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Victoria's Secret? Ditch Seal for a Good Time!

4/21/2008 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi & Seal have an adorable family ... when he's not in the picture.

Just look at how cute Klum and sons Henry and Johan were at the Grove yesterday -- with no Seal in sight to flip the bird or verbally attack the paps.


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Is this newsworthy?    

You guys should really be ashamed of yourselves. All you do is hang a little racist bait and watch how these people just bite. If you learned how to respect a person's space instead of invading it ALL THE TIME celebs would not get nasty with you. Why don't you do an experiment and have twenty paps FOLLOW YOU EVERYWHERE FOR A WEEK and see how you feel. Take a walk in their shoes. As for all the racist comments, YOUR IGNORANCE PROCEEDS YOU! Those two boys who are making a little scrunchy face probably because they feel uncomfortable should not be chastised by a bunch of faceless posters who should in fact remain faceless. Because only 3% of the population is good looking with the majority mostly average. So I'm sure most here do not fall in the 3%.

2374 days ago


I love comments made by slobby men about how they wouldn't touch such and such when the reality is she wouldn't touch you!!!

2374 days ago

american beauty    

#4 and #8 are spot-on. Totally. It's not racist, it's TRUE!

2374 days ago


Heidi-hire yourself a Black Nanny to groom your sons' hair, since white Mamas really do not have a clue re: black hair. They seem happy with their Mom, though.

2374 days ago


Um Sassy #15, hate to break it to you, but saying mixed races are prettier than other races, you're being guess what? A RACIST!


2374 days ago


Lisa ... u just wish u were mixed....i bet u look like a fat shut up and and stop hating coz u know those kids will have much much much better life than ur ass ever will..just stay behind ur computer and make all the hateful comments u can ..if if makes u feel better by the end of the day...well of course again u probably too ugly to go outside and too broke to afford therapy anyway........... same goes to bobbuilder and whoever else that is hating..

2374 days ago


Green Face, you sound alot like irene gracey, size 0. Spot on!

2374 days ago


Forget Heidi and the kids, look at the guy behind her! His head is HUGE, like twice the size of a normal head. What's his name and why isn't he famous for having such a huge head? Come on, that's REAL entertainment.

2374 days ago


7. her body has been befouled and stained. ruined. i would never touch it now.

Posted at 3:54PM on Apr 21st 2008 by Goober


Don't you mean that her vagina has been STRETCHED OUT now and you'll never fit? LOL LOL!!

2374 days ago


Green Faze iss da Irene Grazee size 0. Unt zhee iss alzo Kathy Hilton, mine cousin by marriage. She iss nod very nize.

2374 days ago


Only 3 true things: They are cute kids. Their parents LOVE them. Heidi needs to figure out how to fix black kids' hair.

2374 days ago


I am white but I was stunned at the comments of LISA, You mean in the 21st century there are still redneck racists like this bitch walking around. Wow. Lisa, don't you know what the future is going to bring? The people of the world are all going to blend into each other and eventually everyone will have a darker skin as more and more people marry into other ethnic races. You have a low opinion of yourself, that's obvious, and probably no friends other words a loser.....

2374 days ago


number 31.) only thing true is that those kids are not good looking and seems like half black equals black. Otherwise those kids would not be needing Murray's Original hair pomade

2374 days ago


Hey KENNETH TURNER: If you don't shut up, I'm sending in your picture with the Jabba the Hutt Body with the nasty bald head and bug eyes and Prince Charles ears. You stink, too. Come on in from the garage and take a shower. Use soap this time. Get out the right guard. Use it ALL OVER. Then, you can have your dinner. Hot dogs, again.

2374 days ago


I think her oldest child should have been seen in the picture; she's hidden behind the trophy... She's part of the family, too...

2374 days ago
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