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Jamie Lynn Baby Bumpin'

4/21/2008 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Lynn Spears lil' bump is growin' y'all!

The 17-year-old Nickelodeon star spent her day in McComb, Mississippi studying for her SATs shopping.

Brit's unwed kid sister will reportedly debut the newest member of the Spears family sometime this summer.


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Questor- its only statutaory rape in most states, if the guy is more than 2 years older than the female. I had my daughter at 15, my now huband was 16. Jamie Lynn and her BF are also just a year apart.

Lets lay off her. Like some of us rare teen moms, she's doing the right thing. She's finishing school, and preparing for this baby. She's not out partying til all hours of the night, smoking, drinking or anything like that. It may be hard for you yankees to believe, but there are a few of us Southermers, who manage to avoid the stereotypical Teen mom profile, and actually end up being really happy married soccer moms to happy healthy kids. Lets give her a little credit. She made a mistake,and she's being really mature and grown up about it (unlike her sis) so good for you Jamie Lynn. Dont listen to what others say, take care of yourself and dont let the stress of parenting (and possibly college?) come in between your relationship with Casey, its important to keep that. Its hard, but you can have it all. Kids, college, marriage and balance it all.

2346 days ago


I think she looks cute :D

2346 days ago


#31 Your an idiot.. unless you were in the room while she was having sex with someone else you have no proof to say something so stupid!

2346 days ago


Being pregnant at 17 is hard enough....leave her alone geez.

2346 days ago

hell with them all    

WOW!! Do I care, this is what happens when you do have sex without birth control. Well even with it some times TMZ you show the worse crap to people who give a damn.

2346 days ago


29. QUESTOR: I'm somebody smart and from Mississippi - imagine that? Rednecks are in Mississippi - a hillbilly would be from Tenn or W.Va. Underage sex is not against the law anywhere. It's only if the other party is an adult and the minor parents want to press charges - that's not just in MS - it's your law too.

As far as Mississippians looking like inbreds.... I'm sure Elvis, Faith Hill, Walter Payton, LeAnn Rimes, Conway Twitty, Sela Ward, Eudora Welty, Oprah Winfrey, Tammy Wynette, Red Barber, Lance Bass, Jimmy Buffett, Bo Diddley, Brett Farve, James Earl Jones, etc.... (the list goes on and on).... and all their fans would disagree with you on that.

Get a life!

Hello Me. While on the whole I agree with you, I wanted to point out that you cannot judge someone's ignorance and prejudice while showing your own. I was raised and for the most part have lived in metropolitan Tennessee all my life. I have two degrees, a husband of 9 years and a 2 year old son, and we are upper middle class. Honestly, you can't really think everyone in Tennessee is a hillbilly, can you? If you do, you're guilty of an ignorant and all too common misconception. However, as I stated previously, I do agree in principle with your response to the Questor idiot

2346 days ago


I like how everyone insults TMZ, you read the story then took time to post a comment. 'Tards!!!!

2346 days ago


Star...since day 1 of Jaime's pregnancy there has been speculation about who the father is. Maybe if you weren't so busy calling people stupid, Bi%ch, idiot and so on you wouldn't have missed that. Every time i see your name i know someone has been insulted. You are a very angry person.

2346 days ago


If ya'll are not worried about it stop reading the posts.

2346 days ago


OMG It's Miley Cyrus!!!

Oh wait sorry I mean Jamie Lynn

2346 days ago


Mymy,, sorry I dont believe everything I read so to make speculations like that is STUPID I dont care what you think of me I just call it like I see it...

2346 days ago


Whatever star. You can't even type a single post that isn't insulting...LOL...

2346 days ago


Half of this country was born to teen-age Mamas. Get over it.

2346 days ago


Mymy.,, I must really bother you you need to get over it dear LMAO!!!

2346 days ago


It's really not that big of a deal that she's having a baby and it might be time to let it go ... it's really not news OR interesting. She's actually doing the right thing in the way that she's handling it, and while it might not be ideal to have a baby at 17 - at least she's preparing for it in the right way and not taking it casually like it's just some new thing in her life. They are nothing but regular kids (and by the way, teen pregnancies happen EVERY DAY) who got wrapped up in something and are doing their best to be good people/parents. If it wasn't for the Spears' money-grubbing Mom and Dad - neither of those girls would be in the awkward positions they are in. Their parents are HORRIBLE examples and the best thing they can do is keep their kids away from them and use their own parent's example as what NOT to do.

2345 days ago
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