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Billy Blanks' Wife Kickboxes Him to the Curb

4/23/2008 8:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gayle Blanks has filed for legal separation from her husband, Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks. The reason for the separation? Tae Bo is no longer relevant ... just kidding, it's "irreconcilable differences."
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The fit couple, who have been married since 1974, met in a karate class. They have two kids -- one of whom, Billy Jr., tried to invent something called "Cardioke."


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OMG, where do I even begin??? I have been taking Taebo for years - first at Billy's place on Ventura Blvd. and recently, at Michael & Irene's new location on Lankershim in North Hollywood. I have to be very careful what I write because this site is policed DAILY by all Billy's extended family members. That said, I truly believe that this is a painful time for all the Blanks family. I, personally, was raised in a contradictory "Christian" household; my father was a minister who was always having affairs with his female parishioners. Any pious person who proclaims loudy and pontificates on a public stage that they walk particularly close with God has accountability to others when he "tumbles from Grace" through adultery or leading a less than exemplary. I think - more than anything - that is why so many people are incensed and outraged over Billy's ongoing yet now public, misbehavior. Not that having affairs is ever the right choice in a marriage, but when you take the time at the end of teaching workout classes that people pay for - to stand on your stage and spout sanctimony for up to an hour at a time afterwards, then you are placing yourself in a precarious position of allowing others to expect you to lead an certain lifestyle based upon your "teachings". Bare in mind, Billy has been very vocal about having a close, personal relationship with God - to the point where he has often ministered to others as to how to live their own lives in order to better serve the Lord. I can't believe that anyone writing/reading this blog wouldn't agree that "by their fruits you shall know them" and Billy's have now come to fruition for all to pass judgement upon. Therefore, there's now a lot of heartache, saddness, disbelieve and dispair over Billy's contradictory and disreputable behavior. I'll never forget the last class at the old World Training Center wherein Billy taught TaeBo for one final time and spent 1 hr. & 45 mins. afterwards reading the Word of God to the class. Perhaps many don't know that "Reverend" Blanks proclaimed himself to be a self-ordained minister of sorts; actually baptizing "sinners" in his home swimming pool. This delusional and self-aggrandizing God like behavior has, unfortunately, led to his need for accountability to all whom he has ministered to in the past. When Billy once told me that God was now speaking through him instead of just to him - I inquired if God was now acting as a Ventriloquist instead of a Savior of Sinners. Needless to say, Rev. Blanks didn't take too kindly to that inquiry.

That said, I will continue - like most everyone else - to keep my eye on this site from time to time. Only to learn, I'm sure that there are many others out there who truly believe that if you "Talk the Talk" you must also, "Walk the Walk".

2350 days ago

Have you ever asked yourself?    

Bobo (comment #50): have you already asked yourself why there is been such turn around with videos and intructors? Look who stayed to teach at the new Billy's in Westlake! Are you surprised? what happened to others? They all loved Tae Bo and were commited to it.... but all knew the Truth about Billy and his gym. The truth is that Billy would never let anybody beeing successful outside of his gym. There is no future there. Everybody had to think that it was an honor to work there or beeing in the videos! Billy abused a lot of people. Look people who are doing the videos now: the groupies who still don't see anything,who can afford to spend 4 days of their time. Billy doesn't pay anything, don't give any free class or any type of . Groupies still have to buy the video if they want to see themselves... Even his own brother and sister had to move on to afford a life. John followed Billy... John knows. But when you are afraid, needy, you are dependant, you are weak....I wonder if he still thinks he made the right choice.
People got very tired. Yes everybody makes mistakes. But yes I agree with comment #52, if you , you must . Billy had wonderful talks! very powerful words... but his acts were insane. Billy took advandage of lot of people...who were weak enough to not to see!! Word can be very powerful. They can manipulate the mind. Why such turn around? Once you are aware, you are strong enough to make the right decision for yourself: to stay away from Billy is the best decision! You love Tae Bo, fine, take your class, enjoy it as it's a wonderful workout... but don't get involved or you might be hurt. If you are, hopefully you are strong enough to realize and move on like everybodyelse did and still do.

2349 days ago

Have you ever asked yourself?    

Wow, it is such a release to read those comments.Finally peopl eopentheir heart. I stayed quite too.I'd say the same thing ascomment#48:At the time Ijust thought there had to be a reason suchagreat man would act in this way... I heard all those wonderful talks from Billy! He read the Bible to me more than once! I had very low self esteem too, no value...Well, the day he started to be very flirty with me (and I am very cautious with my words...) Billy's behaviour seemed very confusing to me. The day he asked me to kiss him , that was it. I knew that man had issue.The same man who talked so much about his wife , his family,love,loyalty (long speech after his classes)! The same man who warned me about the mind of men...meaning that he was different from others, he was my friend, I could trust him. I asked him why he acted like that with me. He said the only person he was faithful to wasJ esus Christ . From that day,I always knew who I was dealing with.I loved Tae bo. Billy is an excellent teacher. It was actually funny to hear his talks and to see his acts afterwards! . The only thing that hurt me was to see t hose people still blind and vulnerable he was taking advantage of. I knew the Truthwouldcomeout one day.

2347 days ago


well its time to workout.

2339 days ago

Disbelief and disappointed    

Wow...At first I thought this was all a rumor but I'm afraid it isn't. I've been working out with Billy's videos for years and am having a hard time with this. All the positive words he speaks and now this? I won't stop buying his videos because TB DOES work. I met Billy once and he seemed like a very genuine person.

Just goes to show we all have our faults and secrets....I pray Billy becomes accountable for his actions and he and Gayle can patch this up. C'mon up.

2336 days ago


I know Billy Blanks for almost 8 years and he always have been a gentlemen with me and with people around me. I see Billy every year for boot camp and Billy is always the same person I met 8 years ago.

I do notice a lot of people who comes to the camp, new and old, who wants Billy’s attention anyway they can get it. I always observed a lot of ridiculous behaviors there from those people searching for appreciation. It is our human nature to be hungry for appreciation and perhaps Billy in the hurry of responsibilities and the pressure of getting things done he might it delay to appreciate them. Those people might it felt he has take them for granted. But again while they are thinking how they are going to get in his video o get a bit of attention from the “celebrity Billy” he has to keep it together no matter what. I haven’t seen him lost his temper but he can put you in your place if he needs to.

Human Behavior is defined as the manner in which people act in various situations, as well as how they respond to different incentive. Scientists and behaviorists are able to predict behavior through making observations, performing experiments and then drawing conclusions. I have been there and I have observed these people and I can tell you who likes Billy and who doesn’t. Then again why are those people who don’t like Billy are going back years after years. The quest is based on a false premise: if you tell me I am good and great often enough, I will be secure and I will love you and think you are the best. Even people who know nothing about formal logic can see that there is a problem with this proclamation.

It is not easy to have people always around you to want something from you. Ask anybody who has a successful business or have a lot of money and they will tell you.

The first thing you should know ask yourself: who are you to judge? Analyzed your own mistake and observe yourself and remember that unjust criticism is often a distinguish compliment.

Please all of you keep in consideration the reliability and generalization and the comments of the people who are throwing the stones and whomever these people are.

Some of you mention about Billy not paying people to be in his video or to work for him. I know for a fact that from all over the world people are waiting for Billy to film his next video for them to volunteer for no monetary compensation . These volunteers want to develop and maintain their identity with Billy’s name. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates more than 60 million Americans volunteer each year. Why do we need to explain it? You should get the point by now.

Those of you who censor Billy because of his religious believes and the alleged infidelity blame let me tell you this: Who are you to comment? You wouldn’t like people invade your privacy. But I know that there are people out there who see more than what it is. Even if the charges were true. Why is the your business? The world is not perfect so why are you expecting people to be. I personally think the celebrities of all types should ask: God what am I, flypaper for freaks?

I hope I have inspired you to be a more positive reception person. I think you can now look back and say to your self : Hey -------------(your name goes here) Get a life! There are more to life than minding other peoples affairs. See the light at the end of the tunnel. Your light!. That is what counts and let Billy live his life.

2334 days ago

Have you ever asked yourself?    

Comment #57 (Rg). Your words of inspiration are great but unfortunately you have no clue. You might know Billy for 8 years (for seeing him once a year at Boot camp!!!!???)...unfortunately you have NO IDEA about what is going on here! You can't!! You don'tunderstand, most people here are not judjing Billy. Most of them are very sorry for being victim of Billy's actions!!! I am ONE OF THEM!!Sexual harassment for 2 months!!! I know Billy since 2001. Seeing him every single day, in different situations, different environments... Enough to know enough about what's going on here... Most of people here are afraid to say the facts as they are, so other people reading those comments interprate this as judgments or blank statements! Well, this site is open to public, so you can expect anything. Just you (Rg), by writting your own comment, you are part of those people who do have a life but still have interest in giving their opinion on what's going on outside... I understand where you are coming from... you only can base your comments on what you know... Boot Camp...once per year..... for 8 years....Boot Camp is BUSINESS!! You pay this Boot Camp... Yes Boot Camp is great, Billy is great coach, greatspeaker, great motivater, whatever you want to call this... Awesome.Again, everybody pays this Boot camp.Go back and read most of the comments above: people were HURT directly by Billy!! As far as I am concerned, this site is been a release!!! I am not judjing Billy, I don't wish him bad and I never will! But reading other comments are helping me somehow, and confessing whathappened to me is a way to help other people to overcome their pain and be able to move on. I know many people here don't dare to talk,too embarrassed, ashamed... or afraid to say what really is.But Rg... Keep going to Boot Camp, it's a great experience, Stay a good student there...Billy can teach a lot. Very good notes to take and go back home with every year. We all love Tae Bo. We all lovedBoot camp.

2334 days ago


I was going to respond to the comments made by #57 but then I noticed that #58 beat me to it. Here goes anyway... it's hard to resist! I think what some people are noticing here - is that by the time a person's entered this blog and read the dozens of comments which precede #57 and can STILL write along the lines of,"Aw... billy ain't THAT bad; leave him alone" it only tends to underscore how enamored and awe struck many people were (are) by him and his false religious ramblings. No matter WHAT the man does/did/said - right or wrong - the fact that some blog writers feel he's somehow beyond reproach proves that there are still many die-hard taeboites who still think the man walks on water.

You need to understand first and foremost and this is what gives everyone the right to pass judgement upon him at this time: Much the same way as has been done by the previous victims of the Jerry Fallwells and Swaggarts of the world... Blanks has verbally set himself up as a "shining" example of Christianity by proclaiming often and quite loudly that everyone should be like him because he's been specially ordered by God to minister to the "dead in Christ" (i.e. unbelievers). When you tell people (and I've heard counltess sermons from pastor Blanks myself when I thought I paid for a workout class and got his arrogant rage fueled religious rampages instead...) that they're going to hell unless they repent/live life like he does, etc... then one is setting themselvesup to be vilified on TMZ if you eventually "fall from grace". I am POSITIVE - somewhere down the line - we'll still read more of those "come on, give the man a break" comments and those are the people still trying to catch Billy's eye in class!!! I haven't been out to his new Westlake Village training place nor do I ever intend to, but I can just imagine all the sympathy and platitudes that he's receiving from his "fans" who still trapse out there on a daily basis. I heard that he has some crazy saying on his gym wall out there. Something like, "Every Day Above Ground is A Blessing". Well, I think that at this point, Blanks might be rethinking that proclamation and might need to add,".... until your wife catches you cheating then all bets are off!" LOL HAHAHA

2332 days ago

Have you ever asked yourself?    

Billy is an excellent teacher but in Life, he is a lyer, abuser, cheater etc... extremely arrogant and selfish... When you know that and I personally know for facts (not from what is said), it's pathetic, sometimes comic. Too big to believe it!! ridiculous... I keep taking his class...and THAT'S IT! I love Tae Bo. Billy is the Master as a teacher.
Observe, forgive but don't forget. AWARENESS is the key.

2332 days ago


#58 and #59 and the rest of you who are taken the time to unpleasantly comment about Billy’s behavior. I might not know what is going on exactly with Billy as some of you say. But if you are taken the time to write in this blog you should take the time to give out dates, times and facts and sign your name at the bottom of your comments and take him to court for sexual harassment. The is what mature people do if they were accsuing soeone. Act maturely. Like the law say, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

I most tell that you are not helping anybody by writing here with so much anger and hate what you are doing is showing that you are envy and wants a piece of him and you are hungry for attention. If I was Billy I will take you all to court for slander who are damaging his reputation. Again, if you have something to say against Billy tell take him to the proper authority and GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

2331 days ago


I wanted to give you an example so I think this one is the most appropiate one. Let's assume your mom and dad are having marital problems and there are news that your dad is cheating on your mom. Would you go and set up a blog online to discret your dad because of your anger?. Perhaps if it was your mom cheating, would you do the same?. Some of you freaks will say yes. But others will not because of respect to your parents. I don't see if you have any respect for anyone here. But the point of this little example is that those matter are private matters. Again if you have something to say go to a court and make a difference. Here you are all full of bull. Talking and talking and don't even show your face.

For those of you who tell me that I don't know Billy, I don't have to know him like you think I should to understand that you are all poor creature of this world who need more than what live is giving you. You all will be judge and this type of matters are best left to God and he will decide what to do. And if you don't believe in God then let the court decide.

Have you done something good today? Perhaps is time.


2331 days ago

Disbelief and disappointed    

I've decided to take a step back from this and try and see things from a different perspective. I've never been to LA and worked out with Billy, only through his videos and dvds. I absolutely love the TB workout and will never quit doing TB. Whatever has happened with the Blanks family, it really is none of my business. For those that have written about how Billy took advantage of you...if that happened, I am so sorry to hear that. I would have never thought it were possible if not for so many folks coming foward. I don't wish anything bad for Billy and if he did folks wrong, he'll have to answer.

The entire Blanks family has my prayers and I pray this comes to a close as soon as possible. I still think Billy is an awesome teacher and appreciate how he's helped me become the person I am today.

2331 days ago

Have you ever asked yourself?    

#63 I am with you. Billy helped me become the person I am today but he also had a very confusing behaviour, not very christian... I do know both sides of Billy. I was very desappointed. I do unterstand people's reaction as #57, 61, 62... I would have reacted the same way before Billy showed a different side of him. Even if he broke my heart, I won't never deny the fact that Billy is an awesome teacher,one of the best I have never met. I miss his class, his teaching... I just don't trust him. His words of motivation, inspiration are great but I just can't hear him speaking anymore.... It doesn't sound real His words have been the same for years..
I am very sad. I wish I had never seen Billy acting the way people are describing him in the comments above...

2331 days ago

Have you ever asked yourself?    

Hey Rg! Are you talking to yourself when you say GET A LIFE!!! Wow You've been ridiculous.

2330 days ago

Have you ever asked yourself?    

Defenders of Billy! (Rg) Start READING other people comments (#46,47,48,52 .....58, 59) instead of making assumptions !of what it's said! Don't you read that those people tell a part of their life . I don't see any anger or hate in their comments. Billy's affairs are exposed in this site. So are people who had a personal experience with him. Rg, your comments presents absolutely no facts. Speaking yourself of reliability and generalization, read your own comments!

2329 days ago
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