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Makes Sexy Time for Camera -- Again!

4/21/2008 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Indecent PhotosHoly Hannah's Montanas! Pics of the scruffy-voiced, fast-talking FIFTEEN-YEAR OLD flashing her bit parts and making her best jail-bait sexy face have popped up on the Internet ... again.

While she's not shaving her head -- yet -- Miley Cyrus might want to slow her tractor-trailer roll on the road to Spearsville.

This isn't the first time naughty photos of the underage, Jesus-loving, Disney star have ended up online. Shots of Miley in her undies made the rounds this past January.

Someone's getting grounded -- we're just sayin'.

A call to Miley's rep was not immediately returned.


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Baseball Junkie    

I don't think it's Miley. It looks a bit like her but not quite right.
To Jen who said the guy in the picture looks like a guy Miley hags around with, in that picture all you can see is a guy wearing a striped shirt. Are you trying to tell me that there is only one blue-striped shirt in all the world?
To the person who said it has to be Miley because the hair is exactly the same and nobody would do her hair exactly like Miley's just to take these pictures. Well, probably not just for the pictures but lots of teenage girls and even grown women get their hair done just like some celebrity. Or has everybody forgotten the Dorothy Hamill Wedge. It's been a while since that one but I don't think the behavior has changed.
To all the people who said that it's just a phase that teenage girls go through, I'm afraid you're right. But that doesn't make posting suggestive photos of yourself right. Besides, I know a lot of girls who would never do such a thing because they're too smart and even if they weren't too modest are smart enough to know it would come back to haunt them.

2346 days ago


Just a hint for ya TMZ, a minor in these types of photos and you publishing whether or not they are on a mysapce page or whereever you dug them up is still considered child porn, simply due to the poses. If anything this should have been reported, not publicized for any pedafile to view freely.

2346 days ago


teen slut!! teen slut!!! teen slut!!!, but that's fine.... we love this for a role model for our kids... Right?

2346 days ago


Real or not, there's nothing that could make this girl look "sexy". Please.

2346 days ago

Arkangel Trujillo    

She cant sing...its just a child hood star thing. I was listening to her count in her song LOL!!!!! OMG at the #4 lol!

2346 days ago

Amy D    

Leave the young girl alone...quit looking for something that just isn't there. People are so into bringing other people down. That is fine for adults but leave the young girls out of it. Leave her alone!!!

2346 days ago


Not a good idea to get her father mad. He won't go after Milery.
Then, guess who?

2346 days ago

Suzanne Gordon    

Shame on u!!!

2346 days ago


This does not even look like her.... especially the second picture of her.

2346 days ago


ARE YOU KDIING ME!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT HER!!! SHE DOESNT HAVE RED HAIR (proves first pic wrong) and her face looks nothing like that of the second pic (proves it wrong) Now all of you guys LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2346 days ago


ok it looks like her in the 1st pic but the othr 1 no. that could actually be her cousin cuz ive seen other pics on youtube that xplain she has a cousin that looks a lot like her.

2346 days ago

bill varney    

dont look at all like her maybe a lil in the 1st pic but that 2nd pic not a thing like her

2346 days ago


I'm a graphic designer, and when you look closely at the photo with the green "bra" it's looks a little off. Fuzzy to be exact. I'm not so sure these aren't doctored as well......

2346 days ago

That Girl Amy    

Uh, not that I even care, but that's clearly not even her.

2346 days ago


I'M not a Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus fan. No one I know is either. My mom thinks the show is cute, but she wouldn't say its a great show.

That being said... There were already Miley Look alike pics floating the internet that were debunked as a photoshopped body double.

So to think this isn't a real deal isn't that far off. Look at the recently debunked Lindsey Lohan sex video. It can happen. The second pic looks so not Cyrus that its kind of funny. The second pic looks more like that Eric Robert's daughter who had some nickelodean show last year.

Not saying this isn't Cyrus, just saying its not unreasonable to think its not based on recenty debunked photos, the Lindsey Lohan Video example, and the fact the second pic doesn't look like her at all.

2346 days ago
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