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New Gladiator Hard to Beat -- Just Ask Her Hubby

4/23/2008 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the new Gladiators for Season 2 of the TV show knows a thing or two about beatdowns -- she's allegedly had experience doing it ...TO HER HUSBAND!
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Erin Toughill, a new star for "American Gladiators," allegedly beat husband Clark Bevans on their honeymoon. Always a bad sign.

Bevans, who filed a restraining order against Toughill last week, claims Toughill went "insane" with jealously, and accused him of being "a pedophile, sociopath and homosexual." Aside from allegedly beating him on several occasions, Bevans claims Toughill smashed the windshield of his RV. He also says Toughill "bodychecked, hockey style" a trainer at Gold's Gym he had dated years before.

Ironically, both Toughill and Bevans are mixed martial arts fighters. Bevans' record in the ring is 4-0. His record against Toughill is 0-2.

Bevans has filed for annulment. As for the restraining order, it was granted.

Sources say "Gladiators" producers were unaware of the hoo-ha between Toughill and her hubby.

A rep for Toughill told TMZ, "all allegations against Erin are false and baseless."


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Fan of J Simp    

Gina Carano would wup that Erin a$$

2352 days ago

Tyra Banks    

I thought she was a big lesbian.

2352 days ago

I'm better than you    

Has anyone tested her for steroids? I hear that's a symptom of them: rage.

2352 days ago


Trish you are an idiot.

There are plenty of women like her unfortunately and her gender is not an excuse for her actions. She should get the same punishment as a man woul. It's called equality. Yes it is supposed to work both ways or its not equality.
Goes to show the child like mentality of women when you come out with comments like that.
Hows this for an argument then- If women think its ok for a woman to hit her partner then its ok for men to as well.
Don't want to be a hypocrite now do you.

Come on men hit your wives.

No? that's not ok with you Trish?
Come back when you have a point. Domestic abuse is a crime and should be treated like such and only when its depends on the gender of the person doing it.
But thats too much for your little brain to handle so get of the computer so your husband can hit you some more. You actually deserve it

2352 days ago


If she looks like your EX, walks like your EX, and sounds like your EX...she just might damn well be your EX. Funny thing is I've never met this chick. If she already hasn't been psychologically diagnosed by a medical professional I can fill in a few of the gaps.....she's Bi-polar, suffers from an anxiety disorder, and was sexually abused as a child. Poor thing. Poor him too.

2352 days ago


#2, read the story. It was SHE that did the beating! Given the size of those A.G. women, that's not surprising!

2351 days ago


#13, domestic violence is wrong no matter who does it! While I am totally against men hitting women, I am so sick and tired of women getting away with it because they are women! The law needs to start treating these cases equally!

2351 days ago


I'm sure he could have really hurt her if he wanted to I think he was being a gentleman by not hitting back. He did the smart thing and is letting the law take care of her instead of them both going to jail, to me he's the smart one. She probably just did it for publicity any way.

2351 days ago


Erin Toughill can grapple with me any day!!! Lay me out, baby!!!

2351 days ago


I don't think that I would have told that.

2351 days ago

Close enought to know the truth    

Isn't it interesting on the timing of this BS cliam. same time she becomes a "Gladiator" FYI all courts will grant a TRO when someone makes a claim of that sort, now it's her time to answer to that claim just know that the judge granted her to finish her filming before she was to return to court. Must not be that convincing to the judge. If she beat him up on their honeymoon why is it just coming out now? If half that claim was true I would assume she was defending herself from that maniac. Ask his current girlfriend about her black eye! Ironic that he claims she vandalized his RV right around the time he was thrown in jail for asalt to another man biting off his nose resulting in him getting kick out of Golds Gym where he claimed he owned NOT! Talk about steroid king! What a looser. Don't be so quick to side.

2351 days ago

H.B. Golds gym member    

First, I find it embarrassing for all those who wrote comments about someone they don't know.It is very embarrassing for Clark because he got caught with five other women,one was a 17 year old,which would constitute rape. He did all this within less than a year after they were married. Its got to blow his mind that he has lost his job as a manager at Golds gym due to steriod abuse ,alcohol abuse, beating his employee up and stealing money from the gym too. This is not the type of person who deserves any respect , he needs to stop playing this sick and twisted game of trying to ruin Erins reputation by lying and acussing Erin of beating him up. Who is Clark Bevans? Nobody..... til he met Erin and now that she dumped him (oh FYI she filed the annulment ) hes back to nobody!

2350 days ago


People who know Erin know that she is completely crazy. She actually made her sister drive her drunk! The night Megan
died, Erin forced her to drive them both home drunk. Then, they got into a fight, and Erin kicked Megan out of the house. Megan drove home drunk and she died! This is the truth. Read Clark's restraining order!

2350 days ago


Anyone who knows Erin knows she is an incredibly nasty person who pretends to be nice. FAKE as hell.

2349 days ago


Erin and Clark are accomplish fighters. I know them both. I have always liked Clark. I've always felt that Erin was controlling, , has some serious mental baggage, seemed to hate men... and just abnormally manlike. Here is the skinny: Clark is a US Marine, which may have made him a little quick on the trigger, but he wasn't, He didn't give her a beating back. He's a smart accomplished business man. He had a lot of restraint. ---- Erin on the other hand is literally an outlaw in Huntington beach and Los angeles . She comes and goes and never ever keeps a friend. No one wants to be around her for long. Initially, Seems to be a nice cool mature woman when you first meet her. As everyone finds out and then shares, amongst the local scene. I heard yesterday that Erin is a complete drunk and her daily habit of a handful of painkillers is unreal. If she realizes she can't get anything from you she is mean and moves on. I haven't talked to her for years but she looks fat, on steroids, skin looks bad, typical drug abuser. She looked better years ago when she was doing methampehetamines and fantasy wresting in japan. She smoked speed for over five years and looked better then. Crazy then, crazy now. Great for a brutal fighter in japan or fantasy wrester... but for a nationally tv show.... no way, won't last long either way. Erin will take off, have a breakdown or test positive for drugs if they are testing her.

2343 days ago
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