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Casinos to "NYPD Blue" Star: You Crap, You Pay

4/21/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gail O'Grady bankruptcy problemApparently Gail O'Grady is an expert in cards, because she's jacked two Vegas Casinos around, at least according to legal documents.

Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino and Bally's/Paris Las Vegas filed paperwork in U.S. Bankruptcy court, claiming the "NYPD" star owes them a fortune. According to documents, O'Grady, who has filed for bankruptcy, owes Caesars $160,000 in gambling debts and owes Bally's $75,000. Both joints want to make sure the bankruptcy judge doesn't let Gail O off the hook.

According to the National Enquirer, O'Grady owes big bucks to casinos, credit cards, the IRS, her mortgage company as well as to family, friends and "colleagues."

O'Grady admits she took out the gambling loans, but claims the casinos knew her financial situation and knowingly threw caution to the wind.

Gail's reps had no comment.


No Avatar


Lotta holes in the desert...lotsa problems buried in those holes... Be a shame for a broad as hot as that to "take a cab"

2375 days ago


So what if she files backruptcy they lose the monet they loan her!!!!!!!!!!

2375 days ago


Watched Gail O'Grady the other day on the very first Monk. Remarked how gorgeous she is. She also looks like one smart cookie and a little hard. This gal has been around. #14 mentioned that this is an old pic, but, I've seen her in recent (past two years) guest spots and she pretty much looks the same, very good and sexy. Las Vegas should remember the old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

2375 days ago


gambling LOAN................thats an oxymoron lol...............what kinda idiot loans someone money to GAMBLE?? especially the damn casino...dont they know that its an addiction...LIKE CRACK??? umm im thinkin i wouldnt loan a crack whore 240,000

2375 days ago


She could give 4700 bj's at $50 each and pay off the casinos.

2375 days ago


Why the heck is she hanging out at Bally's?? That place is a dive compared to all your other choices on the Strip

2375 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Where's Detective Greg Medavoy when you need him?

The stuttering admirer of Donna Abbandondo would ride up on a white horse to save his lady love.

2375 days ago

Mike B    

Oh these hollywood people. Don't pay there taxes and file for bankruptcy.

Wish I could get away with that.

2375 days ago


Way to spend all your "Lifetime" money Gail. Now just have them do a dramatic movie about you, starring you and charge them 235,000. Lifetime's got your back girl. lol.

2375 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

Gambling addiction is just a politically correct term for "I'm Greedy ."

2375 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

It's not technically a loan. It's a line of credit. Responsible people get them all the time, gamble freely, and then payup when they check out.
And just like using credit cards, bad people steal services and goods with the "promise" to pay and then skip out on the bill.
She should have her fingers and nose cut off.

2375 days ago

spread the love    

love c-r-a-z-y girls!!! she is one hot little monkey. maybe she can work off her debts if you know what i mean ;-)


2375 days ago

who dat    

Gails been divorced 5 times. She is smokin hot for 45. Time for a "leaked" porn video to refresh her career and pay off the debts. Yes she is nuts and most like a 10 in the bedroom.

2375 days ago


Sounds like she could star in a Lifetime movie of the week. What a shame.

2375 days ago


Miss the days of organized crime running Las Vegas. Woman or not, she would have never had seen the day of a bankruptcy court if she owed money to a mobbed up casino. In those days, she literally would have found the money owed or she would have been found scattered across Southern Nevada in many little pieces. She's lucky she is dealing, in the year 2008, with corporate Las Vegas and not with the likes of Benjamin (Bugsy) Siegel & Frank Costello.

2375 days ago
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