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Jay-Z: 99 Problems But a Pap Ain't One

4/23/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jigga Man is used to his street cred keeping the paparazzi off his back -- but he was still quick with the put-downs when one of the peons actually dared talking to him about Beyonce.


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Damn! those are some big lips!

2312 days ago


Free Wesley Snipes!

2312 days ago


He should be happy someone wants to talk to his ugly a&&. If he wasn't with beauty, no one would want to talk to that beast.

2312 days ago


He and Beyonce drive you crazy, don't they TMZ? They just dismiss you like the blood-sucking leeches you are. You aren't important enough for them to even think about.

2312 days ago

good grief!    

still can't figure out what it is that Beyonce saw in this guy, well aside from all that mulla! lol

2312 days ago


WHAT A DOUCHE NOZZLE!! Seriously, does he really think he is some kind of ruler of the streets?? He sucks as a rapper anyway. How he sold so many records is a mystery to me.

2312 days ago


he has what. he's still not smarter than a 5th grader and he's ugly as all get out.

2312 days ago

Get Over Yourselves    

Stop hating bitches! Jigga is one of the most important black entertainers in the world today. I hate that he married Beyonce (bitch), but I love him (as do millions of other people). For the record, the paps DO know not to cross that line with him cuz they know they'll get their asses beat! Love you Hova!!

2312 days ago


I LOVE Jay and B!!!! And I think they are being VERY SMART to keep people OUT OF THEIR BUSINESS!!! See what's happening to Star Jones??? She couldn't shut up about her relationship and we all see how that is ending.

Jay and B have been together for SIX YEARS and in that time they have NEVER spoken about their relationship. What the f--- makes you idiots think they would start talking now?? They seem to be in this for the long haul and it WILL NOT LAST if they start talking. As a friend of mine used to say, "Everybody's business is nobody's business".

2312 days ago


Jigga Luva ~ Ok, you crossed the line! The paps DON'T cross that line because they know they will get their asses beat.....BS! He is on a PUBLIC sidewalk and the paps can get in HIS face as much as they do anyone else and NEWSFLASH, they can talk to him too!!!! He is not any better than the pap trying to talk to him! He sits on the toliet the same damn way we all do, precious! Get over yourself and jigga.

2312 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    


2312 days ago

just wondering    

hahahaha...that video just SCREAMS mega attitude! uck!!!!!!!!!

2312 days ago


That L*O*S*E*R is worth a HALF BILLION DOLLARS!! He can buy and sell most of us! LOL!!

2312 days ago

just wondering    

he looks really happy having all that money!!

2312 days ago


TO: POST 5 FROM TRISTA:. He and Beyonce drive you crazy, don't they TMZ? They just dismiss you like the blood-sucking leeches you are. You aren't important enough for them to even think about.

Posted at 3:25PM on Apr 23rd 2008 by Tristania


I really have a problem with people like you that call the paparazzi names. Everyone that goes to this site clearly enjoys looking at the photographs these people take. Without them there wouldn't be this kind of site. So if you have such a problem with it why don't you stay off TMZ.

2312 days ago
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