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Little (Brooke) White Lies

4/23/2008 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After last night's disastrous, forgetful performance, Brooke White said the words had never gotten away from her on "Idol" before ... oh really? Because it felt like Groundhog Day to us.

Nothing like fibbing for a little sympathy to get a few extra, much needed votes, right?


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Oh come on give her a break

2338 days ago


Can anyone gag me with a spoon? how many times are people going to fall for her sad puppy dog face every time? She's playing everybody. Wake up! She's a phony!

2338 days ago



2338 days ago


Well I think it is time for Brook to call it a day. It must be horrible standing up there and at times singing songs that are not your favorite ones. I can see how your mind can just go "blank." These are not professional people. Give her a break. I still think she needs to go. I think she will be eliminated tonight.

2338 days ago


She did not forget the words the first time! The timing was not right the first time she asked to start over.

2338 days ago


The first time wasn't because she forgot the lyric, it's because she was off key...

2338 days ago


Exactly, TMZ !! That's what I was thinking when I heard that lie come straight out of her mouth !! And to boot, no one immediately called her on it !! Ryan, as host, hould have been all over her for that one. Or maybe Paula should have defended her initial critique to say it was the SECOND time that she stopped and restarted her performance on the show. Brooke is becoming more and more unhinged every week. I sure hope this is the week that she goes. I just can't take it anymore !!!

2338 days ago


This chicks a Liar & has a big mouth, Brooke, CYA

2338 days ago

Amy D    

You are wrong!!! She did not forget the lyrics the first time. It was either a timing issue or she began in the wrong key....either way she was note lying last night. in fact, i think she is one of the truly honest people left in the world. I guess this is why people want to attack her....

2338 days ago


Actually, the first time she goofed up weeks ago wasn't due to forgetting the words, it was due to messing up on the piano. So it was in fact the first time the words got away from her. Here tmz goes again stretching the truth...I'd expect nothing less. Also, love her or hate her, she's the only one left on the show with any personality.

2338 days ago



Off-Key, hesitated, whatever... it was a MISTAKE, and there are other much more talented people up on that stage that are also much more "Professional...". Sorry she had to miss her sisters' wedding, but now is Brooke's time to say "Adieu..." and I really, really like Brooke White!! She has a great style and a Carol King-type presence, but her time is over... now.

2338 days ago

Uff da    

Brooke is the most annoying person on AI since Sanjaya. Who the hell told her it's cute for a 40 something grown woman to pout like a 5 year old? Kick her pasty, untoned, skinny, whiney ass to the curb.

2338 days ago

Vicki in Canada    

I think she said it "tongue in cheek" folks!!!!!

2338 days ago


Brooke didn't forget the words the first time she messed up.......... he voice was cracking and she sounded like crap so she stopped after a few notes. Either way, she is the only contestant who has screwed up twice now, the 17 year old forgot Several words in a song on live TV and I think he sucks and he is the one truely playing everyone! I like Brooke and I don't think it's fair that Idol, which I really enjoy watching makes them sing music they don't even like or know. They can show their range while singing their kind of music. I hope David Cook get voted off soon............ I think he's the best and I don't want him to have to be tied to Idol for any longer then he has to be. HE's awesome!

2338 days ago


She didn't lie. The first time she restarted a song was because she started in the wrong key, not because she had forgotten the lyrics.

2338 days ago
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