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"Idol" to Archuleta -- No Prom for You!

4/22/2008 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David ArchuletaThe only way David Archuleta is going to his high school prom is in his mind.

"Idol's" strict rules about not letting the contestants out of their sight on the weekends applies to everyone. So David's prom -- which takes place this weekend in Murray, Utah -- is a definite no-no.

Earlier this month, Brooke White had to skip her sister's wedding because she was on "Idol" lockdown. "Til death do us part" isn't just for the bride and groom!


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just wondering    

well for the record , I hope Cook wins!!

2377 days ago

Minnie gal    

Well, the nasties are at it again!!!! Leave D.A. alone, HE can sing, If u don't like him, turn off your TV while he is singing. And so what if he would like to go to his prom and as far as saying HE'S GAY, if u don't know for sure, keep your lips closed. I am tired of people being so negative on D.A. I have read a lot of not so nice things about D.C. but will not be nasty and say what i read. So D.A. u have my support all the way, even if u sing a song the whole way off key, i will vote for u no matter what, just to keep the nasties at bay.

2377 days ago

just wondering    

Kim...what is a emp poser?...NOBODY on this season will end up being a " star"..someone obviously has to win...and likely it will be the tweenie fav...since majority rules.

2377 days ago


Um not just tweens vote for David Archuleta.
If that had any chance of being true that must mean that all 40-50 year olds vote for David Cook, which isn't true.
Who cares if hes going to his prom or not, and just because David Archuleta isn't doing it with some girl right now, doesn't mean hes gay, what idiots. =/

2377 days ago


Brooke's sister should have rescheduled the wedding for right after the Idol show ends-just to be safe. Brooke would never have won, but why not this small sacrifice. so that Brooks will not whine anymore? I think Brooke is close to done-she is a one trick pony that always interrupts Simon when he is talking to her.

2377 days ago


and whoever said that the other american idol winners were 'unsucessful' what are you smoking?

carrie, kelly, fantasia, jordin.. theyre all doing great still! but
not so much ruben and TAYLOR

2377 days ago

just wondering    

Ciara...just saying that I doubt many tweenies r voting for Cook...and all age groups collectivly count....the rest could be split down the middle so to speak..but the tweenies r the largest age group, so they will make the difference in the end, consider them the " super delegates" !! hahahaha

2377 days ago

Dark Knight    

I wonder if he tried to ask Michael Johns to the prom?

2377 days ago


Truth hurts, I wasn't talking directly to you, hahha, i was talking to 'someone else' and I agree that tweens are the majority of the vote, and so 'someone' is going to win, if you know what I mean, I was just saying that other people besides tweens like him, but some people just don't understand that.*shakes head*

2377 days ago

just wondering    

ciara...hahaha , oh well , I jumped in anyways !! enjoy ur day.

2377 days ago


D.A. is just boring he can sing, but comes out shoulders shruged looking down no personality even while singing, theres nothing there... David Cook now, I would see him in concert in a minute! You will hear people say bad things about everybody as far as David A being Gay.. whether he is or not really is POINTLESS.. this isnt Americas Gay Idol so give it a rest! GO DAVID COOK!!!!!

2377 days ago


I heard on a live chat that his close friends and family are going to give him his own prom so he can feel like he went... like dress up and dance 'n' everything... i think that would be awesome for him.

2377 days ago


aww that sucks. they should let the kid go to his prom. i mean come on its PROM

2377 days ago


david a. puts on a act, i swear he trys to act like he's all grate and what not, and its just a act. it should be either david cook or jason castro who wins! they're better.

2377 days ago


How old is he? Is it his Senior Prom or Junior Prom? If Junior...there's always next year...if not...that sucks!

2377 days ago
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