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Billy Blanks' Wife Kickboxes Him to the Curb

4/23/2008 8:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gayle Blanks has filed for legal separation from her husband, Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks. The reason for the separation? Tae Bo is no longer relevant ... just kidding, it's "irreconcilable differences."
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The fit couple, who have been married since 1974, met in a karate class. They have two kids -- one of whom, Billy Jr., tried to invent something called "Cardioke."


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Wow that was one long marriage. If it is breaking up now you would have to assume that someone was getting ass on the side.

2372 days ago


Billy has been blanking ladies in his class for a looooooooooooooong time. What took Gayle so long to dump him? She is one of the kindest, most generous people who has struggled to help make him who and what he is. She has worked way too hard to be kicked to the curb. Maybe the truth will finally come out about him.

2372 days ago


Wow--that's a really long marriage. Too bad they couldn't work it out.

2372 days ago


Karaokesize? Wtf? You exercise while lip synching to crappy songs from the 70's and 80's?

2372 days ago

Sad sad    

I love!!!!!!!!! Billy's workouts but from a close source it's been said he's well... a cheater. Surprised this didn't happen sooner. Heard about his cheatin almost 5 years ago.

2372 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Cue that tune by Beyonce.

2372 days ago


Mr Billy Blanks, your time has come, all your gospel bull and the way you treated your own brothers and sisters you should be ashamed at your behavior and remember Mr Billy what goes around comes around and now it is your turn, you have been cheatin for years on Gayle we all know but everyone was quiet till now, you know mr billy you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. How could you treat your own blood the way you did and think that it was OK? Here you gave to that church in downtown millions and paid your own brothers and sisters nothing while they worked for you, and they were loyal and right by your side but that was not good enough for you. Instead you had to cut them back to nothing stating that the center was not making any money, that was all BS and they were trying to reach out to you but your EGO was in the way. Mr. Billy you made your bed now you are going to lay in it!

2372 days ago

Ima adead moose    

Watch Banks get knocked out 20 years ago when he was in his prime:

2372 days ago


Dang, 34 years is a long time! Too bad they couldn't work it out. Chances are that the marriage was probably over years ago but they are just now going into the legal process.

2371 days ago


Well, well, well...apparently nobody from TMZ actually has seen Gayle - or they would be calling them the "fit" couple. At any rate I guess she realized, why am I putting up with this cheating, hypocrite? I'm entitled to half of his hundred million $. Well at least Billy is going to finally have to pay somebody - in case you didn't know, everyone in his videos works for free! And they also have to purchase their own wardrobe. Good Christian - HA!

2371 days ago


Wow! 34 years of marriage. How old is he anyway?

2371 days ago


I feel sorry and awful for the whole Blanks family. Billy is an honorable man and I do not appreciate all the slander that is being said about him. cut it out!

2371 days ago

james earl ray    

sounds like this little lady will deliver the final T.K.O. shot to this overrated punching bag.

when it's all said and done, the fact that she " made " him and worked at the core of the business, she will take him down.

truth is, even with the 2nd rate fitness videos and " E " level celebrity status, what REAL women would want an aging black athlete WAY past his prime with financial problems that could fill an arena ?

this "playa " will finally get hit with a TKO punch and kicked to the curb penniless.

by a women.........

2371 days ago


I've seen pictures of his wife Gayle and she's very large. I always wondered if he was getting some on the side from those girls in his videos. (I work out with them pretty regularly and there are some scary-buff women in the background.) You can't be married to a fitness guru and be obese - bad for business and not fair to the partner who actually keeps in shape. (This is different if there's a medical reason for her weight gain.)

2371 days ago


"Taebofollower". I really hate to burst your bubble but I have a huge news flash for ya. I know the family personally and what is being said is not slander whatsoever. It is on point. From what I know personally and what I have been reading in some of the comments, some of the people writing these comments also know the family.

2371 days ago
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