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Barack to Isaiah: Thanks, But No Thanks!

4/23/2008 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama has sent a message to Isaiah Washington -- we don't want your kind.....of money.
Barack Obama, Isaiah Washington
According to official records, Washington donated $2,300 for the primaries and $2,300 for the general -- the max allowed by law. Last month, according to the Federal Election Commission website, Isaiah crossed the line by exceeding the limit and Obama had to refund $50.

It's clear Isaiah likes Barack's views ... wonder if Barack feels the same way.


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I agree, from one racist to another!!!!! The two of them deserve each other. May God help us all if he does become president!

2341 days ago


Don't care about the color of his skin. Obama and Michelle are haters. I'll never vote for him.

2341 days ago


they both HATE white people and one hates gays!

2341 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

"they both HATE white people and one hates gays! OBAMA HATES WHITE PEOPLE - JUST ASK HIS PASTOR OF 22YEARS!"

Exactly! You go to this 'church' for that long, and you dont' agree with what they are peddling? Whatever. Great backpeddling there! And all of a sudden, Oprah turns political and support you? What strange timing. And all the video clips of your rallies, they have 'nice white people' behind you, as you have been caught trying to hide the blacks out of camera shots, so people won't think your racist? THAT'S RACIST in itself. There have been interviews with blacks saying that they were deliberately moved out of camera shot, and white were put in their place. He's a snake oil salesman with great speech writers. There is no substance behind him. Never mind his shady property deals that were don't very hush-hush.

Go ahead. Although I'm a dem, if he wins, I will vote for mccain. I am not alone.

2341 days ago


"Posted at 12:28PM on Apr 23rd 2008 by Anonymous 5.10.08 Expect us"

Except the church isn't racist. Where is the hate speech coming out of it? Rev Wright told the truth basically, and it was more anti-american than it had anything to do with race.

Maybe there was an ill-thought out phrase said here or there in the heat of the moment, but the point he was making was very much true, not racist.

And Obama has obviously been trying to sound neutral on the race issue, giving light to both black and white racism rather than focusing on just 1 point of view. And he's praised both races. He is not a racist, rather the opposite. You however, considering how quickly you jump on the "Obama attack bandwagon", do sound like a racist.

2341 days ago


That is why God is so wonderful Dallas... AWESOME & MIGHTY!!!

2341 days ago


1) Obama was raised in a white household mainly by white grandparents. Does he hate them?

2) I doubt any of us remeber 22 years of sermons from our preacher and if we do, agree with everything that he said. (And I'm a preachers daughter).

3) If you want to talk about shaddy land deals, let's talk about the White Water Scandal -- oh, sorry, I forgot -- the 5th amendment prevented us from knowing much about that!

2341 days ago


The FIRST black, the FIRST women, please people how about vote for the best person. Not that we have alot to choose from, but you are stupid if you vote only to make history as it being the first. NO WONDER OUR COUNTRY IS GOING TO H*LL, MOST OF THE PEOPLE ARE STUPID!!!!!!

2341 days ago


every white persons biggest fear black people uniting you already know we as black people can kick yo ass but now your really scared cuz a black man for president the white man would be the inferior race!!

2341 days ago


The United States NEED Obama!

2341 days ago


You have no idea what you are talking about, the white people have been the inferior race for ever. You tell me how many time you here of a white person getting anything by saying THATS NOT FAIR YOU ARE ONLY DOING THIS TO ME BECAUSE I AM WHITE!!!!!!

2341 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

I know his church is racist because I've been to their website....BEFORE they changed it! LOL It was very offending to every non black person out there.

And #24/moneyman shows exactly why obama should not be president.

2341 days ago


Moneyman ~ Are you even registered to vote?

So, if one is to believe what you stated, If Barack Obama becomes president, he is going to kick the "white" mans ass?? You are not only a racist pig, you are ignorant and delusional!

2341 days ago

funny bunny    

Hussain Obama doesn't stand a chance. He's not winning any of the states he should/he's alientated the white middle class just by his association with Wright, Ayers. There's a double standard in this country on race...if Hillary went to a church with a poisionious minister whe spewed comments like this jack-ass Wright, every person of color in this country would be screaming for her to explation she could give would sooth them...Obmana on the other hand does his shuck and jive and he thinks all's good. We will see in November (if Obama lasts that long) just how well his shucking and jiving worked...I'm guess the American public is too smart...already voters in Penn and Ohio have smelled a rat.

2341 days ago

Happy Admin Day!    

What cracks me up the most is that this "Hillary vs. Obama" crap is only hurting the Democratic party. I LOVE how McCain just has to sit back, keep raising money, focusing on the Presidential election, and let those 2 idiots duke it out and spend millions to out-campaign each other in the remaining states! Do you know how many Republicans in Pennsylvania went out and changed their party affiliation JUST so they could vote for Hillary and drag this whole mess out longer? Today, they changed right back! It's great. So, keep arguing with each other over who is better: Hillary "I'm too stupid to know what's going on in my own bedroom" Clinton or Barack "I had no clue what was going on in my church for over 20 years" Obama. I can't begin to understand how EITHER of them would have a clue what's going on with this country and in the rest of the world if they don't know what's going on in their own lives.
I'll just relax and wait for November, when my party will WIN again!!!

2341 days ago
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