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Makes Sexy Time for Camera -- Again!

4/21/2008 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Indecent PhotosHoly Hannah's Montanas! Pics of the scruffy-voiced, fast-talking FIFTEEN-YEAR OLD flashing her bit parts and making her best jail-bait sexy face have popped up on the Internet ... again.

While she's not shaving her head -- yet -- Miley Cyrus might want to slow her tractor-trailer roll on the road to Spearsville.

This isn't the first time naughty photos of the underage, Jesus-loving, Disney star have ended up online. Shots of Miley in her undies made the rounds this past January.

Someone's getting grounded -- we're just sayin'.

A call to Miley's rep was not immediately returned.


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Not EVEN her and I hope she sues the p!$$ out of you..Kids get a half way decent role model and the first thing the paps try to do is ruin their reputation right off the bat..Chase the real "bad cases' like Britney and Lindsey but for heavens sake leave this little girl alone!

2374 days ago


The two photos on this "Article" do Not even look like Miley, they look like a young Farah Fath (Lexington Ky resident turned saop star On days and now on another soap) I am Not a fan Of Miley (I am in my 40's) and I am SOOO sick of seeing Hannah Montanna all over the place (can you say over kill?) but come on give the girl a break those pics don't even look like her. The others on the Just Jared site do kind of look like her, and could be her, but they are more normal innocent ppics of a young girl with friends.

2374 days ago

a bored kid    

aha yea right...dont make false acuations people, that could be her...and it could not be...i think we will find out anyway...i think dont think thats her...she doesn't have boobs that size...but she prolly wishes....aha

2374 days ago


interesting point... made here by one poster... she/he mentionedthe color of mileys eyes , and the color of the eyes of the young lady in the photos... hmm I smell research.....

2374 days ago


poor miley. she is between poor gross pics and the perfect teenage superstar!!!! her daddy should explain this to her

2374 days ago


Miley's eyes are INDEED Blue?bluish Grey!!!!!

2374 days ago


miley you are a slut no one cares about you slut you suck at you singing and you are not a role model you are a ho model slut go hang out with tila britney and paris ho ho ho ho slut slut slut

2374 days ago

fuck the jonas brothers    

Note to everyone:
All parents should stop letting their children watch Disney Channel, because look at the stars that have fallen who have been under contract with them: Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan. Now it's Miley in the works. A lot of little girls and tweens look up to Miley. She should think before she acts on stuff like this. No one likes to watch anybody crash and burn. I pray she will get her act together. I think they should shut the parks down and start terminating contracts, if they want to keep their "clean" image. Disney has already been through troubles regarding the child-stars that work for them. I know Miley is a teenager, but gosh, she should know better! I'm a fourteen year-old, and I have NEVER took a picture of myself posing or acting like that. It's not showing good morals. I hope she's not pretending to be a Christian, because she has fooled a lot of people with her "good-girl" act. I used to think she was fine, but after viewing these photos, I'm rethinking a bit myself. Miley, please, get your act together before it's too late. Do it for the sake of you, your family, your fans, your life, everything. You only have one image. You've probably already blown it. This isn't Walt Disney's fault. He wouldn't have wanted his child-friendly creations to turn out like this. This is not what they were meant for. I bet if he was alive, he would be so ashamed.

2374 days ago


I think that Miley is beginning to fall in the cracks. I love to watch her and I'm an adult and I still think she is very wholesome and down to earth, I just think all the fame is going to her head. Her parents need to nip it before it gets too out of hand. Doing things for plublicity is one thing but it can be taken too far and out of context. Bu I agree, if she wants to keep her fan base she needs to tone it down and stop following the crowds she's with.

2373 days ago

got sumthang 2 say    

Yo, yo yo #221 Nickie, what's a sweet little innocent christian girl like you doing on a smack talkin site like this? Are you a church going, voyeur, repressed wannabe nastsy girl? Your ignorant and young so I am gonna let you slide, but "note to everyone" ( don't watch) pleaeez don't think for a second think that this is not what "todays" average young girls do. I was almost apt to say it wasn't Miley except that this little chicklet seems to have that same crocked, funny looking, maybe overbite mouth. So I say yes it's her. big deal. Try to find it in your young christian heart to forgive her.

2373 days ago

stop the madness    

so what on eye color.Hilton uses contacts thatare give it a rest

2373 days ago


What's the big deal? Other than the fact that she's fifteen, these aren't even that revealing....She's in a tank top with her bra showing? What girl's bra hasn't peeked out wearing a tank top? And the bra has more coverage than 90% of the bathing suits these girls are running around in these days..... Same goes for the "underware" shot.... It could be a bathing suit. I'm not saying it is, and not her underware, just what I mean is that what she's wearing isn't any more revealing than some skimpy little 2 piece bikini,,, which I'm sure she has...

Furthermore.... this has been all over the radio and tv "news" this morning....? And why? She's a teenager who (if it's even her) took some "sexy" pics of herself, or had someone else take em, whatever, but bottom line, It's no different from what "normal" girls in her age group are doing.. Everytime there is a camera around and a picture being taken they are sticking out the boobs, and pushing out the ass and trying to look sexy.... God look at Myspace.... That site is full or prepubesent (sp?) whore-ish girls... Attention seeking at the least..

I just mean give the girl a break, she took a few pics probably goofing around trying to look cute... Honestly, this is news..

Now when she stars in One night in Miley,,, then we should be worried.

2373 days ago


Lol, it's like the girls can't help it. Someone should tell her the difference between slip ups and sluts. I prefer the latter.

2373 days ago


I don't understand all the bru-ha-ha about the Miley pix. She may have felt she wanted to act a little independent. She may have been encouraged. But this is not like she did a Vanessa thing or things others have done but with their stars rising because they did. Do I need to rattle of names, I don't think so. This is very innocent but I'm sure her daddy is educating her a bit.

2373 days ago


Time to lower the age of consent to however old that girl is.

2373 days ago
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