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Britney Works Belly, Then Works Fans

4/22/2008 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time in a while, Britney Spears lost that glazed over look and actually looked happy.

Showing signs of progress at Bally's, Brit had paps cheering her on as she did crunches -- and the poster child for conservatorships even took time to show a fan some love on her way out. Looks like 5150 ain't nothin' but a number.


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Party 'till you die!    

26. Britney sees her kids every morning, why does everyone say she is ignoring her children?? i give her family credit for stepping in and helpingher finally get well. It really does show that Sam lufti was drugging her in my opinion and creating a dependence on him from Brit so he could take her money and control her. Sam is out and look at the difference in her?? TMZ, layoff the sleazy non-funny comments, she is trying! I know you are upset that she is not screwing up anymore, Paris stopped, Lindsay also for the most part stopped, you need to help mess up someone elses life now so you feel like you are important.

Posted at 10:26AM on Apr 22nd 2008 by Holy freakin crap
Holy freakin' crap are you an idiot! She sees her kids for about 9 hours a week, so that must make her mother of the year, right? And you actually buy that Parisite is in love and not trying to rehab a completely dead career? And LoHo? Other sites are all talking about her slipping off the wagon and sucking down massive amounts of alcohol again-with pics of her drinking too! Wow!

2376 days ago


Happy blog? Plant a tree today, happy earth day.

2376 days ago


Agreed OCD, but some will argue she doesn't have mental illness. I know you are up to it though.

2376 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Well thankfully she doesn't have Alzheimer's too! We've already seen enough of her nasty naked ass flashing everyone! Besides, she's the idiot who demands to be constantly in the public eye!

2376 days ago


I am happy to see Brit smiling like she is really happy. She looks like she is starting to feel good about herself and that is what is really important. Not what the rest of us think about her. Keep up the great work Brit, you will only find happiness in the end.

2376 days ago


The IDIOT that demands to constantly be in the public eye would be Paris Not Britney! Paris is more screwed up than Brit will ever be............Everything she does, FAILS!

2376 days ago


To # 33 Kelli

I don't know if I am up for the argument today. It's been tried before.

To think that this young woman was not actually mentally ill and everything was "staged" would take too many involved parties with absolutely nothing in common.

The LAPD, doctors (too numerous to count), therapists, court monitors, judges, etc. To think that they all took part in a publicity conspiracy tailored to benefit Britney Spears makes me giggle.

*shrug* Sometimes things really are as they appear to be, although I am highly reluctant to believe much of what is in the media these days. She's a young woman who has some serious mental issues, but seems to be getting back on track. She went from "what the hell is she thinking?" to "uh-oh, there's something really serious going on here."

Yes, I wanted to gnaw my toes off watching her spiral downward and knowing that unless the judicial system acted (in cooperation with either Federline or her parents), the girl was destined to go down in a ball of flames. Hopefully she is becoming stabilized and will be able to have a life and be a positive influence as a mother to her children.

Being self-destructive for that long isn't an "act". There are plenty of people in LA who act out at times in order to get attention, but to do so consistently is a sign that there is some serious underlying wonkiness going on.

2376 days ago



2376 days ago


OCD ~ what is your take on Paris and her family?

2376 days ago


IMO...Britney uses the whole "mentally ill" as a way to keep herself out of jail. Any regular joe who did half the things she did would be locked up. That is what makes me angry. I also find it very upsetting to read people posting things "pro britney". She repeatedly broke the law when driving, she ignored court dates, she basically abandoned her children, the list goes on and on. Britney needs to know the things she has done are not acceptable, whether you are celeb or not. Praising her and cheering her on, it would seem, will on confirm what she seems to already believe which is being a rich celeb makes you untouchable and not at all responsible for your actions.

2376 days ago

Tinker Bell    

You are a moron. You sound like you are about maybe 11 or 12. Are you home from school today and playing on Mommy and Daddy's computer? Grow up little boy and STFU.

2376 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

To you people calling Britney "a retard" - guess only a retard would call another person a retard. Get a life, you idiots !

2376 days ago


To # 38 Dallas

Personally, I think the Hilton's should have taken charge of their children years ago. All that running around and partying at such an early age might have made them look like "cool socialite" parents, but I can't see where it would be helpful or healthy to dress your girls up like Barbie dolls and throw them into the fashion/social scene at such tender ages. Then for them to have cash, limos and every other thing at their immediate disposal would seem to be a case of too much, too soon, with no guidance.

All kids are different, but that's just not my parental style. There are plenty of socialite children who go bad, but then there are many who don't, so I don't necessarily believe it's a question of money. All children are going to push the envelope. They want to know that there are boundaries, which make them feel safer. If they keep searching for those boundaries and never find them, I would imagine that it is very disconcerting since few are mature enough to set their own boundaries.

Hell, if babies were born mature, parents would be redundant. : )

2376 days ago


beautiful smile, Brittany

2376 days ago


Thank you, OCD. I agree! Money or no money, male or female, there comes a time when one needs to take responsibility for ones actions.

2376 days ago
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