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Sambora Cops DUI Plea

4/22/2008 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richie SamboraTMZ has learned Richie Sambora just plea bargained his DUI case. He pled no contest to driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. The driving under the influence charge was dismissed. And, prosecutors did NOT file child endangerment charges.

Sambora was popped for DUI last month. His 10-year-old daughter Ava was in the car at the time. We're told Sambora had a .13 blood alcohol level. Although the brass at the Laguna Beach Police Dept. recommended that prosecutors file child endangerment charges, we're told the rank and file cops felt the evidence didn't support the charge. Prosecutors agreed.

It's an interesting behind-the-scenes plea. Sambora got one of the most effective criminal defense lawyers in America on his side -- Blair Berk, who has repped scores of celebs, from Mel Gibson to Lindsay Lohan. The stars aligned in his favor, because prosecutor Dennis Conway is considered pretty fair and therefore didn't file child endangerment to get some PR. And Judge Craig Robison didn't do the whole "I'm so frickin' tough with celebrities" act.

Sambora will pay a $390 fine plus penalties -- total damage is around $1,600. He'll be placed on three years informal probation and must attend an alcohol education course. He cannot drink or do drugs during his probation.


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Blair Berk kept Paul Reubens out of jail on the child porn charges, though he did plead guilty, was put on the sexual offender list and not able to be alone with children for three years. And she couldn't help him when he had to write that big fat check to the family of the boy he abused. Paul's cohort went to jail for four months -- Reubens should have gone for even longer. Think what a betrayal it was for a child who grew up with Pee Wee Herman. It's as bad as the priest-predators, maybe worse. Don't believe me? Check it out with the L.A. City Attorney's office. 170 photos of naked children in sexual positions. That wasn't kitsch art!

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2377 days ago

Jack Schitt    

This is his wake up call. Probation officers do suprise visits to your house. Call ya up and say Come in right now!! & BLOW!! I know >> been there done that. But..... It made me sober11 now 12 years! no applause please!

2377 days ago


Well, well...Sambora got off easy! Big deal...if he can't stay sober after this pass, he's just a idiot! Pass go and pay $390! What kind of penalty is this??? The man is a millionaire, that's pocket change! Please! Get me out of lalaland!

2377 days ago


Richie, Remember, It all starts with the first step. It's hard to admit being powerless but get on your knees and get humble. One day at a time. It's hard, but it gets easier, I promise. Your TRUE fans will always be here for you and know you're not perfect. Give yourself a break too, But LEARN from this. It was a tough lesson but everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is your bottom. No place to go now but up! xoxoxoxoxo

2377 days ago


OK, everyone in California you can now drive drunk with your kids in the car and as long as you don't get into an accident or kill them you will face no charges. WooHoo all kids birthday parties will now serve alcohol to all the adults, party on.........

2377 days ago


it was child endangerment

a nonceleb would have had that charge

the rank and file cops just didn't want a celeb they like getting charged

tragedy when this loser kills someone

2377 days ago


HEADLINE...ROCK STAR stops booze and drugs for three where have I seen this before

2377 days ago


Money talks; Sambora walks...

2377 days ago

just wondering what happens if he gets caught drinking within this 3 yr probation time???...jail?,,,guess he will be going to jail at one point if he gets caught.

2377 days ago


DROPPED the DUI! Only in LaLa land.

2377 days ago


what a lucky sob!!!

2377 days ago


If Joe Blow were to get pulled for a DUI, he would get a citation,arrested,his car impounded,heavy fines,jail time,alcohol diversion,probation and to top it off...he would have to pay for the costs of all of the above. Its our wonderful judicial system at work gathering money for future policing projects and retirement. Im sure Mr Sambora has probably done some great community type stuff things and probably has some decent creds in some areas and that influences the courts to be more lenient. Had he plowed into a person that would have definetly had him go through the system that joe blow goes through but a more refined upper class system where its not a 4x6 cell or whatever size they are but a suite with all the comforts of home and house arrest.

All humans are equal therefore they all should be judged equally for the crimes they commit. If the upper class were to face severe prosecution charges and had to do the time, i think the other celeb/rich folks would start spending money for a daggum cab and quit makin an arse out of themselves.

2377 days ago


Since the probation is informal and he does drink, who will know? Doesn't INFORMAL mean he doesn't have to report to a probation officer and there won't be any UA's taken?!

Can anyone answer that for me? Is that correct?

2377 days ago


It means Jon Bon Jovi's kissy butt gets to stay in the band and endanger his daughters life and other person who are driving on the road. If you have money and your a celeb cops, judges will lick your butt!! any day of the week.

2377 days ago
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