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Amber Tamblyn: Joan of the Pill

4/23/2008 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

God has spoken to "Joan of Arcadia" -- and he wants her to help Americans have cheap sex! Life, liberty and the pursuit of horniness.
Amber Tamblyn
Amber Tamblyn met with college students and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) in D.C. on Wednesday -- to find ways to provide access to affordable birth control. Condoms aren't just for the rich? Paging Jamie Lynn!

Tamblyn and her "sisterhood of getting in your pants" know issues like the war or the struggling economy ain't nothing if you can't have cost-effective safe sex!


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i will so do her..

2344 days ago


helloooo? hasn't anybody ever seen the movie idiocracy? if we give the idiots birth control, then we won't have their little idiot kids running around all over the place. problem solved. i see nothing wrong with what she is doing.

2344 days ago


Yikes - another activist celeb. Amber needs to go home and find an acting job. But with the egos these over-paid fools develop it is unlikely she'll go away quietly.

2344 days ago


Can you be any more irresponsible in your story? She's actually doing a good thing. You know, trying to make it safer for people to have sex. It's not "wacky and weird". It's sensible and mature.

2344 days ago


I think what she is doing is great. Wish I would have had more awareness of this stuff as a teen. And I think she has a beautiful flawless face too.

2344 days ago


oh're so lame. you're not funny. go out of buisness PLEASE. shes trying to support babies being born to mothers who have no chance of being good ones. you guys are really stupid.

2344 days ago


She'd look better with a little of my jiz running down her cheek!

2344 days ago


What she's really saying, is, i'm a little whore, and whore'd my way into Hollywood, and you can too!!!!!

2344 days ago


uh, I have a condom......

2344 days ago


I don't know why I bother coming here because this site often irritates me. What Amber Tamblyn is doing is not about sex; it's about birth control. Access to cost-effective birth control is important. Considering that Tamblyn is an actress, she shouldn't be expected to be out trying to solve the economic crisis in this country. She is, however, using her influence to help improve the world in a way in which she can.

I think the last thing anyone working at should be doing is criticizing someone for not trying to stop global conflict. I'm wondering what the fool that wrote this "article" has done recently to solve problems like "like the war or the struggling economy".

2344 days ago


Senator Debbie "Stab-a-Cow"'s husband was picked up in a prostitution sting a few weeks ago. So I guess safe sex is very important to her.......

2344 days ago

Amazing T!    

I support full and irreversible sterilization for anyone (male or female) with an I.Q. of less than 100.

2344 days ago

celeb defense league    

Considering the state of the US health system (what health system?) this is an awesome initiative- right on!
Facing reality is something can be difficult when Britney's snatch all over the place, so this is breath of fresh air.
I don't care who, what or when, only about the message.

2344 days ago


"JOAN OF THE PILL" ?????????

What's the rerquirement to be a TMZ writer? A pulse?

This is some seriously BAD writing.

2344 days ago


I'm actually proud to hear this about her. I've been a semi-fan since her General Hospital days. I'm happy to see her taking on a good cause. Hopefully, this will not only bring about cheaper BC but also more awareness to the overall issue.

2344 days ago
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