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Amber Tamblyn: Joan of the Pill

4/23/2008 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

God has spoken to "Joan of Arcadia" -- and he wants her to help Americans have cheap sex! Life, liberty and the pursuit of horniness.
Amber Tamblyn
Amber Tamblyn met with college students and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) in D.C. on Wednesday -- to find ways to provide access to affordable birth control. Condoms aren't just for the rich? Paging Jamie Lynn!

Tamblyn and her "sisterhood of getting in your pants" know issues like the war or the struggling economy ain't nothing if you can't have cost-effective safe sex!


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hahah I have no idea what to say!

2371 days ago


I'm actually in agreement with Tamblyn on this one. That we in our infinite cluelessness can pull together to tackle gargantuan issues like Iraq or the economy anytime in the near future exemplifies magical thinking to the hilt of clarity and beyond. One starts modestly to lay the groundwork for greater initiatives.

2371 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

To Get Real: When I was trying to get pregnant and having difficulty the doctor suggested taking my basal temperature so as to know when I was most fertile. Charting my basal temperature for a solid year did no good at all. I didn't get pregnant until I quit my job. Then it took two weeks.
The problem is that while the three days around the drop of the egg are the most fertile times, it is possible to get pregnant several days on either side. The basal temperature is only good for determining when you are more likely to get pregnant, not when you won't. It also doesn't help as much for those of us with very irregular periods.
The barrier methods such as condoms and diaphragms are not abortifacients, they are preventatives, in other words they prevent the sperm from reaching the egg. The birth control pill is not an abortifacient, it consists of hormones that convince the body that it is already pregnant and so the body does not drop an egg. Yes, on rare occasion the body produces an egg anyway but this is very rare. After all, on very rare occasions women have been pregnant with two twins conceived a month apart. It is extremely rare but it has happened. The only abortifacient is the so-called, morning-after pill, which is only useful if you can actually get it the morning after. It is not particularly useful at preventing pregnancy.
You are right that many people have sex not because of the sex, per se, but because it is one of the few acceptable ways in this culture to have the physical contact with other humans that we need to regulate our psyches. Many people have sex because it is one of the few ways we are allowed to cuddle with another person. Studies have shown that infants and children who do not receive enough physical affection have developmental delays and even die. But this need does not disappear when we become adults. This is why we need to educate our children about methods of birth control. Because they will seek that physical comfort and then their hormones will take over and 9 months later people are calling you, grandma. Abstinence is a great theory but it doesn't work in real life. Check the statistics on the pregnancy rate of the silver ring kids. It's not much better than the general population.

BTW: If you object to abortion because it requires the breaking of the commandment "Thou shalt not kill", then I assume you are also against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and capital punishment. In which case, how do you feel about Al Queda and cop killers. I just want to know if you're consistent in your religious beliefs or only follow them when they are convenient

2371 days ago


I think what Am Tam is doing is GREAT! TMZ you tried to come across as funny and failed....I'd rather kids have access to cheaper birth control, maybe THEN they'd use it, than unwanted babies in trash cans, abortions....shall I go on??

2371 days ago


Senator Stabenow's is a huge fat woman. Her husband was recently arrested for patronizing a prostitute. Now here is the clincher, the prost was arrested and he was not. Its because the obese Senator is a Dummycrat.

2371 days ago

That girl    

I hope you people know that birth control is not just for preventing pregnancy. It's also to even out menstrual cycles and to prevent ovarian cysts. I'm glad that she is trying to lower the cost of birth control. I can barely afford it and I need it for medical reasons. Plus, I'd rather hear that she's doing that instead of going off drinking or doing drugs. She's a great role model for younger generations. Screw Britney, I'm all for Amber.

2371 days ago

Emma G    

Wow, another example of the conservative agenda that is so prominent in American journalism (I use that word loosely when referring to TMZ). AIDS is a HUGE problem, as is the economy and the war in Iraq. It's just a shame you dont point out there wouldn't be a problem with the economy, unprotected sex OR the war in Iraq if it weren't for the current administration.
Shauna Sand is hot, Denise Richards is fat and a girl trying to help Americans practice safe sex is "weird and wacky". You guys have lost your minds!!

TMZ, written and run by idiots.

2371 days ago

stop the madness    

Great more trash.Just what we need,no wonder this country is in the crapper

2370 days ago

chewing stick    

Amber Tamblyn is great - politically conscientious and a super diverse performer. She just did this wild poetry show that's on youtube called "Drums Inside Your Chest:"

also she did a fantastic interview of Hillary Clinton. Could you imagine the pressure you'd feel doing that? But she pulls it off completely.

Amber is leagues beyond whatever celebrity hubub swarming around her...she's smart and actually doing interesting, new things. what more do you want from a performer?

2353 days ago


What this girl is doing is beyond stupid!!! Kids need to be supervised by their parents and taught that sex is wrong unless they are fully prepared to be adults and raised their children, and only once they are properly married. This Amber girl should be ashamed for passing off her slutty whorish ways upon innocent children.

1541 days ago
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