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The Beckham Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

4/21/2008 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Less than a week after David Beckham was busted checking out the, er, view at a Lakers game (right), his sons Brooklyn and Romeo were snapped taking in the beautiful scenery at Sunday's Lakers-Nuggets game (left).

This time David did his best to keep his eyes on the action ... on the court.

DB knows hell hath no fury like a Posh Spice scorned!

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Jay's Mom    

Women who are with their husbands or boyfriends and notice another good-looking man, are not doing it for sexual purposes, like men are. Men who look at other women while they are with their wives or girlfriends (even hot wives and hot girlfriends) are doing it for their own selfish egos and would have sex with a stranger in a New York minute. Women appreciate the way a good-looking guy looks, and are not necessarily imagining any fantasy scenario beyond that. Men are not monogomous, but they expect their women to be. Let's see how David Beckham feels if Victoria is photographed regularly oogling and flirting with other (much better looking) men than him. He'd probably not like it very much, especially being he has a gigantic ego and thinks he's God's Gift to Women and Soccer.

2342 days ago


How is this newsworthy? So David Beckham and sons aren't gay. We get it. Grow up, TMZ....

2342 days ago

Obama girl    

his wife does NOT have any booty, so he has to look at someone else's nice ass.

2342 days ago


That kids havin' a blast in the first pic......

2342 days ago


So what? His wife isn't there and a cheerleader is right in front of him and the boys? That is what God gave men eyes for. I would be more concerned if a man didn't notice. Looking is ok, touching is not.

2342 days ago


It is a man and womans nature to look....I agree that Posh is gorgeous BUT on the downside she is way too skinny...I think David was just gettin a good look at a nice round ass, and how could he not, she's in front of him.....And She is NOT an ugly cheerleader..Think she'd be there on the squad if she was ugly...Haters!

2342 days ago


As long as he looks that is ok it's when it goes beyond looking that one gets into trouble

2342 days ago


OK - this chick is fat beyond belief! She's gotta be tipping the scales at 2 TONs! That's why he's staring!!

2342 days ago


RemB you are correct. Victoria is a toothpick, and for people to say she is the epitomy of beauty is beyond me. She got popular because she is in the Spice Girls, and not because of her looks. I would rather have a woman with naturally nice thick thighs, butt, and nice waist, and pretty face like this cheerlader than some 90 pound woman. David knows whats up.

2342 days ago


he's probably thinking about how gross those thunder thighs are

2342 days ago


Just because a guy is looking, it does not mean he finds the girl attractive... somtimes guys look at other girls and think regular thougts... not sexual thoughts. For example, you and your boyfriend are out on the town having dinner, a girl with a red dress walks into the restaurant... the color of the dress attracts attention, whethe your guy is admiring how the dress looks on the other girl, or how it does not look good on her. It also attracts Gay Men's attentions, in the same exact way. Sometimes he will find the other girls attractive, ( In this case he will remail totaly silent), and sometimes he will not. It is just nature.
I will sometimes look at other guys, and admire the beauty in men... sometimes it will be to picture them naked... but anyways, we all do it... women who say they don't are just trying to save face, and keep up apearences, so that their boyfriends don't think they are sexual deviants....

2342 days ago


He's just not used to seeing curves, what with being married to a board with bolt on boobs.

2342 days ago


He is a skinny little boy that has tattoos to try and make him look tough when we all know tattoos means you lack toughness.. he has a high pitched voice like a girl and he weighs about the same as one and is short.... the girl in the pic is fat like Britany Spears.. yawn - next!

2342 days ago


haha thats cute

2342 days ago


I cannot believe all of the "fat remarks" on here regarding the cheerleader in the picture. She is leaning forward, which is not a flattering pose to begin with. More to the point she is NOT fat. She is a normal sized young woman, who appears healthy and cute! For pete sake, her thighs don't even touch! No wonder the young women and girls in this country are so messed up regarding their body image and their self esteem is in the toilet.

2342 days ago
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