

2324 days ago


#7 had enough

Nice call on the wedding pic in the backround. Nothing classier than having your wedding pics under the title of rapist.

2324 days ago


Yeah, that's almost as shocking as a white ,meth addicted, child molesting, child porn possessing pedophile, right FIBiker ?

2324 days ago


When is this suppose to happen?? I met him, and he was a complete gentleman. This is sooooo sad, if it's true. Please keep us posted as to what is happening...... Why haven't we heard from LisaRaye?

2324 days ago


I feel so bad for LisaRaye. It's bad enough to have a cheater for a husband, but a damn rapist? She must really be going through it right now.

2324 days ago


people are just after money and don;t want to see a happy marriag

2323 days ago


18yrs. old thats even worst than it being a celebrity. Ridiculous.

2323 days ago

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