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Richie Sambora Charged

4/22/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Richie Sambora has been charged with two counts of DUI -- but he was not charged with child endangerment.
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The DUI counts are driving with a .08 or higher, and driving under the influence.

We're told Sambora had a blood alcohol level of .13. If convicted Sambora faces six months in jail.

Sambora was popped March 25 after cops say they saw him "veering over the white painted lines and straddling two lanes" in his Hummer in Laguna Beach.

Two minors were in the vehicle, including Richie's 10-year-old daughter. We're told police brass recommended that prosecutors charge him with child endangerment but rank and file cops disagreed and so did prosecutors.


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sickofKate dumb ass! Are you not old enough or mature enough to know that one drink is too many when you're driving with kids in the car? Is that really a lesson that you had to learn the hard way? How about a little common sense?! And you weren't even were way over .08. Talk about a dead-beat dad!

2314 days ago


Now that he decided to put his daughter's life at risk, the best thing he could do for her is to take it like a man and plead guilty. Be a grown up, don't try to fight it and take your punishment. And thank God you aren't charged with child endangerment which you absolutely should be.

2314 days ago


He should have gotten the 'ENDANGERING CHILD' !!!

2314 days ago


Just another drunk assed-celebrity. What else is new.

2314 days ago


To #20. Jason in OC, obviously you are an idiot who has no concern for human life. Experienced driver or not, I sure as hell don't want my life or anyone elses endangered by an idiot like Sambora. It takes less than a secind to make an error while driving and to do while impaired by alcohol is inexcusable. Sambora can drink like a fish for all I care but when he decides to go for a drive, he needs to get on the bus, call a taxi or hire a driver. Your thinking is childish and immature. Maybe you don't give a damn about your life or the lives of others but there are plenty of us who do.

2314 days ago


I think he should be hung, I have a sister hit by a drunk driver (19years ago and that woman got off with a slap of the hand) she was in a coma for 6 months and from then she has gained a lot of weight and has to use a cain to walk. So I say for haveing children in the car hang him by the b#%$s and charge him a huge amount of money...

2314 days ago


When will this guy grow up?? In and out of of these days his liver will be sooooo bad....or it might be about now....
Too many insecure people in this line of work...They have jobs...and what do they do??? Get Drunk!!! Time to act like a man!!

2314 days ago



This is your liver and this is your liver after alcohol abuse!

Any questions numbnuts?

2314 days ago

Granny Pants    

Jason, you've got a point, Richie could probably perform brain surgery as a .13, he is a professional drinker. Doesn't SAMBORA spelled backwards spell TOOL?

2314 days ago

I'm better than you    


2314 days ago


he won't spend one second in jail

2314 days ago

Denise Go Away!!!!!!!    

I knew back in June of 2007 that the detox stay would never hold. So Richie you should have listended to all those who told you that. It is a shame to watch a talented person such as Mr. Sambora go straight to HELL. I hope that this becomes a wake up call to Bon Jovi and this time he confines himself to a rehab facility for long term treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get Help Richie it is very clear you need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2314 days ago


Ya Cheap Bastard. CAB. TAXI CAB. TAXI.CAB. TAXI., ... You are a low life to drive drunk. You are a DOUBLE low life to drive with your child in the car while driving drunk. You are a triple low life for driving with your daughter and another child in the car while driving drunk...

2314 days ago


If it were one of regular hardworking person we would have never got out of jail. These celebs get away with too much.

2314 days ago


They all get away with everything. Hard working average people suffer from celebs mistakes. They all make to much money, they all get away with drunk driving, they get away with child endangerment.

2314 days ago
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