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McCain, Obama Tag Team Hillary

4/21/2008 5:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First wrestlers got into politics (Jesse Ventura, anyone?) -- now politicians are getting into wrestling. And it's on TV tonight.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain each taped a short video that will be played during tonight's show. It's hard to figure out which one comes across more out of touch -- Hillary (calling herself "Hill-Rod"), Barack ("Can you smell what Barack is cooking!") or McCain (calling his backers "McCainiacs").

If Hillary takes on The Undertaker, our money's on Hil.


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OC Get A Life    

Diane, if that is your real name, you would no more vote for a Democrat than you would read a book. The fact that you dismiss Senator Clnton for lying and in the same sentance state that she put up a good fight shows either a profoundly well established learning disability or a mental illness, I will let you decide which your posting establishes more clearly.

And as for your clearly racially based rantings against Senator Obama, no Christian, who has read let alone understands the word of Christ the Lord would utilize the terms that you did in dismissing Senator Obama's baptized faith, and I will allow your confessor and Our Lord to explain the existential hypocrisy of your ignorance of Christian doctrine to you. Senator Barrack Hussein Obama was, is, and always will be my brother in Christ the Lord, and he does not need your, mine, or anyone else's acceptance of that fact, Jesus Christ is the only arbitrer of that reality.

And, as for you, Diane, and your ilks ridiculous zenophobic fasination with wrapping yourself in the American flag, GW Bush does that everyday, remember the photo ops on the carrier proclaiming victory in Iraq, or the photo ops proclaiming victory over Hurricane Katrina, or the photo ops proclaiming the end of Al-Queda, or the photo ops proclaiming that our troops were coming home? Those that hold the Bible or the Flag the firmest are usually like Bush, Clinton, Reagan, and the many others like you, never have served in combat, never worked in a combat zone to help in NGO human rights work, and are the one's who are first to vote for "freedom fries" and the first to disappear when the entire system of lies are discovered and the world wants answers to why millions of Iraqi civillians were killed for no reason, a country was deystroyed for no reason, and US and Allied service personnel were killed, crippled, and maimed for NO REASON.

By the way, Senator Obama will be saluting the flag as will Senator McCain and both will swear on the Bible whenever or whichever is elected President and starts to unravel the mess of the Bush,Clinton,Bush,Reagan administrations. But, no one, who really loves America or Christ needs to wrap themselves in the flag, the Bible, bumper stickers or lapel pins, their heart, actions, and soul is already known to God.

Diane, Senator McCain is a man of honor, a decorated war hero, and a great Christian, he would be embarrased to have the likes of you voting for him. But, this is a democracy, just like you cannot pick your relatives, Senator McCain cannot pick you, Reverand Haggee or Reverand Parsley, you chose him, not because of his policies but because of his race.

You, Diane are truly the epitome of the term "ugly American".

2313 days ago



God and only God sees the heart of a man! And Guess What??? God already knows who the next Prez is... so relax... HIS will (not our's) be done...

2312 days ago


That's right... all the name calling, hate etc. etc. etc... GOD is not interested in any of that... whoever HE so wills the President to be will be. God and God alone has ALL power... any knucklehead who thinks other wise, must have water on the brain... November... we will definately see...

2312 days ago


PLEASE don't make me look at Hillary in shorts!

2312 days ago


Pennsylvania is STALINGRAD.

2312 days ago


"That's right... all the name calling, hate etc. etc. etc... GOD is not interested in any of that... whoever HE so wills the President to be will be. God and God alone has ALL power... any knucklehead who thinks other wise, must have water on the brain... November... we will definately see..."

well if that isnt the pot calling the kettle brown and hot. ohhh jeremiah.... pleae pick up the white courtesy are being paged!

2312 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

To think that Diane's two, three sentence statement woukld inspire "War and Peace"...

2312 days ago

Matt Damon    

33. That's right... all the name calling, hate etc. etc. etc... GOD is not interested in any of that... whoever HE so wills the President to be will be. God and God alone has ALL power... any knucklehead who thinks other wise, must have water on the brain... November... we will definately see...

Posted at 6:58PM on Apr 21st 2008 by Obama 08
Yes you are right ALLAH will Prevail

2312 days ago


Harvey Levin for President....

2312 days ago


Colin Powell won't run, no matter what anyone does. He's a man who lives his beliefs and he won't back down. He won't make up "facts" or shade anything he has done. He did what he did because he believed in it and he won't make excuses. Not for his military career and not for his personal values. In other words, the man is simply not for sale.

His primary concern is his family and he'll be damned if he puts them through a grinder, even if it is to serve his country. The man has class, intelligence to spare and enough political savvy to know that the political arena is a pit of vipers. This country wants what it wants. Our expectations are unreasonable and have nothing to do with reality and everything to do with our convenience and how it affects our pocketbook. Those expectations are diverse and change daily.

The best we can hope for is solid leadership at this point. Remember, after 911, everyone was waving flags and wanting to kick some terrorist butt. It doesn't happen in a day, a year or even 10 years. We are in a war with stateless people. It is a war of ideals. It is a religious war. They want us dead and we want to survive. The question is what are we willing to give up in order to make that happen.

It seems our battle cry is something akin to "go get the long as we're not too inconvenienced in the process". And for God sakes, don't let them blow up anything else over here. Tall order for anyone, Democrat or Republican, don't you think?

2312 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Even in victory, the hate and bigotry of certain individual(s) in society cannot be satiated without even more venom, and so, I have to provide you with what you have demanded, "War and Peace for Idiots Part II", enjoy, read slowly, and do not hurt your brain, and then rant,lie, rant,lie,rant,lie, rant.....

Isn’t it time as Americans of all faiths, races, creeds, colours and genders to simply say enough to hate and ignorance of the past twenty or even two hundred years, and realize that we are on the very brink of the collapse of the US empire? That we owe more to China and the Arab elites and states than this and the next generation will make, and that we owe that debt to President Bush lying to us about Iraq being responsible for 9-11, and then destroying an innocent country, killing millions of civilians and not to mention killing thousands of US and Allied soldiers and crippling physically or mentally hundreds of thousands of others – and then retiring to a life of a millionaire playboy. And, then there is President Clinton, who left the White House and America a complete mess due to his personal and professional proclivities, and then as a pauper could not even afford to buy his own home, but now is reportedly worth in excess of $100 million dollars because he is lobbying for and working for the very Chinese and Arab elite interests that are taking over America.

Posters such as FIBiker, UDP, and many others who are going to bring out the same racist, misogynist, or ethnocentric rhetoric , whether they are Aryan, African-American, or any other sort of supremacist or bigot should be summarily and universally dismissed and ignored, it is the mentality of supposed moral and cultural superiority that allowed the “freedom fry” nation state to cause the deaths of millions of innocent Iraq civilians, allow Osama Bin Ladin to remain free, and to let President Bush, the US Congress and Senate off the hook for the whole scale mismanagement and bankrupting of US foreign and domestic policy.

We have people still homeless from Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters all over the US, we have an educational system that is graduating more illiterates than any other time in our history, our health care and social security system is on the brink of collapse, and the focus of the government is on the visit of the Pope (I love the "Holy See" but Pope John Paul II brought the entire world together in honesty and brotherhood while his replacement - well - just read the reality in the world press and not the vested media manipulation), steroids in sports, telemarketing, photo identification for illegal immigrants, and the prostitution ring that deystroyed Governor Spitzer – people in America are sleeping in the streets, not eating, not getting medical attention, we are turning into a third world country – and this is what our politicians who are mostly millionaires or atleast well off are spending our tax dollars on – a PR offensive? Who is running the government the people or Wall Mart?

Whether the next President of the United States of America is Senator Obama or Senator McCain, both men of honour, who unfortunately due to the realities of modern politics have to align themselves with individuals of less than stellar intellects or couth in a quest to not alienate any large sensitive demographic from the fans of JZ and Beyonce to the followers of Reverend Haggee.

There is no perfect human, and definitely no perfect politician, the only thing America needs right now, is someone who can tell the truth, and in both Senator Obama and Senator McCain, we have two men who can definitely be counted on for their adherence to the truth and commitment to the protection and preservation of the interests of the American nation state.

God Bless America 2008.

2312 days ago


Haven't we all had enough of the Clintons and Bush's in the White House already?

2312 days ago

OC Get A Life    

The reason General Powell will not run for office or even appear in the media is not for any concern for his family or ethics, it is because he knowingly LIED to the American people and the entire world at the UN, and stated that Iraq was responsible for 9-11 and had weapons of mass destruction. General Powell, President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary Rice, and the rest of that administration deystroyed an innocent nation, killed millions of innocent civillians, and is responsible for the deaths, injury, and maiming of tens if not hundreds of thousands of US and Allied service personnel.

That is why General Colin Powell is in hiding.

And, as for your Reverand Rod Parsley, Reverand Hagee, and Reverand Pat Robertson inspired clash of civilizations rhetoric, that has been summarily dismissed by the rest of the world, the European Union, now the leader of the free world is working to set up a bridge between the third world nations citizens and the people of the developed world without the interference and manipulation of the Saudi Royal Family and other corrupt Arab and othe elites who have used religious and political dogma to ferment discord and divert attention from domestic problems.

Read, OCD and interact with people from around the world, and you will learn, that as the Lord Jesus Christ taught, all men are brothers and equal in the eyes of God.

2312 days ago


Hey, isn't there suppose to be a gay quiet day or something. A whole day where the homos shut up for once or
something?? Anyone know of this>>

2312 days ago

Jay's Mom    

OH GIVE ME A BREAK WITH actually thinking Hillary is a serious contender for the White House! Sleeping with Bill Clinton for 8 years on Pennsylvania Ave. DOES NOT QUALIFY her to walk into the Oval Office and get behind the desk. She's an old mean bat who will say anything to get elected, but she knows and America knows, she'll throw away those promises once she gets into office and replace them with excuses of why she can't do what she promised.

And Bill....What is Bubba going to be doing running around the White House with nothing to do? LOL. No job, nothing. I'll give you an idea - He'll be running around the hallways all night in his glow-in-the-dark YES/NO underwear, chatting up porn sites. LOLOL!!!

And then the thought of the Clinton's back in the White House is nauseating. All the scandals, lies, etc. Does America really see this as the answer to the future? A president who was almost impeached for lying, etc, and his old lady spouse who also lies and guzzles booze.

GAG. Vote Obama for the Democratic nomination, then Vote McCain for President.

2312 days ago
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